If A Man Tells You Any Of These Lines, Run!

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It doesn’t matter how much of a gentleman he has been up until this point. If a man you’re getting to know at a bar, on a date, or online says any one of these lines, run — before he breaks your heart, or gives you the overwhelming urge to slap him.


“I could never date a woman who earns more than I do”

So essentially, this man’s sense of self-worth, his sense of having an equal hand in a relationship, his sense of being a man completely goes out the window when your salary exceeds his. It wouldn’t just bother him a little to not be able to treat you to nicer things. He is saying he could not stand to have a woman make more money than he does. Forget if she is happy in her career: if it makes him unhappy, he’s out of there. Pretty selfish when you think about it that way.


“I banged this one chick”

Don’t trust guys who say banged in seriousness. Plenty of guys use that term jokingly, but men who use it in casual conversation, in lieu of “hooked up with” or “slept with” have pretty degrading views of women. Think about that word: “banged.” It implies asserting complete control over something, it can even imply causing pain to something, and it implies doing something rapidly then moving on. Gee. What a romantic.


“I don’t find women funny”

Science has actually found a connection between a sense of humor and intelligence. That study helps us make a quick connection to this next point: men who say women aren’t funny are essentially saying women are not smart. To be funny you need to be astute, to pick up on subtle, unspoken connections happening around you, to analyze people. A man who says a woman isn’t funny is saying that a woman can’t do those things.



“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

Anyone who actually uses this saying as a license to cheat on their significant other, get arrested for indecent exposure, pick up a street walker, and gamble away money is someone who is looking for excuses to behave poorly. And they’ll look for them Vegas or no Vegas.



“I don’t like to use condoms”

This is not an excuse not to use one! I mean, try a little harder like, “I just got all my test results back and they were negative” or “I’ve never had unprotected sex before.” I’m not saying a women should consent to not using a condom for those reasons, but at least it shows that you don’t think you’re completely entitled to putting a woman at risk of painful and even deadly illnesses, all because you don’t “like’ to use condoms. Sorry, do you also not like the crusts left on your sandwich little boy?


“My girlfriend/wife just doesn’t understand me”

Philandering men love to appeal to a woman’s sensitive side when looking for a hookup. They know women like to analyze and “understand” people and when they hear those little magic words, “My wife doesn’t understand me…” it’s like a challenge to understand the guy. And somehow, in the process, he can try to seduce you. If this guy actually cared about his marriage/relationship he wouldn’t be out telling strangers in tight dresses about his problems: he’d be at home fixing them.


“She was such a H*”

Are some women, well, slutty? Yes. Does anything good come of calling them so? No. Only a very angry man—typically with anger against women in general—openly calls his ex girlfriend a “wh*re.”


“It’s just not something I liked to do”

If this is a man’s reasoning for not doing something for his ex girlfriend, that was important to her, run. It’s like the “I don’t like using condoms” line. So…that’s it? You just don’t like to do it? It wouldn’t have harmed you in any way to have done it, it definitely hurt your ex’s feelings that you didn’t do it, and yet, you still didn’t. All to avoid doing something you “didn’t like” to do.


“Because she was being stupid”

If this is a man’s answer when you ask, “So why did you and your ex breakup?” you have a man with zero communication skills on your hands. Oh, and to compensate for his barely-there vocabulary, he just trash talks his ex. “She was being stupid”? What is she—a friend who stole your toy truck?


“So I just stopped answering her calls”

Another non-communicator on your hands. You know all those guys who broke your heart and made you feel like you didn’t matter when they just stopped responding to your texts and calls? Well just because this particular guy didn’t do that to you, he is still one of them! He is the type who will avoid confrontation and open communication at all costs, even if that means making a woman think she’s done something wrong when she has not.


“You won’t take shots with me? Lame”

No buddy, what’s lame is you still think you’re in the frat house. Why is it lame a woman doesn’t want to take a profuse amount of shots with you? Because she wants to get a good night’s rest because she actually cares about her health? Because she wants to be a safe driver? Because she doesn’t want to be hung over at work because she actually cares about her job? Hmmm…starting to think that what’s lame is that you, sir, do not care about any of those things. And you’re in you 30’s or older. Enjoy managing a Sizzler forever.



Men who can’t speak like grownups are not grownups. It’s okay to occasionally—jokingly—speak in Twitter jargon. But a guy who speaks like this regularly, and seriously, probably also still drinks too much during the week and “bangs” chicks.


“This one time I kicked this guy’s a**”

Good for you. Your intelligence has not exceeded that of a Neanderthal’s. The thing you are most proud of is being able to throw a punch, something cavemen could do. God forbid you, oh, I don’t know, be a human being and control your animal instincts and use wit or words to assert your authority. Oh that’s right—you have no wit. That’s why you’re cranky and punching people.


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“I got hookups all over town”

If a guy is telling you how he could get you into the busiest clubs, get you a table right now at the most sought after restaurant, and introduce you to a celebrity this means two things: A) He is proud of some pretty stupid stuff and B) He is a major partier/playboy!

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  • disqus_1DutFJCAmh

    This list was written by a bitter, more than likely single woman.

    Relationships are not just to cater to women 100%

    If you believe that…then switch from men to women..

  • Tai

    Maybe you wore the wrong condom size..just saying

  • Alejandro

    Some of the things in
    this article are TOTAL CRAP! What’s worse is some women may actually blow a
    chance with a great guy simply because they took this garbage as gospel.
    Ladies, do your selves a favor… IF you want advice from a man, ask men you
    trust. Specifically, men who don’t have any romantic interest in you, Brothers,
    cousins, etc. Hell hit me up; I’ll tell you the honest truth, straight with no
    chaser! Stop reading things written by women who also either may be ALONE or
    love the concept of misery loving company.

    • Tai

      Well, that´s true. But ,again, different men have different opinions. And the men you trust might be men who other women are running from.
      A man that beats a lady it´s someone´s brother or cousin…should the sister seek advice from that man?

  • Ayisha

    Men with Multiple kids are also losers

    • Tai

      I guess you mean ..men with multiple kids from different mothers…

  • cbts

    Julia Austin,

    Nice dig at Sizzler. If you’ve never worked in a restaurant before you have no idea how much psychology, physical and mental work. plus creativity is involved. I worked in the food industry most of my life and I’m glad I’m now a retired old lady who is glad she doesn’t have to put up with the likes of you who think restaurant management is unacceptable employment.

    As the writer of this piece just what kind of work must your partner do? Attorney, doctor, banker, scientist, pilot, architect, engineer, hedge fund manager? Is an online writer like yourself a good enough career for your partner as long as he makes as much or more than you?

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, I find your opinions to be very judgmental and condescending.

  • Kaykay

    newsflash: guys say stupid ish ALL THE TIME. get used to it. what really matters is how he treats you. however, that line from a married/taken man is prime. they always say their wife doesnt understand them, care for them and their feeeeelings to get you to let your guard down, open up your sensitive side and baby them and ultimately, sleep with them. be aware cheating men practice several attempts with various women until they come across one (or a few lol) who will willingly give them the time of day. they have practiced what to say and how to appeal as a married/taken man to a woman who knows she will have to be his side-piece of azz. the best approach is always to play the role of a suffering victim trapped in a loveless and lifeless marriage/relationship.
    their end goal is to make you feel special and needed and keep you as comfortable as possible in your dark secret corner awaiting his booty calls from now on. he tells you YOU have the magic touch, voice, body, personality…yeah and then showers off your scent and heads home to his real family and real life. free relationship advice and information

  • fishman

    Its true there are a lot of bad boys out there. However if you meet a girl that has all these negative stereotypes of men then you had better run.

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  • Waan

    A man who talks about his ability to fight and even brags doesn’t see it as his proudest moment. My proudest moment graduating with my masters, working hard to raise children i brought into this world despite me and their mother not staying together and of course purchasing a home but I’m also a trained boxer and i do brag

  • Mike

    These days it is more like “what happens in Vegas is tracked by Google and posted on Facebook” then it goes viral.

    • Tai


  • Mr. Right

    Did I read one description of where you implied that a manager of Sizzler is beneath you? Is that because your that classy? Or just a judgemental, pretentious, materialistic, b*tch? After reading your poorly written work, with lame attempts at sarcasm, I think perhaps you should pursue another career. Maybe librarian or something that suits your pathetic personality.

  • fibble

    I’m not sure if this author could any more sarcastic and condescending while being wrong so often. Then again, I don’t care to find out either.

  • fibble

    and it’s ROFL.

  • CollegeGirl09

    Why is #8 picture a girl I went to high school with? lol smh

  • Michael Stokes

    Everyone of those go for women as well…what a bigoted post!!!

  • Kath

    I’d prefer to hear, “I wouldn’t want to date a woman who is earning more than me for fear that I may not be able to give her all that she’s accustomed to .” But it can’t be because you think a woman should not earn more than her male counterpart. I wouldn’t seriously date a man earning less than me though.

  • Deborah Capuano

    I wouldn’t have any problem with the guy who says “I couldn’t date a woman who makes more than I do.” And come on, this is 2013, there’s nothing at all wrong with the one who uses text-speak. Most do nowadays. As for talking about an ex “she was being stupid”, well, maybe she was. you don’t know that, you don’t know her or what the situation was.

  • 1Max_Wedge1

    #13 is definitely aimed at the black guys. Ebonics is not a language. It is validation that you are uneducated.

  • 1Max_Wedge1

    #11 is a valid reason if the woman keeps calling and wanting to talk about the same thing over and over after you have said all you can say about it.

  • How about my favorite? Why don’t you shut up and go wash the dishes?

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  • Justin_Igger

    How appropriate…. all the pictures are n1ggers, except for the one about violence. Not fooling anyone, n1ggers.

    Here’s one thing to run from if a man ever says it: “I’m not White”. RUN.

    • RMfag

      You have no life

    • dragon6actual

      Justin – did your parents have any kids whose brains lived? OBVIOUSLY yours didn’t make it out of ICU.

  • Sheila Moore

    I didn’t even finish the list – but I can tell you one for sure. If a man ever says “you’re too good for me” – BELIEVE HIM!!!

  • Niquie

    I agree with the other commenters, except for the guy not using condoms; the rest of these guys are OK. If you choose not to date a guy because he “bangs” a chick, does shots, or talks about his friends in service industry jobs then that is your own deal.

    Have fun growing old by yourself and having your face eaten off by your 14 cats when you die all alone.

    • Kath

      Sounds just about fine. Anything, but the man described above- your kind. The problem is that men seem to think women are so afraid of their own company that they settle for any trash bag, so you put this kind of comment out there to drive fear through them. While this may be so for many women, it certainly isn’t the case for all.

    • Mike

      Actually, not liking condoms *is* a legitimate view point. What is not legitimate is pressuring someone to have sex with you anyway. Wearing a condom does reduce the sensitivity to the point of not feeling very much. It is just as invalid a view point to expect a man to wear a condom and put out to service a woman if he doesn’t feel like having sex with a condom on as it is for a man to expect a woman to have sex with him without one.
      I took the old fashioned approach — when I met someone I *really* wanted to have sex with, then I married the girl. No condom, no problem. Real men are not afraid of making a commitment.

  • Match Box

    Why more and more men are following Japan and Europe and going MGTOW to avoid marriage altogether.


  • EducBlkMan

    (Sigh)You disappoint me sometimes. Your arguments for most of the things on this list are either bourgeois or condescending. Judging a man for being in a fight? Defending yourself and your family is one of the essentials of being a man. Talking bad about an ex? If you had something good to say about them they probably wouldn’t be your ex! Hey, try something I’ve NEVER seen before……an article on the “right” things to say to a woman. But, it has to work, because that “how are you doing? The weather is nice” stuff doesn’t work and you know it.

    • dragon6actual

      Agreed. While civilized men would like to discuss differences and arrive at amicable solutions, let’s face it – sometimes that aint gonna happen. Sometimes you gotta knuckle-drag.
      And talking about an ex – when I was overseas in the Marine Corps, my wife became pregnant… I think that qualifies her as a major hoe.

    • Kath

      Another man who fits the bill described in the slides. It’s not about judging this lame for getting into a fight, it’s the BRAGGING about the act that’s the issue here! And you call yourself an educated black man. Who calls themselves an educated so and so? This conclusion is usually reached by observation from someone else. What, black men aren’t expected to be educated? Well I guess not. Moving on already..

  • what about the guy who blames u for marrying another chick while he was incarcerated bc you didnt respond to his letters while he was in jail?

    • Who got those kind of problems? A jailbird shouldn’t even be on the list of as a potential dating partner.

      • lol funny but true about your comment but what if the person is a good guy who just made a mistake in the past?

        • nofkksgiven

          let me help you out. A jailbird is NOT a potential dating partner….

      • Justin_Igger

        Over half of n1gger males are currently incarcerated, where they should be for life.

      • Kath

        Lol..thank you. It appears women are learning in reverse. It’s really exasperating, *sighs*..

      • Kath

        I was ready to ask, where they do that at? Lol..

        • For real for real. When you gotta worry about being a jail house bride and what goes with bright orange. . . . its time to get your life.

  • Dhjango_Unchained

    I love this article so much because even though bLack men are going to jail in high numbers and majority have no real income, you should run away from men that may have a good job and education but still say lines like these because there are soooo many options out there.


    • So settle from some immature loser because the choice of black men is so lacking that you cannot get one with some intelligence and a healthy respect for women AND they not be broke or in and out of jail? Dang are things really THAT bad?

      • nofkksgiven

        the struggle is real.

        • Justin_Igger

          Struggling so hard…with your welfare checks, food stamps and section ape housing….

    • Kath

      The answer to your question is.. yes. Am sure you’re very much the guy listed in the slides, degreed or otherwise.

  • Tha Real Hamia

    This list was wack and super whyte as heck. How about things like “Im in between jobs”, “Im not really looking for a relationship” or ” I never had to do X,Y, or Z for a female”. This list does not apply to us. And um, yeah, I would love a guy who has hook ups all over town. That means he is well connected and has the opportunity to network and provide a network for the people who is closest to him.

    • I like your list better . . . .

    • Kath

      Last sentence proves how slow you are. Read that last slide carefully..

  • LMJ82

    Yikes & Yikes…against my better judgment I clicked on this story. These lists are always terrible! Ya’ll just need to quit w/ these. With the exception of the “I don’t like to use condoms” line….this list is wack.juice. Do ya’ll realize that you are supposed to be catering to grown women? I dunno b/c a lot of MN articles seem so juvenile! SMH….

    • Kath

      Grown men do act juvenile, and grown women do act naive. Hence; go figure..

  • Wow