Some People Have No Act Right: Erica Mena Gets Into An Ugly Catfight In A New York Nail Salon

February 14, 2013  |  

Source: TMZ

“Love & Hip Hop” star, Erica Mena has gotten into her share of fights since she made her debut on the show last season. Ironically, the majority of her brawls, in one way or another, had something to do with a man and this one seems to be no different. TMZ recovered footage of a February 12th brawl involving the video vixen turned reality star and is reporting that Mena ignited the old fashioned, hair-pulling, face-scratching, name-calling cat fight during a celebratory event at a Manhattan nail salon for her PrittyNPink lip gloss line.

The way it’s being reported, a blonde-haired woman by the name of Tiffany approached Erica and began dropping hints that she had been intimate with Erica’s boyfriend. It hasn’t been revealed whether or not the boyfriend Tiffany was referring to is Erica’s co-star and manager, Rich Dollaz. But, we can’t really see her getting this worked up over an ex-boyfriend. Once Erica processed what Tiffany was saying, sources say she “decked” the woman, leaving her with a bloody face. Things appear to have gotten totally out of hand from there.

While everyone rushed to break up the fight, Rich Dollaz can be seen on camera, standing around watching helplessly. The brawl was quickly broken up, but Erica was so worked up that she even threatened the man who was only attempting to restrain her, telling him, “Move out of my f****** way before I slap you.” She can also be heard cursing out the “Love & Hip Hop” filming crew.

“F*** all of yall! ‘Love & Hip Hop’ can suck my d***!” Erica said before the blonde-haired woman broke free from the people attempting to restrain her and lunged for Erica again.

It hasn’t been revealed what had Mena so upset with the “Love & Hip Hop” crew, but they could’ve possibly had something to do with Tiffany being there. Towards the end of the video, Erica and Rich can be seen making an exit from the salon. Later on that night, Mena took to her Twitter page to taunt the woman whom she was fighting with and brag about having “won” the brawl.

I can imagine the salon’s owners regret ever allowing Erica to host her party there.


Check out footage of the fight on the next page. What do you make of this?


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  • Janee

    She makes motherhood and trying to pursue entertainment dreams look so classy -_-

  • Kahekili

    I don’t understand what the problem is. This fight wasn’t written into the script or something?

  • tikkit30

    She act like a caged animal, why any man in their right mind want to even have a relationship with this wreck, she simply can’t control herself .Rich Dollarz, should re-evaluate this thing he got going with this chick, she is not the one he should be taking home to moma, everywhere she goes its some drama …please Rich get off this train wreck called Erica Mena!!

  • Sunny

    This girl is straight up ignorant. How/why does a grown a$$ woman get into so many fights? I haven’t been in one since I was thirteen. She seriously needs some anger management or better yet, she should keep her a$$ at home with her child.

    • Kahekili

      This has nothing to do with ignorance.

  • Nice

    This is the person who on the last season got beat up by kimbella! i mean lets b clear here, who is she really a threat to besides herself and her child? Have a seat please Erica, b4 u permanently lose ur good looks messin wit the wrong one *future reference*

    • realadulttalk

      Her looks are ok at best. Lol

  • ItsMe

    I usually detest violence against women, but I really wished that that blonde chick would have messed Erica up. But that’s just me.

  • Dee

    Where is Erica’s child?

    • realadulttalk

      I’d be very surprised if she even has custody.

      • ElonNicole

        she doesn’t

        • realadulttalk

          And that doesn’t surprise me…her son is probably more mature than she is.

  • sabrina

    The film crew didn’t even know what to do. They were scrambling everywhere to figure out what was happening and still trying to get a good shot.

  • eveSgotAgun

    Erica needs a leash and a shock collar. Maybe if you give her a treat she’ll act right.

    • Gimmeabreak78

      100% Cosign. Normally, I don’t like women being referred to as animals, but if that’s what a woman acts like, there’s nothing wrong with calling a thing a thing.

  • MsBAB77

    First,Let’s be clear, Erica is sad and cannot control her actions. She is a grown woman and a mother and continues to be easily provoked into nonsense. But this situation appears to back up what Chrissy said about Mona and the Love and Hip Hop crew…. they set up these crazy situations for impact. They fuel the fire for fights and conflict on camera.
    Rich needs to re evaluate his situation, it’s not a good look.

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      and like a big dummy she fell for it. . .

    • Rayjulian85

      Yeah, I agree. Mona obviously likes to set these women up, but at the end of the day we all have the ability to make choices. Erica needs a hug and some help. The one great thing I can say about these shows is that they’ve forced me to look at the way I handle my aggression and look for better outlets to express my anger. I never want to be the Erica or the Evelyn in a room.