What Makes You The Most Annoying Woman At The Club

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Do you think you and your girlfriends are the only ones who trash talk the people you met at the bar once you’re home, while chugging Gatorade eating drunk snacks and kicking your heels off? Yeah right! Men have pet peeves about going out, too. Just as you can’t stand the creeps, the overly aggressive, the cocky and the fratty, men have identified types of women they want nothing to do with. If you’re partaking in this behavior, you could be one of them.


Criticizing other women

Nothing screams, “I’m insecure!” like a woman who can’t handle other women having fun. Often when a woman is talking to a man, she has to make some snide remark about the girls dancing on the table across the bar. But that holier-than-everyone attitude is not funny or attractive to a man. He appreciates the women who know how to have a good time. You don’t have to be the one dancing on the bar, but don’t trash talk those who do.


Making decisions for your friends

Why do women assume that if their friend is being chatted up, that they need saving? Women often come up and block, grabbing their friend’s hand and saying, “Sorry. We have to go” when maybe their friend did want to be talking to the guy! Learn to read the signs better, ladies.


Making men earn your kindness

It’s almost impossible to start talking to a woman and in response get a warm, open smile, welcoming body language and an engaged response. Women make you work to have them just treat you decently, keeping their body turned away from you, withholding eye contact and stifling all smiles until you’re basically groveling. It’s hard enough to approach a stranger without this response!



Treating men like a creep for dancing with you

For some reason, when a woman gets the urge to dance, it’s cute and perfectly acceptable for her to grab any guy she pleases and drag him on the dance floor. In fact, it would be rude of the guy to resist. But when a man feels like dancing, he is treated like an escaped criminal for simply dancing next to a woman he doesn’t know. Not all men who dance with you are trying to sleep with you! Sure, if they’re being particularly grabby in their dancing, they deserve the stink eye and cold shoulder. But the ones who innocently shimmy up next to you and keep their hands to themselves—give them a break.



Hesitating when offered a drink

It’s the most degrading thing when a man asks to buy a woman a drink and she says, “Um…well…” as she clearly looks the man up and down, evaluates what he’s wearing, how good looking he is, and then scans the rest of the room to make sure there are no better prospects before finally saying, “Sure.” Find a way to make a quicker decision, because men have feelings too.



Taking a drink then leaving

A man may not expect to sleep with you if he buys you a drink, but he expects to at least be treated like a human being. Do you like it when you hand a homeless person a dollar and they snatch it out of your hand and walk away? You consented to the kind gesture. It wasn’t forced upon you. And that typically requires kindness in return. The bar scene is no exception.


Sticking with your group all night

Not only does that make a woman far less approachable, but also it makes her look unsociable, and closed-minded. Did you really get all dressed up and go out to a public place, so that you could hide with your friends and speak to nobody new, at all? Why didn’t you just stay home then? Men appreciate a woman who is curious about meeting new people—for romantic or non-romantic purposes. This isn’t the middle school dance. Get out of that corner.


Geting offended at a compliment

Newsflash: every guy in the room—whether he says something to you or not—thinks, for at least a moment, about what you would look like unclothed. But for some reason, women criminalize a guy who simply says, “I like your dress” or “You’ve got a great style” as if he’s just said something perverted. Has he assaulted you or offended you by saying this? No. So don’t look at him like he did.


Writing a man off for talking to another woman

Women can think they own a man just because they had a nice ten-minute conversation. If they see that man chatting with another woman, he is d*mned to hell. He has lost all opportunity with the first woman. He’s a jerk. Do men feel this way in the reverse situation? Of course not. They recognize there is competition, and that it’s natural for a woman to want to figure out all her options. If a man really likes a woman and she talks to another man, he just ups his game and vies for her attention more. But he doesn’t feel she owes him anything because they spoke for ten minutes.


Drinking when you shouldn’t

How many times does a woman have to make this mistake before learning her lesson? When you’re angry at/sad about a boyfriend/ex, do not go out and get trashed. You always start the evening all empowered, all about having fun…and you end it crying your weight in tears in the bathroom, or flipping out on some guy who says one wrong little thing to you. Women, face it: your emotions don’t mix well with alcohol.


Dressing scantily and spurning any guy who looks at you

In your head, it goes like this: you meet a guy and all he notices is how intelligent you are, how much you make him laugh, what a great heart you have and then, by some miracle, he happens to notice, “Oh and BAM! She’s got a rocking body in a barely-there dress.” But come-ON. Men are going to notice your painted-on dress. All men are. And they’re not evil just because they’re not the ones you wanted noticing.


Talking a man’s ear off

Since women at bars are already acting like prizes to be won, they consider men lucky if they’re even talking to them. So they consider men really lucky if they’re telling them every single detail about their life, from the moment they were born. And since women scare or get offended so easily, men have to put up with it, and let women do all the talking, pretending everything they say is cute or funny. But really ladies: does a date like that dynamic? How about a boyfriend? Of course not. Men at a bar are no different. If you’re enjoying talking to a guy, let him talk too!


Singing along

Men get it: you like the song that’s on. But why does it become a competition between a woman and all of her friends to be the loudest one singing along? Some people want to hear the actual artist performing the song. And a bunch of drunken women singing sounds like a dozen cats being strangled.



Getting too done up

What are you doing at an Irish pub in a satin, A-line dress, a professionally done bun, fake lashes and stilettos? Men get it: women like to stand out. But drastically over dressing seems like women are trying to stand above everybody else.

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  • QueenOfLife

    I just like to go out for the sake of having fun and getting together with my girls. Not to meet anyone or for attention (although whether we wanna admit it or not, it is nice to know a polite gentlemen appreciates the time, effort, and money we spent on getting all dolled up LOL).

    Im not there to watch what every other chick is doing. Im there to have fun with my girls, take pics, have drinks, and get my mind off of the day to day stress if just for a few hours. And me, being the super girly girl that I am, the process of getting dressed and dolled up is one of the main fun parts for me. Lol

    And I dont mind dancing if I am in the mood whether if it is by myself, with my friends, or with a guy. But as I mature, the guy that just comes up behind you with his hard lil pee pee, grabbing my waist extra hard is NOT appealing or cool and leads to me decline. If I am in the mood, I will dance with a guy but the approach means so much. Too bad alot of them still dont get it!

  • Trollol

    so I guess the barely there dresses and sky high heels are for attracting other women. Or no, lemme guess, it’s to make you “feel good”. lol

  • chanela

    um.. to the first one, COME ON! men agree with anything a woman does if her legs are spread. men will always be in support of strippers, prostitutes,skanks, and women with no class. it benefits them (men are desperate and have sex with anything that has a vagina) so why would they be against it?

    • Nope

      For fun, or for a potential relationship? I think men are able to categorize the opposite sex much better than women.

  • Troker

    This list is for women who go to the club to get a guy or get noticed. Sometimes, and I say this honestly, a girl just wants to go out and have fun.

  • sabrina

    I love dancing when I go out, but I need some guys to not take it personal if I decline a dance with you. Sometimes, I’m just too tired or like the song too much to ruin it by dancing with someone else. And sometimes, I just really don’t want to dance with anyone except my girls.

    But yeah, I’m a girl and even I don’t like some of these qualities from women. Especially the ones who come all dressed up to the club to just stand around and look stank.

  • mac

    Lol and #12’s kill me, those women who pretend to hate attention.

    Dress only covering their a** by half an inch, one awkward movement away from a nip slip, yet fix their mouths to complain about crass comments, over aggressiveness, and “thirst”.

    Have every seat on earth.

    • Drew Smith


  • mac

    I honestly believe some women go to the club for the SOLE purpose of being ogled by men, as some sort of ego boost.
    They come to a place for DANCING, dressed up to the nines, pay money to post up on the wall, get grossed out if a man tries to dance with them, roll their eyes if one tries to talk to them, shade girls who are dancing, and at the end of the night, complain the club was wack, especially if the amount of male attention they received wasn’t to their liking.

    That’s why I can only do house parties and kickbacks these days. No superficiality, “ratchet classiness”, wanna be bougieness, and forced facades. Y’all can have that.

    • Nope

      lol, yup. A lot of women get all dolled up and pay must just to complain. They complain about men giving them attention, and also complain if there’s not enough men there at all to give them attention. smh.

    • Janae

      I think it depends honestly. I’m the type of girl who likes to dance with her friends only. The way men and women “dance” these days is more like sexing with clothes on. I do decline men all the time. Men come up behind me and put their “members” all up on it and to me that’s a turnoff. I just want to have fun with my friends. If you don’t like it, find another girl who does. I prefer house parties also where I can be around folks I know and feel comfortable around.

  • Megbabe

    Before reading this I WAS the most annoying woman in the club. Damn! Thanks MN 🙂

  • Nope

    I endorse this article.

  • RJA

    These men making the complaints are the men that these women making most of these offenses don’t want to talk to anyway soooooo, i don’t think they care lol

    • Nope

      And that’s fine because there’s many, many, many more women at the club or bar. Usually at least like at 3:1 ratio of women to men. And the average woman is STILL going to be salty towards that very same man or catty towards the other woman he pulls that night. Which makes absolutely no sense, but still regularly happens. For some reason women still care about a man that is no longer an option whether it was his choice or hers.

      • RJA

        I know! Crazy, right? I’m definitely getting to the point where I’m not felling the club scene…. Must be my old age LOL