Kill The Ignorance: Tamera Addresses Ignorant Comments About Her Marriage & Baby’s Race

February 13, 2013  |  

Source: Tia and Tamera Official

I guess the trolls will never learn that when it comes to coming for people on the internet, their children, even if they are the children of celebrities, should be off limits. Unfortunately, the desire to be seen, to elicit a reaction is stronger than the desire to show even a modicum of human decency. Like her sister before her, Tamera Mowry, is the latest celebrity enduring criticism of her new baby boy, Aden. “Fans” and critics (read: Trolls) of Tamera have recently made some rude and disrespectful comments regarding her interracial marriage to Fox News correspondent, Adam Housley. And now that the couple  have expanded their family, these same people are now insulting her son by questioning (?) his skin color.

On the blog that she and twin sister Tia created, Tia and Tamera Official, Tamera decided that instead of addressing the critics, she’d respond to the people who left comments of support and encouragement.

Here’s what she had to say:

Tia and I have always known we have amazing fans, but reading all your messages and comments on this blog make it even clearer.  When people say ignorant things about Aden’s race or my marriage with his daddy Adam, it’s easy for me to take it personally – even after all this time, my skin isn’t that thick!

But hearing your stories about your own beautiful, mixed race babies and the love you have for their fathers grounds me back to reality and reminds me of the truth: Skin color has NOTHING to do with love.  How Aden looks or grows up to look like – whether he looks more “white” or more “black” – doesn’t matter to me.  Why should it? He’s my precious baby boy and my only job is to be the best mommy I can be to him while showing him both sides of his heritage.  All I want for him to believe is that love knows no boundaries. 

Way to keep it classy and Tamera.

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  • brandie

    Y don’t ppl just leave tamara and her family alone and mind they own business she happy wit hubby and baby if yall don’t like it then move on 2 sumthing else

  • notagoodtime

    Am I the only one thinking “who cares”?

  • Babydoll 70

  • People are so silly to question the color of a child that comes from a mixed heritage. If she would have had baby by a black man would it matter? She’s half white and her husband is white so what the flip do you expect?

  • What’s funny is, if the baby grows up to marry a white woman, that baby will be more physically white. I say this to say, nobody Really knows if there was or wasn’t another race in their dna centuries or even decades ago. Most of us are “mixed” but we go on basing this race and ethnicity thing on the relatives we know about and their race

  • Yay!

    Smh… If she had no doubt in her heart she would not have given ignorant critiques a second of her time. I can understand why she might be sensitive to race. A lot of multi-racial people are for various valid reasons, but trying to explain to the ignorant your heart is a waste. Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton are in the same scenario as Tamara and her husband. They appear to not let it phase them; they joke about it. Tamara should take note.

  • Unhappy and insecure people always make disparaging remarks about the love and happiness of others.

    It’s a shame that celebrities can’t give the world a glimpse of themselves without being attacked & disrespected. Where does it say that because you act, sing, dance, or just entertain; you must expect to be severely scrutinized? That’s a f*cked up attitude to have. I remember the days when the life of a celebrity was off limits. You would have to dig deep to find out anything about them. Maybe, celebs should consider doing that again. No more Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc and force people to find something better to do than hurt others with their words.

  • I find very funny that people sit here and talk about this woman’s marriage and her baby. So what if her husband is white, she is happy and that’s all that matters. She’s a great example of what women should be, classy. But then when people are happy, they’re famous and successful others will find a way to try and s*** on them. I think people should leave her alone and let her be.

  • loveislove

    Her baby is adorable! And she seems very happy and in love, although race is still and probably will always be an issue in this country love is love regardless of race. There would be less miserable people in the world if this was common knowledge. You’ll never know what’s really out there if you limit yourself to dating/liking one race. I have been in an interracial relationship for 4 years now and it’s honestly the best relationship I’ve ever had.

  • People say things on the internet that they would never dare say to these peoples faces and somehow they think because people are famous they do not have feelings and do not get hurt by such scathing, rude, and insensitive remarks. Peoples ignorance just astounds me.

  • blacknbeautiful

    That somes it up…. But it doesn’t matter what color they r as long as they treat u rite and love u..but no matter what color ur kids r they should be loved, especially if u gave birth to him/ u wit ur child and hubby,if they wanna no anything eles, well just bend over and walk away..that’d somes it up..

  • Starr_32

    The Lord forbid a black woman and white man marry each other…Ooooh, that’s a crime!
    Pleeeese get over yourselves racist people!

    • notagoodtime

      Well she is bi racial so…

  • People should slap themselves….

  • Sagittarius81

    My husband is bi-racial (mom is white and dad is black) but they’re still great people and even was there for me during my bad times in life. I just think that people need to mind their business and stop worrying about what others are doing with their lives. Tamera should ignore her critics and take care of her baby.

  • soso

    people are ignorant and stupid. Her baby is sooo precious 🙂

  • Black White yep it MATTERS

    Bless her heart! If race didn’t matter then there would be no need for her to address the comments and no need to prepare herself, her husband and her child for IGNORANCE.
    It is not going to change, there will always exist racism and the BEST DEFENSE is to PREPARE your child and your husband to FIGHT the ignorance.

    I have been the black daughter of a white mother for 28 years and rest assured..People still stare when I say Mom and the white lady answers. Black, White, all mixtures/classifications bottom line- RACISM & IGNORANCE abound from eternity forward. Race does matter, always has and always WILL. Love yourself ENOUGH to GET What you want out of LIFE.

    • Babydoll 70

      She didn’t address the comments because of race nor did she bring it up. The dumb arse people critiquing her life did.

  • bigdede

    What I don’t understand is why does she care what people think about her family? Why does she care? This reminds me of that new anchor who got fired because she had to reply to some guy on facebook. People have a right to their opinion. Let them have their opinion and you just live your life. Tamera does anything to keep her name in the media. She doesn’t have a job so she spends all day thinking of ways to get her name in the media because I don’t see the point in addressing random people she will never met.

  • me

    Dang just let people live. So what she has a white husband and mixed baby? Half of the famous black men y’all chicks fawn over are married to (or just have babies with) white or “other” women and nobody dogs them. This girl and her husband are not bothering anybody.

    • Coco black

      Very true!!! No one questions black men in the media who have babies with non black females.

      Black people man….it’s too much!! If I wasn’t black I’d seriously think that a lot of black folk were bitter, jealous, angry people!!

      She’s beautiful, all children regardless of race are beautiful.

      • Exactly!!! I say love the one who loves you back. I don’t care if he Black Latino Asian or White.

      • Kahekili

        Black men have babies with non-Black females or non-Black women?

    • Kahekili

      Tamera is a woman, not a girl.

    • IllyPhilly

      Thank you! Besides is Tamara bi-racial? I never understand how slack is only gotten from Black folk when the bi-racial celebs marries and/or dates a White counterpart.

  • opinion

    when someone says color doesnt matter to them they are actually addressing it and how it affects them. simply noticing race doeesnt raise its importance in everyone’s life.

  • Just Saying

    He’s white. Whats the deal?

  • Happy

    Its kind of crazy that people are talking about Tamera’s baby when she herself is biracial….I guess everyone forgot that detail. Regardless of that, love has no color. Some people do marry or have children interracially due to racial preferance but we have seen Tia and Tamera grow before our eyes through the past years. Although i don’t know them, I’m pretty sure her marriage is out of love, not preferance for a certain race.

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    I dont get the negativiity or controversy. The baby will be white. She herself is half white. Simple fractions say the baby will be 3/4 white. So white. If he wants to say mixed race then so what?

    • hollyw

      I appreciate your perspective, but I think you saying “the baby will be white” is one of the comments on her blogs she was talking about; they call their baby mixed race b/c he, in fact, is. Like you said, simple fractions…3/4 white (as statistically probable, not an actual fact) does not = white, it equals 3/4 white + 1/4 black, i.e. mixed race.

      • Lauren Love

        He may be mixed race but I think what they are saying above is that the world will in fact “view” him as white from the looks of him right now. Just like his mom and his aunt are “viewed” by many as black no matter how much they throw around the whole mixed race thing. I didn’t even know they were mixed until I saw the wedding on their show and her father walked her down ther aisle. Some people may not know that Aden is mixed until she picks him up from a soccer game or something but in his case that probably won’t be true since she’s a celebrity. But they shouldn’t be judged for marrying who they love because if we judge Tamera why not jump on Tia, too. Do they both have to go find guys who are equally mixed like them to make their relationships more exceptable?

        • hollyw

          That’s a great point. I mean, I’m still not totally sure that was the point the prior poster was making lol, but I’ll just take your word for it…

  • Reese

    When will celebrities learn not to share anything about their personal lives if they are not willing or ready for it to be analyzed, criticized, and torn apart? People behind computer screens are ruthless and vicious. That’s why I don’t blame Beyonce and Jay-Z for not posting pics of their daughter.

    • LadiesNight

      @reesegibson:disqus What’s your point in talking about Beyonce? This article is about Tamera,so stop bringing Beyonce name up.

      • Reese

        I was just using her as an example of a celebrity who attempts to keep their child out of the harsh spotlight and away from public scrutiny. Because people on the internet are cruel. That was point. Seesh!

        • Coco black

          I agree…it’s a valid example too!!

      • notagoodtime

        Solange is that you?

  • bluekissess

    It frustrates me when people say race doesn’t matter. What rock are they living under? Unfortunately, it does matter. Instead of covering it up admit to it. That’s the reality. If a white person and a black person walk in a building with the same resume the white will get the job. It’s been proven. When submitting your resume some companies ask for a photo. If race doesn’t matter none of the things would happen. Should the fans attack her baby? No, the baby can’t defend himself. But, if mom is going to display both heritages display both to it’s fully capacity. It’s sad but it’s true.

    • TRUTH IS

      Sadly it does matter in US & A…truth

      • Racism ALL OVER the WORLD

        Race matters all over the world. The USA is no better and no worse as far as racism is concerned.

        • Coco black

          Racism is global…however, America is EXTREME!! As a black person born and bred in Europe, race mixing is a common sight and pretty normal. Of course there is racism however, who you date isn’t such a big deal.

        • i agree people do see color, how sad. What do they refer President Obama as. my great grand parents were not call mixed. They were call color.

    • kierah

      I always say when people start in with the “I don’t see color bit” I say you must be blind, deaf, and dumb. Of course, you see it. The question is do you allow it to override your rational judgments of people and situations. Ignoring it really isn’t helpful. Only by acknowledging race can you properly educate our young people on how to look past a person’s skin color. You can’t combat an enemy you can’t name.

      Sometimes Tamera irks me with her naivete. Did she really think America was over the color issue? Don’t take the crazy comments to heart, but let them serve as a reminder that we all have work to do when it comes to race.

      • MLS2698

        Maybe growing up in a multicultural household makes her think differently. Just yesterday, my child psych professor said newborn babies prefer to look at faces that are familiar, meaning, white babies like to see white faces, and black babies prefer black faces. When I asked about babies from mixed households, she said those babies had no preference. Have to admit, her parents were a little ahead of their time since the twins are at least what, 30? But you are still right……it exist. I’m still not sure why people are even saying these things about her…….she is of a mixed union!

      • bluekissess

        Thank You

    • In this instance, none of that is relevant. When she says “race doesn’t matter” what she’s saying is that it doesn’t matter to HER, her husband, or anyone else that matters to HER. We’re not talking about jobs or resumes, the subject at hand is her marriage and child. She didn’t see Adam’s color when she met, fell in love with and married him, point blank. Also, apparently everyone has seemingly forgotten that both Tia and Tamera are biracial, meaning that Aden is only 1/4 Black, which more than likely meant that he was going to look more Caucasian than African American, plus, given that she is half-White, is she REALLY stepping outside of her “race”? Not so much.

      Just saying…

      • Brandi Graves

        Yes!!!! Thank you so much for your comment. You said to the T what I wanted to say. That’s exactly what she meant and I think people did forget that she is clearly biracial

        • bluekissess

          I didn’t forget. I’m fully aware. But, like I said race matters unfortunately. You can teach it the choir that it doesn’t but I’d rather give my child the real and tools to overcome adversity rather than saying something has no color. If that was the case we’d be transparent

      • bluekissess

        I’m just saying race matters. It does have an impact on how people view us. And I was making argumentative points. Of course finding a job has nothing to do with it. By reading your comment a handful of people live in la la land. Smh

        • Anais

          That’s the thing bluekissess. Race doesn’t matter and actually there is only one race, the human race. The problem is that racist people have tried to make us believe that there is a difference. Everything is a question of mutation, heritability and culture. She’s right when she said that race doesn’t matter because it shouldn’t. Do you see her point?

          • bluekissess

            Yes, the point is a handful of people live in la la land. It’s pitiful

            • Babydoll 70

              Tamera was saying race doesn’t matter to HER. You can’t change HER feelings. This article is about HER not about race being an issue to you. That’s what everyone is saying. It’s about HER perspective for her family and child.

              • bluekissess

                I can comprehend. And what I said unfortunately people live in la la land. I heard what people said I’m just not agreeing. Do you understand?

            • notagoodtime

              I agree with matter when it bluekisses 100. Ppl love to pretend race doesn’t matter when it does. Ppl judge me when I say I’d never in one million years date out of my race for these reasons precisely. Outside of worklife I hardly ever to never associate with whites or non blacks because race is too sensitive a topic to have to keep explaining. Most of the time when I learn a person whom I thought was mostly black is biracial, I cut them off. No time for that mess.

              • notagoodtime

                IM sitting here laughing at my typos. Sorry guys IM on a touch phone.

    • mskane808

      thank u ,, well said

  • latoya

    Beautiful ladies