Serious Question: Was Bob Marley The Worst Womanizer Ever?

February 13, 2013  |  
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From Your Tango

On Feb. 6, Bob Marley would have turned 68. Although he passed away at just 36 in 1981, the music legend is rumored to have fathered 11 children, many out of wedlock. According to his website, three women carried Bob’s children in 1972: His wife Rita Marley, who gave birth to their son Stephen in April, Pat Williams who gave birth less than one month later, and Janet Hunt, who also delivered a son just three days after Pat.

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From affairs to a rape accusation, go behind Bob Marley’s scandalous and overly-sexual life.


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  • Cindi Conners

    My friend in Barbados (Black woman) says all Black men are the same that way. (I think she meant the ones in the Caribbean) She only dates White men and was married to one, though she lives in Canada part-time and mentioned dating a Black man there. Different culture.

  • Forbidden Fruit

    Everyone has a dark side, which is why it’s silly to deify human beings. Marley did a lot of good in his short life but he also caused a lot of pain to the women in his life–particularly his wife.

    Much of his behavior can be chalked up to fundamentalist religion. Rastafarians believe birth control is a plot to destroy the black race, for instance. Many Rasta men believe they’re entitled to as many “queens” as they want (but their queens can’t have more than one king. Go figure).

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  • Junebug123

    who cares

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I’m must seriously be alone in finding him well overrated. . .

  • me

    What’s interesting is I dated a Jamaican guy once (he came to the States just shy of 13), and he said he had fundamental issues with the Marleys and the image that kinda goes along with them in popular culture. It was an interesting conversation we had. He said that not all Jamaican men – even though he acknowledged a lot of them do – smoke weed, seduce women and leave babies all over the place. More to the point was he said that nobody talks about the negative side of the way many West Indians handle relationships – specifically, the damage it does to fatherless boys and their emotional well being and future relationships. He said because a lot of the women are left to raise these kids alone, the mother-son relationships are often strained which impacts how the men relate to women as they get older. He said just what one of the other posters said – a lot of them are like little boys inside. Of course this was just one man’s POV, but it was interesting because people do romanticize and excuse the way Bob Marley lived. If he were a present-day hip hop star, people would be calling him everything but a child of God. (See all of the posts on the Shawty Lo TV show articles.) This is no different.

    • Bohwe

      People romanticize Bob, because of his approach with women. He didn’t write songs calling women out their names, or make pseudo-homosexual songs. He talked about love, and women in a more posistive light. So, on one hand you have a rapper talking about homie-love, i cry for my homie, but turn around a call a woman the b word, and having anal sex with her, who wouldn’t romanticize marley. jmo

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      On my vacation to Jamaica, my female Jamaican tour guide explained it the same way! She said she knew when she had her daughter, she knew that her baby daddy would not be around and would eventually have more children would other women and leave them all the same. Called it apart of her culture. If that’s true, then that’s a shame. . .

    • MLS2698

      I have to add that, some of those women came after Bob too. Look at the comment from BOHWE, where the reporter recalled sitting on the floor next to Mr. Marley & the Wailers ( which included his wife), and rested her head ” on his leg.” If that’s not a first move, I don’t know what is. Sorry, but true.

  • Machone

    11 kids? Many out of wedlock? A wife, mistress, and girlfriend? Typical…..

  • Nonesense. Rastas usually have more than one wife with no problem.
    Rita did not have a problem with it and so it was perfectly fine. Cha

    • MLS2698

      Huh? She said it killed her inside, and she put on a front for the public ( something women do all the time).

      • me

        Right she has made it clear that things were not all roses in that situation …

  • Bohwe

    From watching the Bob Marley PBS special years ago, it pretty much gave insight on why Bob was a womanizer. Bob had that charisma, nautral essence, that drew women in. He was asked about his reputation with women and he said, “I loved women, women are the mothers of creation”.So, he knew the power he had over women. That man could see a woman walking past him, and he would smile and grab her hand, the lady would smile. He just had that power. He was blessed with an unsumountable amount of sex appeal, and that got him into trouble because he embraced it. And Rita his wife said, he was a boy, who you wanted to take care of him. What he had was rare, and I have yet to see any male celebrity that has or had that type of sex appeal on his level. Women wanted to be around him, and that had to be hard to deal with, he coulldn’t jsut turn that off, it was probably hard on But, understand that he took care of all his kids, and claimed them. He was just no good when it came to women. He even admitted that if he had one vice, it was women. And many of his songs were written about his experiences with women. . I remember watching the documentary, thinking if i was alive in Jamaica at that time. I would have been a girlfriend. A black reporter recalled how when she first met him and the wailers, she just sat on the floor next to him, and rested her head on his leg. Bob just had that thing. Male celebrities try to have that natural charisma /sex appeal, but they work at it,

    • MLS2698

      People who have that kind of charm should use it for good…..not just sexing and bring the population to whole new high. They also should never get married if they don’t want to harness their gift. I’ve always been careful about people who have seducing spirits. My method: RUN!

      • Candacey Doris

        Agreed! That type of man is not extinct, it’s just that smart women RUN!

        • MLS2698

          Yes, Ms Candacey. Like a track star!

  • Trisha_B

    No point in talking about it now, he’s dead. He can’t speak for himself. His wife & the other women touched on the topic in his documentary. The kids grew up knowing & loving each other & their father

  • Dee

    I don’t think he was as bad as Fela Kuti…

    • me

      That was a scary situation because he infected some of his wives with HIV … SMH …

  • DKmonroe

    Was he a womanizer.. yes! Was he the WORST womanizer… I doubt it!


    Love me some Bob Marley…positive vibes….he never said he was perfect…dude had a wife, a mistress and a babymama/gf…womanizer is an understatement