Bury The Ratchet: Howard University Medical Students Petition To Have Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine’ Canceled

February 13, 2013  |  

Source: Bravo

Just yesterday, the cast of Bravo’s forthcoming reality show, Married To Medicine, which is a docu-series that follows the lives of some fairly prominent Black women doctors and doctor’s wives in the Atlanta area was revealed. Less than 24 hours later, an internet petition has surfaced on Change.org, urging the network to cancel the show. The petition was organized by a group of Howard University College of Medicine students, who believe that the airing of this reality show will leave the stain of unprofessionalism and cattiness on the image of Black female doctors for years to come. A portion of the petition reads:

“Black female physicians only compose 1% of the American workforce of physicians. Due to our small numbers, the depiction of Black female doctors in media, on any scale, highly affects the public’s view on the character of all future and current African American female doctors. Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” not only exploits the 6 lives of its Black female cast members, but, through its advertisements and commercials, heavily associates Black females in medicine with materialism, “cat fights”, and unprofessionalism. In a time when doctors are being held to very high standards by the public and each other, it is unfathomable for such a depiction of medicine and black women to be broadcast on tv where it will be inevitably available for years to come, on the internet and through other media outlets.”

The ladies also went on to suggest that shows such as this one make it difficult for young Black women like themselves to move ahead professionally in the medical field:

“Additionally, as residency positions are becoming increasingly more competitive (particularly for Black women) and contingent upon social behavior of graduating medical students, this depiction will only hinder black female physicians from attaining competitive residencies. Hence, for the sake of integrity and character of black female physicians, we must ask that Bravo immediately remove and cancel “Married to Medicine” from its channel, website, and any other media.”

According to the cast bios, which appear on the Bravo website, the cast of Married To Medicine includes:

Dr. Jacqueline Walters: Doctor to stars like Toni Braxton, T.I. and Usher…”

Dr. Simone Whitmore: The independent OBGYN, who has her own practice since 2004, has been married to her more laid-back husband, Cecil Whitmore, for 16 years, and they have sons together…”

Toya Bush-Harris: Bush-Harris met her husband, emergency medicine physician Eugene Harris, during a speed dating event five years ago while pursuing her master’s in education from the University of Phoenix and working two jobs…”

Mariah Huq: Dubbed “Queen Bee” and a mother of two, Huq is married to Dr. Aydin Huq, an emergency physician and native of Bangladesh, and openly embraces her husband’s culture…”

Quad Lunceford-Webb: Known as the “Black Barbie” in her social circle, Lunceford-Webb is newly wed to psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford, whose reserved demeanor often clashes with her unpredictable feistiness…”

Kari Wells: The British-born model has been married to Colombian-raised orthopedic surgeon Duncan Wells for 10 years.”

The show is scheduled to premiere March 24th.

Check out the show’s trailer on the next page and let us know if you think the Howard students have a valid argument. 

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  • Kay Dee

    I watched the first season out of curiousity. The female physicians on the show weren’t the issue. The wives, however, were an embarrassment.

  • So basically it’s about 2 doctors and some golddiggers.

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  • Angela

    The problem I have with this show is that I am sure episode by episode it will become less about medicine and more about the drama that goes on in these women’s lives. It will become about, events, “charities”, fashion, and side businesses etc. If this show was really going to have anything to do with medicine, the cast would be comprised of all physicians and would somewhat mirror Dr. 90210 in that the spouses of these physicians would be only featured not main characters.

    Basketball wives is no longer about the wives of basketball players (was it even really to begin with). However, the negative actions of the women on Basketball Wives, even though they are not wives, gets put on the not famous wives of Basketball Players. Until you have to go to college for four years, medical school for four years, then a residency for 3-7 years, we cannot begin to understand how these young Black female medical students feel about how this show may impact how people view them in a field where they already lack representation. We should support them.

  • Why is it that whenever African American women are portrayed on
    television, even in this case where they have achieved financial &
    academic success they always find the former hood rats? Am I to believe
    that there are no decent 2nd or 3rd generation of Middle-class,
    accomplished Black women who speak & act like a lady? The way
    television portrays African American women to the rest of the world
    implies that it is IMPOSSIBLE to find African-American women who have
    any class. RISE UP people! This is exploitation! Stop supporting these
    low-class tasteless ideals.
    ***Why don’t they do a reality show on
    the young girls in the Coretta Scott-King Girls Academy or on young
    African American youth in successful school programs etc? If Blacks want
    on material things that line other peoples pockets & yet socially
    still allow ourselves to be exploited. Small things amuse small minds.
    Let’s sign petitions & have competitions & reward writers who
    offer up positive, creative forms of entertainment…. I was not born
    here but I can tell you, when people don’t hold on to an ideal that you
    can come from the ghetto, but the ghetto does not have to come from you,
    you cant move forward as a people…

    • Angela

      Indeed. I am a part of that 2nd or 3rd generation and we often go ignored by everyone. Even if we achieve success, because of what people watch on television, they assume that we are the first generation to do so. Time and time again through my education and career, I always have to correct people. They are so surprised when I say my parents both hold PhDs and that all of my siblings went to private school from pre-school through high school. Everyone wants to get “put on” to success but it is as easy as opening a book. The only grind TV gets our young people to respect is that hip hop/music/athlete grind. Little do our children know that if they do the right thing, either go to school, or show up to a job and be accountable, that in time, they will have what they need. It may not be ostentatious wealth, but it will be honorable. Something you don’t have to lay on your back to get or knock someone else down for.

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  • Ifuaskme2

    Howard University doctors. Oxymoron. The black party school capital up in arms? Go figure.

    • Alum

      Stop. Howard may be a school where alot of fun happens, but Howard doctors are far from an oxymoron. We play hard, study harder, and accel. Please recognize.
      A proud Howard University College of Medicine alum and practicing physician

      • Ifuaskme2

        From a proud alum of Cornell, HA!

  • Nikki

    Only black people think, another black persons action reflects the whole race. Tv is entertainmet! If these women on the show act a fool, it doesnt reflect another woman. This is their stories not yours. Honest doctors are respected! Probably more than any other profession. What happened to the days, when we didnt want to watch something on tv, we just changed the channel?

    • Sharon

      Yes, this is entertainment, but these shows are destructive entertainment. You have our young black women think this is the way to go. Not getting an education, bettering themselves, they think when they grow up they either want to be a basketball, althete wife or a reality tv star so they can cuss, fight, act stupid, throw drinks and make tons of money and get the attention of being a celebrity.

  • KamJos

    You think the Howard women who are studying to be doctors aren’t making a change? If all we did was change the channel we’d still have actors Blackface tapdancing across our screens and eating watermelon. Be thankful to our ancestors that we don’t have to see that because they said something instead of just changing the channel. There’s nothing wrong with continuing the fight.

  • Med Student

    Honestly, this show is not a clinical show like NY Med; instead it is about black people being ratchet and somehow they are all tied in through a career in medicine (whether the women themselves, or their husbands). I certainly won’t be watching it. It’s a stupid show that is equally as ratchet as other reality shows with majority black women (unfortunately). The majority of them aren’t even doctors. As a black woman who is current in medical school, I don’t think this will hurt my chances of getting into a good residency program. I doubt that the residency program directors will be watching this show intently to create a stereotype that will hurt my chances. I am sure my Step 1 score, LORs, and possibly the reputation of past black women in their program, will far more effect my chances of matching into a program.

    Now if we can get a clinically based show portraying African Americans, featuring physicians like Dr. Ben Carson or Dr. Lynne Perry-Bottinger, or even half the black physicians I know, that would be wonderful.

  • Inapsin

    Why blame Andy Cohen and Bravo. Blame the black fools that allow themselves to be portrayed like this.

  • Candacey Doris

    I’ll sign this. Please don’t drag down my profession before i get all the way into it!

  • Bubbles

    For a while I was offended at how they depicted black women on basketball wives etc. I use to think that they were trying to make us as African Americans look bad on TV. I then realized that at the end of the day that these women and men that go on these shows don’t represent me or the whole black population. These people represent themselves. I am not going to generalize anymore and say that just because they are on TV they represent us a whole. These people represent themselves and how ignorant they are. This does not represent us as African Americans, we should already know that we are individuals that are unique, classy and not this trash that reality TV shows! Overall if these people want to act stupid and embarrass themselves then let them. Someone that is truly intelligent is not going to say that all black people act like this because of a reality show and if they did they are a bunch of dumb**** Overall I’m over it! these women don’t represent me or anyone else. They just represent themselves and their ignorance. Leave the whole ethnic group out of this, these ladies on this show, represent themselves and their ignorance.

    • KamJos

      Yeah in order for them to not represent you, you need to end racism. Good luck with that.

  • Thstgorl2013

    Please…just stop the foolishness! My goodness!

  • Patricia

    I agree. I will not be watching. Here we go again, another reality that continue to exploit black women as well as promoting professional women to fight and act ignorant on television. On top of that, these networks that produces and air these shows are continuing to work overtime to destroy marriages and families. These divorce lawyers are going to get paid. I don’t understand why in particular black women want to participate in such foolishness. It is very sad it is all about money and five minutes of fame. Like I said previously, white women that can do that foolishness, cuss, fight and act ignorant and get away with it, black women can’t get away with that. The mainstream media as well as some of our own black people is already continuing to stereotype black women as
    we like to fight, call each other Bs, have a foul mouth, likes to argue. I am doing what I can to continue to promote positive black women and I will not be supporting any shows, books, magazines, products or man or woman who exploits and demonizes black women..

  • BedStuyBklynChica

    Ummmm….yeah I just watched the trailer and I will not be watching this hot mess of a show!!! I am sick of these shows where grown woman are acting like fools I will gladly sign this petition!

  • Please cancel this Immediately! I agree with the med students on this one—RATCHET FOOLISHNESS,no one will ever be iinterested in coming to Atlanta at all after this and where does Andy Cohen find these freaks?

  • me

    I think you all are getting hung up on the fact that these women are medical professionals. All of those types of women MUST be classy and together, right? Not necessarily. Is it really a stretch to believe that affluent women in Atlanta would be catty? Having been there numerous times and interacted with folks from there it certainly would not shock me. I have no plans to watch it regardless though because the concept is corny to me. Furthermore, Howard chicks are about as catty as they come so that petition coming from them is laughable to me.

    • FutureDrSears

      Since one of my classmates actually started the petition, I am offended that you would generalize all Howard students as catty. Respect our profession enough to understand that we don’t need it belittled on national television and displayed as a spectacle for all of America to see.

      • Sharon

        I agree, I disagree with “me” calling the women on Howard as catty. I am a supporter of HBCUs and I am offended by what “me” says calling them catty.

  • Nicole

    I disagree. I think we are so used to believing nobody has issues or problems that we now never want to see anyone having problems. We don’t all get along and we don’t all like each other that’s reality. Couples have issues within their marriage. If the actual female physicians don’t act in a way that would cause alarm then what’s the issue!!?? It looked to me that a lot of the “ratchet” behavior is coming from wives of doctors not the doctors themselves. I would watch.

    • Jamie

      Yes, couples and individual do have problems just like regular everyday people, but they don’t need to let reality television in on it. It not doing anything but making it worse. Especially for blacks, since the divorce rate is high among us and continues to rise, I think they should keep their business to themselves. Sadly it all boils down to money and five minutes of fame.

    • Ooh La La

      Yes, all people of all backgrounds have problems sometimes, but not every black woman is an unstable lunatic in serious need of anger management or a gold-digging h*e trying to come up on some red bottoms and the good life. Based off of what’s depicted of us on tv, you wouldn’t know any better: and that’s the problem.

  • disgusted

    white doctors get shows like NY Med on abc that show the complexities of working in the ER….and black doctors get this. black FEMALE doctors. they are already a huge minority in the field, and this is how you want to depict them? come onnnnn

  • I hope the are successful. The last thing we need is another show of women with nothing to do behaving like idiots because they can. It is so embarrassing.

  • justkellz

    For it to supposedly be about black female doctors & and black doctors wives, I didn’t see not one hospital, not one consultation or any indication these women were doctors smh….I’d gladly sign the petition. Enough is enough! Death to reality TV….i’m soooo tired of TV networks claiming to show the lives of respected positions (pastor’s wives, now these doctors) only to exploit black women acting foolish. I stopped watching BBWives, Love & Hip Hop and I refuse to support any show that casts black women in a negative light.

  • Yay!

    Why, why and why??? I was a huge fan of Andy Cohen up until this. Despite the foolery that goes on his reality shows, they are diverse and there is always a strong sense of humor in it all that has kept me a relative fan. THIS crosses the line. Andy Cohen as a gay man should understand that minorities are not seen by masses as individuals – If one is rachet, we all suffer the consequences. For him and his producers to not have done research to know the struggles of blacks in medicine and consider that these types of shows can have a legitimate effect on the perception of blacks in medicine is careless and somewhat telling of his character. I support the petition 100%.

  • Guest

    My husband is a physician and I am African American and I don’t act nor dress as they do unless it is a special occasion. All of my friends aren’t other physicians wives or physicians. This is so not real.

  • Tamz

    OMG enough already!!!!

  • IllyPhilly

    WTF? Who would think this was a good idea? Next: cop wives who smoke weed and drive drunk. SMH

    • pretty1908

      right ! we don’t need a reality show for everything. I can do without a lot of the ones we have now

  • flower

    They need to take out the cat fighting however as someone with a family full of black doctors and black doctors wives I have to say that the life they have depicted with the parties, spending, houses, cars, attitudes and clothes is very true…and I agree with the ladies of Howard however at the same time I think there needs to be a show on Black Women doctors and their black/minority husbands…because in a America that is rarely depicted I rather see that then love and Hip Hop, American Black people are seen all over the world as ghetto and uneducated…So we need a show that defies those stero types….so this show needs to not pulled off just take out that cat fight at the party, I know the producers want good tv but they can have that with out editing the show to look like an other reality show…it can be real but show how ladies handle situations instead of the typical hood rat

    • flower

      not to be*…any other reality show*

    • I doubt the producers want good tv, they want good ratings & money regardless of the consequences.

  • It’s unfortunate that the show mirrors other reality shows that highlight cat fights and materialism. It seems the premise of the show was harmless and could of actually casted a better light on black women physicians but judging from the trailer it does not. I would of enjoyed seeing professional black women on tv juggling their careers and households. Sadly, this won’t be the show that’ll provide me that entertainment.

    This article was well written and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing Jazmine!

  • ieshapatterson

    actually, i’m all for it.considering how many NEGATIVE,NASTY,STEREOTYPICAL,shows that have black women,are on tv right now.this would actually be a breathe of fresh air.

    • Meenuh

      Did you watch the trailer? This doesn’t look like it’s going to be any different from those other shows.

    • NaturalJem

      lol ieshapatterson, i thought the same thing too but check the trailer. it appears to be just as ratchet as all the other reality shows

  • Ooh La La

    I agree. If we don’t control our images, someone will exploit them for their own benefit.