Things Are About To Get Very Interesting: TV One Announces The Cast Of ‘R&B Divas: L.A.’

February 12, 2013  |  

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If you enjoyed the premiere season of TV One’s hit reality show, R&B Divas, you’re in for quite a surprise as the cast of the show’s Los Angeles spin-off, R&B Divas: L.A. has officially been announced. The new series will be starring Kelly Price, Chanté Moore, Lil Mo, City High’s Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson, reports Broadway World.

The eight-episode series is said to revolve around the six ladies and their attempts to reemerge into the spotlight that they once dominated. Although the commonality shared between the cast members is their desire for the limelight, they each add their own touch of personal drama to the storyline, according to the show’s press release.

Kelly Price is seeking to “conquer the music business” while remaining devoted to her husband and manager Jeffery Rolle and their three children.

Hip Hop songstress, Lil Mo is returning to the music industry after an extended hiatus, which she took to focus on her children, who range in age from 10 years old to 4 months old and her husband/manager, Phillip Bryant.

A newly divorced Chanté Moore is gearing up for her 2013 album release as she continues to raise her two children.

Claudette Ortiz, former lead singer of R&B group, City High  is seeking to revive her music career and secure financial stability for her three children after her ugly divorce from City High group member, Ryan Toby.

Since her 2007 divorce, Dawn Robinson has thrown herself completely into her craft as she attempts to form a girl group and prepares for an upcoming book release.

Last but not least, Michel’le copes with single motherhood as she seeks to “reclaim her place” in the music industry, release a memoir and meet someone special by she re-entering the dating world.

The series is scheduled to begin production in Los Angeles this month.


What do you think of the lineup?


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  • Can’t wait. Love all the girls and I think this might help Claudette, I have always liked that chick.

  • Oooooooh, this one is gonna be good!! I wonder if Michel’le is going to talk about Suge Knight crazy behind!

  • Ladydi82

    They need to name the show R&B Divas and children.
    That will be a long show. A lot to catch up this so it will be good.

  • bigdede

    I just hope the show doesn’t get over shadowed by all the kids these women have. There is nothing wrong with that but I don’t want to watch a reality show where I have to hear these women talk about being a mother 24/7

  • Chevonne22

    The chick from City High?? 0_0 How do you go from being a 1.3 hit wonder to being an R&B DIva? I didn’t even know her real name. Shoot, the only reason we paid any attention to the group at all was because it had Theo’s friend from Cosby Show and homeboy singer from sister Act 2 in it. Nobody knew her or was checking for her. #OffMyRachetRantNow I will check it out, though I was good with the original lineup. #CarryOn

    • FunnyChick

      hey it was 1.5 that what would you do song and the one she did with wyclef

      • Chevonne22

        LOL I’ll stick with 1.3 since you can’t remember the other song with Wyclef. I remember the What Would You Do song, and I do recall there was another, but I can’t tell you any words.

    • me

      The guy from that group who dated her was in an episode of “Intervention” … That was a hot mess. That whole City High situation really messed him up.

      • She messed around with both of them? I knew she was married to Ryan Toby, but I didn’t know she messed around with the other one too

    • toya

      That City High dude & Theo’s friend are two different people..

      • Chevonne22

        Yes, they are. There were 3 members of City High, 2 guys and a girl. The shorter, darker guy played Ahmad on Sister Act 2. The taller guy was Theo’s friend on Cosby Show. Not Cockroach, but his other friend who wasn’t around that much.

  • nitabug70

    I wish I still had tv1, I reall y liked the original cast, but I’m sure this cast will be good as well O:-)

  • HioneyDipp

    Yes! This might be worth tuning in…

  • Cat_Eyes

    I will definately be watching. I love Kelly Price, Chante Moore & lil Mo.

  • me

    I don’t know … One thing I liked about this show is that it’s pretty mature and low-key. I could see this group of chicks going off the rails, especially Dawn Robinson. I’ll check it out but honestly I was good with just the original.

  • Hollander

    This might be good.

  • Yvette

    I’m excited. Can’t wait!

  • CECE

    GOOD CAST!!! Singers we all wondered about.