‘Of Course I Have Suits In My Closet:’ The Dream Responds To Jay-Z’s Comments On His Grammy Awards Getup

February 12, 2013  |  

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Grammy night is almost always filled with outrageous attire worn by celebrities that are sometimes still remembered and talked about years and years down the line. Although risqué, barely there clothing worn by Hollywood’s divas are generally the talk of the town following the highly anticipated awards show, this year was a bit different. Mega-producer and singer The Dream graced the red carpet rocking a black Boyz N The Hood snapback cap on top of a black and white skully cap that read: “Parental Advisory”.  As he approached the stage to receive the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration award along with Jay-Z and Frank Ocean for their collaboration on “No Church In The Wild”, Jay didn’t miss a beat when he approached the mic, clowning The Dream for his unlikely getup.

“I’d like to thank the swap meet for his hat,” Jay humorously stated, sending the audience into a roaring fit of laughter.

Of course, since then, media outlets everywhere have been instigating, hoping to provoke The Dream into snapping back at Jay-Z for his comments, but the “radio killa” isn’t taking the bait. He recently came out urging everyone to take it easy because Jay’s comments weren’t that serious and that it was just a joke between two friends that happened to be shared on national television.

“I don’t know if people really know how much time we spend around each other. There’s a thing like, ‘Oh that’s the first time he’s around him and that’s what Jay feels about him.’ We’re around each other joking all the time. It’s not like he wouldn’t say that. He would say that whether the TV is on or not,” he told Hot 109.7’s Qdeezy.

He went on to express that he selected that particular outfit to stand out and poke fun at the award show’s issued regulations regarding the attire of its attendees:

“Of course I have suits in my closet that I could have put on. I could have looked like everybody else that was there. I could have did that. Actually, we made the best TV moment that’s been on the Grammys in a long time. I don’t mind taking a joke or a jab. That’s cool. I’ll get Jay back.[…] All that means is that Jay’s in debt and he owes me like, three rap verses.”

Well, looks like that’s settled.

Listen to his full interview here. What do you think of The Dream’s response?


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  • WhoMe

    Jay Z is still ratchet and ghetto as fuk. I dont care how rich he is. Not rich in character or looks.

  • me

    And then Jay-Z turned around and drank cognac out of his damn Grammy. I would say that trumps what the Dream had one in the ghetto department.

  • Mia

    Dream is a little pudgy waterbug. He doesn’t look good in suits. Did anyone see how he looked at his wedding to Christina Milian? He looked like a gangstah runaway midget from the Lollipop guild.

  • sick of it

    they are rich , who cares about their issues

  • Jenn

    I think jay made those comments because the dream cut frank ocean off.

  • autumn

    My issue is with his attire. If you are given notice in a timely manner, why be completely defiant against what someone has asked of you? If he had been denied entrance I’m sure that would have been an issue as well (i.e the race card probably would have been thrown around).He is a grown man and still feels the need to be “unique” by his attire. That reminds me of something you do in high school, not the Grammy’s!! Dream, get yo’ life. *Tamar Voice*

  • Kahekili

    He should have dressed up.

  • Guest

    All those years Jay-Z showed up at award shows in the standard ghetto outfit of jeans hanging off your but and over sized white t-shirts, he isn’t in a position to criticize anyone. He finally learned how to dress and now thinks he can talk about others!!! Typical!!! Some folks think that when they finally figure it out, it makes them superior and gives them the right to judge others!!! Oh Please!!! Not a fan of the Dream, but he is a grown man capable of deciding for himself what statement he wants to make and he really doesn’t owe Jay or anyone else an explanation on how he dresses!!!

    • Taj

      Thanks for saying it. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If I am not mistaken, he did sell drugs at one point in his life to make ends meet. Now, he wants to act as if he is royalty. Class . . . he is not.

    • Kenedy

      Beyonce upgraded him…& now she created a monster…..thanks Bey!