‘All You Can Do Is Keep Pushing:’ Mary J. Blige Responds To Talk Of Her Recent Financial Woes

February 12, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Last week, we told you that Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige had found herself in quite a bind when financial institution, Bank of America filed a $511,000 lawsuit against her with the Manhattan Supreme Court. Court documents allege that she defaulted on a $500k loan that she took out with the bank back in 2005. Although the Grammy Award-winnng singer is not confirming or denying these claims, she did comment on her name being negatively strewn across media headlines.

“There’s really nothing you can say about the negative things that are in the media about you. All you can do is keep pushing, keep your head up and just let people be people. [Let] haters hate and just do what you do. Use all of that to fuel you to do something better,” the Betty and Coretta star told Hip Hollywood as she strolled the red carpet at the Vibe Impact Awards, where she was being honored.

The “Real Love” singer, who appears to be taking it all in stride, went on to express how honored she was to be recognized by Vibe for her achievements throughout the years.

“I think it’s great to be honored with the Impact Award tonight because I believe I’ve made an impact on so many people’s lives and it feels good,” the 9-time Grammy Award-winner expressed.

There’s no arguing with that. Mary has an amazing story that can serve as an inspiration to many. We hope that she is able to work out any financial issues that she may be facing and get back to putting out great music.

 Check out footage of Mary’s full interview on the next page. What do you think of her response? 

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  • cocochixa

    COME ON PEOPLE …You obviously know nothing about Money or Mary if you truly think 500,000 is going to break her. In professional lives there are such things as bad business deals …stop relying on BLOGS to be your source of education!!!

  • NeaJ

    A fool & his money shall soon part #Bible

  • cocochanel31

    I highly doubt Mary is broke! This is a classic case of mismanagment. Oftentimes they pay handlers to take care of certain bills, and often times these same people are robbing the folks blind.. Nicole Muprhy got caught up in some scheme like that and lost millions of dollars.
    All of that to say, Mary will pay her bill and be alright!

  • Finally? I never knew she had financial problems.

  • honest

    thats what happens when you marry men who bring nothing to the table look at Toni Braxton…smh…Mary worked hard all those years to end up with nothing thats a damn shame…Aretha Franklin, janet jackson, Pattie Labelle, shaka khan, Diana Ross and etc….all those chicks made sure they saw all their money…even some of the 90s r&B girl groups still have there coins Kandi is loaded

    • Yvette

      For Toni Braxton it was not all about her bringing more to the table than her ex-hubby. She doesn’t seem to know what a budget is and appears to still be living above her means. On BFV, when she relocated to Los Angeles, instead of getting a fly a$$ condo for herself and her 2 boys, she moved into a gigantic house that is probably stressing her pockets trying to keep up with “the Joneses”.


    This is how I know that industry isnt right….the money is cursed. All that money and then go broke.

    • Yvette

      It’s not the money that is cursed. Living above your means is the curse!

      • TRUTH IS

        Thot they had money managers?? All the money managers are bad at managing money?? Something is not right with them.

    • feather

      The money is not cursed…some people don’t know how to handle money. It’s biblical…if you following the principles of money. You will grow your money, no matter what your income level.

      Money is a state of mind.

      • TRUTH IS

        Same they say about lottery money…cursed….maybe too much blood!!

  • Pay your bills Mary!

  • Yvette

    She’s right. All you can do is keep pushing and live your life. Stuff happens. I wish May J. the best.

    • Yvette