Carmen Bryan Has A Question For Nas: How Do You Not Invite Your Daughter To The Grammys After Being Nominated For A Song called ‘Daughters’?

February 12, 2013  |  

I have to say that does sound like a pretty valid question, though one I’m not sure needed to be asked on Twitter. But that’s what Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas’s oldest daughter, Destiny, inquired on Sunday night during the annual Grammy award ceremony, sending out these tweets:


This year, Nas’ 2012 album,  Life is Good, was nominated for Best Rap Album, and the LP’s first single, “Daughters,” was up for two awards, one in the Best Rap Song category and another for Best Rap Performance. The latter nominations are what made Carmen speak out Sunday night, and not for the first time when it comes to Nasir or this track. When the song first debuted, Carmen lit up Twitter with comments like these bashing the song:

What a disappointment! He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false!

Destiny is extremely talented, caring and has a huge heart, none of those things were mentioned. I’m proud of her.

Maybe he just doesn’t know her like I do. My song would have been totally different!

Now all of a sudden Carmen wants her daughter to attend a ceremony with her dad who wrote a “disappointing” song about her? That’s sort of…interesting. What’s even more interesting is Nas seems to have no inkling of any drama with his child — or at least any that he’s letting on to. The night before the Grammy’s he told MTV’s Sway that he thinks his daughter is happy about the success of the track and that they’re in a good place.

“You know, she has her own style,” he said of 18-year-old Destiny. “I think she’s more happy for just the fact that her dad’s not corny,” he laughed. ‘Cause, you know, her dad could be … [it’s] your parents! So I’m just lucky that we cool, that she still thinks I’m cool.”

Carmen obviously does not.

Do you think Nas was wrong to not take Destiny to the Grammys with him?


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  • latoya

    LADY and i use that word sparsely, GET real isn’t this the same chick that was hoing with Jay!

  • Tasha

    Bitter as ever not that ur child quote on quote is 18 boo boo she’s grown if she wanted to go to the grammy awards all she would have 2 do is call NAS. Smh some women never get over it u can tell she was drama when the girl was younger.

  • Kenedy

    I wish twitter and facebook never existed….then people would deal with their problems like they.are supposed to…in the privacy of their homes

  • Girl Please…

    And Let me guess…the next tweets she post will be…THIS AINT NOBODIES BUSINESS, PLEASE RESPECT OUR PRIVACY…once she gets read by the pubic where she chose to share her personal business for some attention IN THE FIRST PLACE…Waits….lol It never fails. After your publicity attempt go left, all of a sudden it aint nobody business.

  • Ree

    I’m confused. Carmen acts like Destiny is 6. How is that her and Nas do not have better communication by now in regards to their child. If I’m not mistaken this is Carmen’s only child and if not it’s the only child by someone famous. So she has nothing better to do then sit on twitter trying to get attention by bashing that man. By the way Destiny is like 16 so unless she doesn’t have as good a relationship as I hope she does with her dad, then she can easily call her dad and express her own feelings. She doesn’t need her mother doing that for her. At least I know that is how it would be if he were my dad. If she did ask her dad and he said he was unable to take her then he must have had a reason for that. Why is Carmen so mad?????

  • I cannot believe Destiny is 18, I know how she feel and Nas should took her to the Grammy

  • J

    Maybe she’s just mad she was invited.. #getalifeplease

  • How do we know if he did or didn’t ask her? Again this is something she should have addressed to him, not the world at large. I am sure this made her daughter feel even better! #Trifling

  • How do we know if he did or didn’t ask her? Again this is something she should have addressed to him, not the world at large. I am sure this made her daughter feel even better! #Trifling

  • How do we know if he did or didn’t ask her? Again this is something she should have addressed to him, not the world at large. I am sure this made her daughter feel even better! #Trifling

  • GRivi85

    This from a woman who wrote a book about people she slept with in the industry…smh..Nas probably doesn’t want his young daughter being too influenced by the entertainment industry and turning into her mother….UGH

  • That woman done lost her mind. Talk about being bitter!

  • kierah

    Carmen sounds like a real Bitter Betty. How is blasting Nas on Twitter going to soothe your daughter’s feelings? It doesn’t.
    Girl, go find yourself some business!

  • mac

    sounds like typical baby momma spite to me. Nothing to see here..

  • Reese

    It’s always two sides to a story, so I really can’t speak on this. Carmen and Nas have had a strained relationship for such a long time at this point it’s hard to tell what’s what.

    • Ajavee

      I agree Reese. If Carmen felt that way Twitter was the wrong route take. She should have spoken to him directly.

  • IllyPhilly

    She’s said stuff like this before, like he only wanted to see his kid when she was asleep and didn’t have her in some of his videos with other kids, but still would give him chance after chance. I think that’s a bad example to set for kids. What woman can stay with a man that don’t care about his kids? Oh money, gotcha.

  • I’m tired of baby mothers/fathers and anybody else bashing each other on twitter for the world to see. Personal business doesn’t exist these days.