Vintage Evening Eye Candy: An “Off The Wall” And “Thriller” Era Michael Jackson

February 12, 2013  |  
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Michael Jackson. You know the story, you’ve pretty much known since Michael was six and started dancing and jigging and doing a mean robot with his brothers in the Jackson 5. Before he had a Cirque du Soleil show made for him, had everyone dress like him for Halloween, had most musicians count him as the reason they got into music, and went through a massive amount of physical changes, he was just a young star trying to make a name for himself as a solo artist. He had the looks, the charisma, and he damn sure had the talent. We know that he would reach a massive amount of success both in the states and internationally, and that that same gargantuan amount of notoriety constantly made him a target for many rumors and negativity, but before all that, he was just our crush, and we would, in our minds, try and replace Ola Ray with ourselves in the “Thriller” video. Let’s take a look back at Mike’s golden years, around the time of the success of Off The Wall and Thriller. Shall we?

When he wasn’t on the main stage in sequins and ornate costumes, Michael, early on, actually kept his style pretty simple and sleek. Sweaters, button downs, tight jeans–timeless late ’70s, early ’80s attire. And we all know he kept that Jheri curl well-moisturized as his favorite accessory.

But as time passed, we know that he jazzed it up a bit. After Mike passed, did anyone else notice all the fashions were sweaters covered in sequins and big embellishments? Mike did it first!

I think we can all agree that no matter the changes MJ’s face went through in 30+ years, his eyes always stuck out the most. Big and beautiful since he was a kid, they were sometimes even haunting. I just wish he would have passed on the permanent eyeliner…

He was so fresh! And only Mike could make a leather suit (with high-water pants) with a pink button down shirt, pink socks, and a red bow-tie, attractive.

So cute too! Especially in the “Thriller” video. But uh, not when he went all zombie on us of course.

Good ‘ol MJ, always giving good face with a side of his patented frontal curly bang for effect. Fierce darling, fierce!

And clearly everybody loved them some Michael Jackson. From the award shows, the fans, and even E.T.! He was definitely the man of the ’80s.

I see him trying to show a little chest! Even if the shirt is a bit shiny for my liking…

Daniel Deme /

Of course, we know what MJ ended up looking like as the years passed, all the way up until his death in 2009. And while our crush might have faded as that time passed and as the drama couldn’t elude him, we never stopped being a huge fan. Am I right?

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  • Eric Marquez Nava

    I was a kid in those years.. what a magical time. People would actually go out the streets dressing like him, and at school we’d imitate him. This is the only MJ I want to remember.

  • Ali

    Mike was it all the way into ’93 lol

  • This is how I care to remember him. RIP Brutha!

  • Dee

    Michael was ALWAYS HOT!!!

  • mj4ever

    He was beautiful eye candy at all ages and wish he was still around so we could continue to benefit from his beauty, his talent, his humanitarian acts and all the good music he never got a chance to finish. I still want to Rock With Him and no one else can claim that dance. He still rocks my world and I bet there are groves that agree.

  • IllyPhilly

    Now why would the hot specimen of a Black man above ever think he needed to turn into an old white woman?

  • Tabinformed

    Michael Jackson was a gorgeous, sweet and generous young man and he retained those qualities all his life. His beautiful bone structure, soul penetrating eyes, lithe dancer’s body and boyish charm made him “eye candy” at any age. Michael Jackson coped with the ravages of a debilitating scalp burning accident, vitiligo, lupus and the stress of hard work, crushing fame, and intrusive/unfair media and still remained one the most handsome and sexiest men of all time. He was especially good looking as he matured with my favorite era being the “Dangerous” era.

  • stanleydriver

    Michael Jackson was a beautiful man every minute of his life. He coped with vitiligo and the loss of his pigment as best he could, with the accident that scarred his scalp and damaged his hair, and tried to eradicate the nose he hated, but his beautiful soul shone through during every era. Enjoyed your choice of eye candy but not the implication that these years were his only best. He was the best eye candy, any time period!

    • DTJ

      When people stop looking at only the physical appearance they will understand your comment. Well said

    • Lese

      Thank you so much for your comment. It’s a rarity to find someone that can look beyond the physical. Thank you again

  • Kahekili

    Michael Jackson was cute as a kid. He became ugly when he made his transformation.

  • Dan

    There are several beautiful photos of him after Thriller. STOP this rubbish that he was only beautiful in thriller.

    The press is really dangerous, manipulative, and loves sensationalism.

  • psylocke_2001

    Still the ONE!