‘I Guess The Other 553 Murder Victims Didn’t Break Her Heart:’ Joe Walsh Slams Michelle Obama For Attending Hadiya Pendleton’s Funeral

February 11, 2013  |  

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It’s quite apparent that we live in a society where public figures are darned if they do and darned if they don’t. This past weekend, slain Chicago teen, Hadiya Pendleton was laid to rest. The murder of Pendleton gained much national attention because a mere week prior to being gunned down in a Chicago park, the 15-year-old drum major participated in President Obama’s inaugural parade with her school marching band. The President and First Lady issued their condolences to the Pendleton family for the loss of their beloved daughter and the First Lady even demonstrated support along with other White House officials by attending Hadiya’s February 9th funeral. While many felt that Mrs. Obama attending the funeral was a very honorable thing to do, it appears to have also ruffled a few feathers. Former Teaparty congressman, Joe Walsh, utilized his Twitter page to bash the First Lady for her decision.

“‘Heartbroken’ Michelle Obama attending funeral of Hadiya Pendleton. I guess the other 553 murder victims didn’t break her heart,” Walsh tweeted.

“Most of the 553 Chicago murder victims in 2012 & 2013 were young black males. Is she attending this funeral to make a political point? ” he continued.

Hadiya’s God-father expressed that this situation is not implicative that Hadiya was more important than any other Chicago shooting victim, she is merely a symbol of the ongoing violence plaguing the city.

“Everybody needs a symbol… She’s a voice for all these people who have passed that haven’t had a voice, so she brings attention to their lives and all the other people who have lost their lives senselessly,” he told DNAInfo.com.

According to the New York Times, many Chicagoans “…viewed the sudden rush of attention on Ms. Pendleton as a needed shift in the consciousness… Ms. Pendleton’s death appeared — at least for now — to have reawakened many people..”

What do you make of this? Is this simply another attempt to discredit President and First Lady Obama or does Joe Walsh have a valid argument?


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  • kierah

    Stuff like this is why I didn’t want the Obamas to attend. Opponents would only accuse them of using the deaths as a political tool. The focus of that funeral should have remained the senseless death of young Hadiya Pendleton.

  • Chassie

    I don’t see the problem, and I am in no way infatuated with the Obamas. I am more likely to attend the funeral of someone who I’m in some way connected to as well, and even if she did not attend the funeral, that is her prerogative

  • Say What?

    This girl performed at the inauguration and more than likely met Michelle the others didn’t. Isn’t that obvious?

  • Sagittarius81

    I live in Chicago and all I have to ask this pea tarty, loud mouthed deadbeat dad: why didn’t he attend that poor child’s funeral or the other 553 funerals himself, since he want to criticized the FLOTUS attending? Typical republican who is mad that a war vet like Tammy Duckworth beat his butt for the US Representative this past November. Joe Walsh need to have a seat and pay them $100K back in back child support he owes!

  • Hmmmm wasn’t this young lady black? Out of the how ever many white girls that got attention for being murdered or missing I’ve never heard any of those questions asked by any of the people who are speaking out against Michelle for attending the funeral for this young lady…

  • glenp

    whether you like it or not it is true what he said obama never stands up for us he only comes to us when he wants something from us

    • guest

      This is also very true. However i would say all politicians do this. Obama is no different than any other democrat politician than panders to blacks when they need something….If you recognize him as simply a politician and not some type of phenomenal savior than it’s not as surprising.

  • FromUR2UB

    How many of those 553 funerals has HE attended? STHU!

  • Says the guy who couldn’t pay his child support and abandoned his family…

  • clove8canela

    And how many funerals has he attended? I’m going to go with 0. And I’m pretty sure that he couldn’t care less about young black male or female murder victims in Chicago or elsewhere. And if her attendance was to make a political point about stricter gun control laws, then what’s so wrong with that?

  • Under the circumstances, it was th honorable for Mrs. Obama to attend this young lady’s funeral. She’d just performed at the inauguration before being senselessly killed. And Walsh does not have a point. He does not care about those 553 blacks males either because how many of their funerals did he attend? Zero. And of those 553, how many were murdered because of gang related activity? This is Chicago here. We can pretend that every black male who is gunned down in the Chi is simply an innocent bystander, but let’s get real here. A lot of those young black men being murdered are the same type as the young male who shot Hadiya.

  • bluekissess

    I agree with Mr Walsh

  • Allyce

    I’m glad she went. Unfortunately there’s too much black-on-black crime. It makes no sense. With a black man in the White House there should be no black men in jail. Stop the immediate gratification for p&*sy and sneakers and taking the white man’s drug and alcohol and wake the F up.

    • “With a black man in the White House there should be no black men in jail.” That would only occur in a utopian society.

  • Britt

    Walsh made a great point, although the delivery was offensive. What about the rest of the victims? I understand the importance behind this young girls slaying, but why not use this as a platform for anti-violence campaigns throughout the city, seeing as how the people desperately need it.

    • Guest360

      Um….that’s already happening now. Hadiya’s story is also being told in Congress during this fight for gun control. Her mom was even invited to sit in on the hearings as are the victims of the Aurora shootings, Tuscon shootings (Gabby Giffords), a few of the families from Newtown as well as some families from Chicago who have also suffered due to gun violence. The president is using ALL of it as a platform for stricter gun regulation and getting it out of the hands of those who cause harm.

    • Sachatee

      That’s exactly what they are trying to do and that is why the first lady is attending this service. Should they put numbers in a hat and choose one. President Obama donned a hoodie is tribute to Trayvon Moore and Michelle Obama is attending this funeral. If we look at the message overall and not at the matter personally, the truth is very clear

      • Britt

        I see some people are being a little sensitive. So why have favoritism for a select few when people (americans, not just black people) suffer from bs like this on a regular basis. Are the other murder victims not as important as those two? That’s the impression I’m getting here. And, although Joe Walsh hasn’t attended the funerals of these victims (neither have the Obamas), and apparently has personal issues of his own, his point isn’t any less valid. But talking about what he isn’t doing is not going to put George Zimmerman away, as well as the people that murdered this poor girl and who knows how many others. The subtlety that comes with gang violence and our reluctance to “speak up” has always been apparent and will still continue to be as long as we glorify “certain” victims instead of ALL of them as well as the issue at hand.

    • Nik

      Because, they arethe president and first lady. Its not their position to start a campaign. If they did, every other city would want funding to deter violence. A campaign should be started by the mayor community leaders.

  • Cholo

    Y’all get so mad if ppl have an opinion on the obamas but everyone had 1 on bush let ppl speak without getting so offended

    • bluekissess

      Thank You

    • Nikki

      And Reagan is their god.

    • guest

      Exactly!!!!! people ( Black people) are way to protective of these two. Seriously, relax.

  • FAMURattler85

    The POTUS and FLOTUS are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.