How Men Wish Valentines Day Really Went Down

February 14, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


Your man jumps through the Hallmark-built hoops of Valentines Day because he loves you and because if he didn’t, he knows that would throw you into a tailspin of analyzing the weaknesses in your relationship. But, if the pressure was off, here’s how men wish Valentines Day would actually go down.

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  • Sally Walker

    This is nonsense. Most women are romantics by nature so would it kill the man who supposedly loves her to go all out at least once a year to fulfill her romantic fantasies. The next article should be about how women wish the other 364 days a year would go down.

  • hopeless romantic

    This is bull its one day if he can’t jump through hoops for one day then stop expecting us to jump through them in bed everyday

    • Nope

      “can’t jump through hoops for one day”??? Hell, that’s most relationships for a man: catering to a woman’s wants, needs, moods, and constant complaints about anything under the sun.

  • jason

    either some head or sex, dinner and either sleep or let me turn on a ball game.

  • SheBe

    Didnt read it (especially several slides) because there is no need. Steak and a BJ. The End.

    • rzakia

      lol sounds like the regular night to me.

      • SheBe

        Exactly. A mans life is simple. Feed them, let them watch their sports/play video games, have sex, and repeat. If a woman follows all of that then he’s putty in her hands.

    • chilltowntv

      lol you got that right!

  • C’mon son

    I couldn’t even finish this “article” after three slides were about s-e-x on V-Day under the man’s terms, but it’s too much to hope he’ll plan romantic gestures. Please. And if you know your partner, you won’t be expecting fondue when you both get down with steak, or a buffet for choices. Nice try though.

    • Nope

      Selfish. If you would’ve finished the article you would know the main point of it was that Valentine’s Day is NOT unofficially ‘National Woman Attention Day’. It should be a shared day.

      • C’mon son

        Actually, what’s selfish is the idea of a man not needing to be required to show romantic gestures but expect “main event s-e-x” that’s “easy” butttt she should probably spice it up. But yes, for the non-bitter, it *should be a shared day of love and affection.

        • Nope

          I agree with what you’re saying, in all honestly sex is the only thing the average man is expecting (hoping) to get on Valentine’s Day. Not justifying, just pointing out the reality of the lopsidedness of this holiday, hence the point of the article in the first place.

  • Nope

    I agree with everything written. Nice article and hopefully a lot of women will take notes for next year.