Keyshia Cole’s Grammy Night PSA: ‘It’s Still F@%& Ol Girl’

February 11, 2013 ‐ By

Last night I desperately wanted to tweet, “has anybody seen Keyshia Cole tonight,” but I didn’t. Because I thought that would be rude. And I think before I tweet (mostly). But after seeing the foolery that was going on on Keysh’s timeline, I feel like I would have been justified saying whatever the heck I wanted. See for yourself:

Keyshia Cole


Confused what the heck Keyshia Cole was on — again? So is just about every other person on Twitter who went in on her for the second Sunday in a row. I would have thought last week’s Twitter lashing would have been enough for the singer, who is soon about to fade into social media oblivion and become more popular for her tweets than her tracks, to get her act together, but she essentially invited the backlash this week.

See before that “hello” everyone was chilling, including Keyshia. Then for whatever reason — like a child who throws a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store because they aren’t being paid enough attention — she decided to rile up the masses and bring up last week’s business. And then have the nerve to ask “ya’ll still mad?” I think a better question would be “You’re still thirsty?”

And as far as her staying on people’s minds, it’s more like Michelle stays on hers. I’ve never seen someone go so far out of their way to repeatedly shade someone a week after the fact. I think @quietbut_DEADLY summed up Keyshia’s motive perfectly: “You’re tending now. Happy?” Keyshia should remember tweets don’t equal dollars. If she wants to keep eating and not go back to buying Steve Madden’s to wear on the red carpet she might wanna chill. One hundred thousand doesn’t go that far

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  • IllyPhilly

    DC was not The Supremes. KC is a one note tune just like Bey with Matthew Knowles behind her.

  • IllyPhilly

    I was thinking about that too. These youngings don’t have class at all.

  • Kahekili

    I don’t know anything about that.

  • Keesha (Киша)

    I think that she needs to stay off of Twitter, because it just seems like anytime she says her opinion, she’s deemed as hateful. Just focus on your music and your family Keyshia.

  • BlackGurlTech

    And if Keyshia had the testicular fortitude to actually say “What female artist went harder than me last year?”, she is sorely sorely delusional and clearly shows that she herself doesnt understand the industry she is in.

    Gone are the days when an R&B artist can stand on a stage in one spot and sing and expect to reach super stardom heights. Those days are OVER.

    The market doesn’t lie, and she is in a market with Beyonce, Rihanna, J-Hud, Alicia Keys, etc.

    She has yet to reach either of their levels and there are plenty more like her because ALL they have to offer is a voice and a sad love song. Or as in Cierror’s case, no voice and p-poppin.

    She doesn’t dance (Beyonce), She has no gimmick (A Keys and her piano instrument performances), She doesn’t entertain (B, RiRi, and A-Keys), She is NOT a powerhouse singer(J Hud), She is not an actress( B, A Keys, J-Hud AND RiRi), and she doesn’t attract enough appeal to invite endorsements from other pop culture industries (Pepsi, BlackBerry, Jenny Craig, Burger King).

    Hell, since she is going in on Michelle, no one even wants her for Broadway!!!

    Until she steps her game ALL the way up and stops acting like an entitled brat, she has NO room to talk mess on anyone.

  • BlackGurlTech

    She gets no cool points by lambasting on Michelle. None. I hope she is not trying to place herself in comparison either. Michelle is apart of a Super Girl Group, she plays the role given to her. Nothing more, nothing less. If Keyshia feels like going “toe-totoe” with someone, she needs to holler at ….umm wait… she can’t go “toe-to-toe” with anyone, because the only level she is on is the same level with the rest of the C-list singers.

    Her performance rounds for her last song were dry and boring. These awards shows did her no favors by placing her in lineups to sing a song that had NOTHING to do with the purpose or cause of the night.

    She needs to understand that her music will never resonate beyond her fellow hoodrats until she gets past her hood rat ways. And I say this because it is clear as day that she desperately wants to be a Mary, a Beyonce, a Jennifer Hudson. But what do all of these women have in common? Grace, refinement, maturity, and humbleness, all which Keyshia lacks.

    Especially if Mary J is her role model. MJB got past her daemons, became humbled by them, gained self-respect and matured in front of our eyes. Keyshia is still acting like a 5 year old, 2 albums later.

  • BlackGurlTech

    Keyshia Cole is really miserable in her spirit and it shows. I picked up
    on it from watching Keyshia and Daniel way before her outbursts. I have
    a mind to say she actually looks clinically depressed.

    She has
    mommy and daddy issues that she has yet to work out, and until she does
    she is going to remain stuck in career and life. Getting married and
    having a baby does not cover up the wounds of your childhood. Her
    relationship with her husband will be a mirror to her unresolved family
    of origin issues. Unfortunately, her child will have to experience her
    pain and resulting behavior.

    Quite frankly her spirit looks empty and you can see it on her face, even when she is performing.

  • msgeegee

    “you people make me sick!”…..”y’all idiots are feeding into it”…. Wow!! why exactly are you so angry???? Is this really that serious to you? LOL!!!! Lord have mercy. SMH

  • SunshineBlossom

    Hood possums need love too… >.>…

  • The Bishop

    LOL, you sound basic. Yes we have freedom of speech, but don’t confuse that with freedom from the repercussions of what we say. See when you say and do ignorant ish and your in the media people are going to call you on your BS.

  • babegurl

    Wow! It just goes to show that money cannot buy CLASS!

  • Kahekili

    The stupidity and groupthink is rampant in this comment section.

    If you know that you aren’t stupid and engage in groupthink then you won’t be offended by my comment. Isn’t that how you all think? Someone should only take offense to something if it is about them specifically?

    • York

      C’mon, Boobie, don’t you have a game to get ready for? I’m sure coach would frown upon this behavior.

      • Kahekili

        Is it THAT upsetting to you and others here that I am not dogging out Keyshia Cole?

        • York

          I don’t give a hoot if you think she’s the alpha and omega. It’s really about your snotty attitude towards everyone and your attempt to be the wet, dirty dishrag getting tossed in the convo. I’m sure you think you’re proving some point but its just entertaining at the least and sad at the most that you’re so DEAD SERIOUS TO BATTLE ALL THAT YOU DISAGREE WITH ABOUT SOMETHING THIS INSIGNIFICANT.

          And then you have the gal to get salty when people don’t answer your silly@zz questions and yet you can’t answer ONE question thrown at you that’s actually germane to the conversion! You’re so busy trying to prove how intelligent you are, I’m surprised you haven’t hit us with “I have a degree in [insert major here] and therefore, you’re ALL wrong about your opinions of Keyshia Cole”….

          Im sure you’ll chop this up to your liking and read what you want to read so let me make it simple for you-there’s a time and place for everything; you’re in the ENTERTAINMENT SECTION with a frump face wondering why everyone is laughing and joking. Stay yo @zz in Living for all of that lol

          • Kahekili

            1. Hold up! Where did I imply that I think she is the ‘alpha and omega’? Please, POINT IT OUT.

            2. You don’t have a freaking clue of what I think.

            3. I’m “dead serious to battle all that I disagree with about something this insignificant”? That’s funny considering you typed a diatribe in response to a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question that you neglected to answer.

            4. Where do you get the impression that I am ‘salty’? That is probably how you feel. Please don’t project onto me. None of my questions were ‘silly’ You just couldn’t answer them.

            5. Seriously, I haven’t answered any questions that were asked of me? That is certainly not correct, and you have the nerve to talk about a germane response. Just read your own comments!

            6. I have a ‘frump face’ and have wondered why everyone is laughing and joking? WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

            7. “Stay yo @zz in Living for all of that lol” – What the f*ck does that mean?

            Now, here is a challenge for you: Address what I said in a concise and coherent manner.

    • Mia

      Oh no you didn’t resurrect “groupthink” after we all agreed to let that sleeping dog lie!

      • Kahekili

        I was not around when that happened. Do you agree or disagree with what I said?

    • Mia

      Oh no you didn’t resurrect “groupthink” after we all agreed to let that sleeping dog lie!

  • Sagittarius81

    Child, ain’t nobody thinking about Keyshia! She mad cuz she ain’t relevant and I heard she was selling fish platters outside the Grammy’s yesterday, LOLZ! Even Michelle is laughing at you, loose screw!

  • Jenna

    I guess she tweeted out “Name a singer who went harder then me last year” someone responded the cat from the meow mix commercial…#dead

    • YES gAWD

      lmaooo Bish I tweeted her Kim Zociak…..

    • IllyPhilly


  • Tall Glass Of Wine

    We all know what’s next for DC3, what’s next for you, neffi, and frankie? Am glade young jeezy turned down her marriage proposal! He knew she was ratchet b4 the word became popular!!!!

  • Babydoll 70

    I think the problem is in a conversation she may have had with her husband and he may have complimented Michelle in some way and now she’s livid about it.

  • Kahekili

    It’s time for her to take a time out.

  • Thatgirl2013

    Keyshia…I like you. Please just STFU and stop beating an already deadly horse!

  • BricCity

    “How you gon hate from the outside ? You can’t even get in!”

    • Kenedy


  • MLS2698

    She’s starting to sound more and more like Frankie err day!

  • YES gAWD

    I just wonder what she feels like she is accomplishing by going after Michelle….the devil is definitely using Keyshia and making her look like a FOOL in the process. Michelle is still living her life, performing and doing Broadway shows. And Keyshia is at home with her baby daddy doing NONE OF THE ABOVE….CLEARLY she should focus on what she calls a career, and not on what Michelle williams is doing… QUIET AS ITS KEPT: She proly really wanna come for Bey but feel like MW is safer. naa Boo…try again. She IS sad, and With the pathetic people in her family obviously no one to tell her otherwise. THEY JUST AS FOOLISH.

    • Kahekili

      Keyshia is doing this all on her own. Let’s hold her accountable for her behavior and not blame this on an imaginary, evil spirit. Also, you might want to be accurate in your ramblings. She doesn’t have a baby daddy. She and the father or her child are married.

      • YES gAWD

        Hunny you know what I mean…so dont come for me cus I DIDNT SEND FOR YOU. Obviously for morons who need things spelled out for them. By devils I mean something is obviously in her mind or spirit that has her so UPSET about nothing/or lashing out to make herself feel better. I forget sometimes the people who post on MN have never sat in ANYONES CHURCH…so they dont understand common language. YOU are obviously a Keyshia stan so why dont u go tell your girl to stop making a FOOL of herself since you know what that feels like.

        • Kahekili

          1. Don’t call me ‘hunny’. You don’t know me like that.

          2. Some people have never ‘sat in ANYONES CHURCH’ because they choose not to believe in fairytales. Common language has nothing to do with sitting in a church anyway.

          3. See, the problem with people like you who sit in church is that you lose the ability to be rational. I am not a ‘stan’ just because I choose to think and speak in a logical manner and deal in facts.

          4. The only fool here is you. I mean, just look at how upset you became at my comment.

          5. Next time, before you comment, take a breather and actually understand what you have read.

          I’m done with you.

          • YES gAWD

            Hunny I been done talking to you the moment you called believing in God a fairytale. So you have nothing more to say to me. Im not the one you need to have a talk with. Work on numerating your problems to HIM…because you have many. Thanks. You got upset and started going awf AT EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD WHEN NO ONE WAS EVEN TALKING TO YOU…AND WE HAVE THE PROBLEM?? O OK…next time speak when you are spoken to. I wont be answering another post from you. So dont waste your time replying dear. just pray….

            • Kahekili

              1. You are absolutely right, young lady. You are not the one who I need to have a talk with. Nor do I want to talk to myself (praying) or pretend to be talking to an invisible thing (god).

              2. I do not speak slang or Ebonics, so I do not know what ‘awf’ means. Neither did I reply to every comment on this board. Pay attention. You see, that is you being irrational again. You have to ignore what is in front of you to make an argument.

              2.2 No one needs to be talking to me for me to respond to their comment. THAT IS WHAT THE COMMENT SECTION IS FOR!

              3. I said that YOU have a problem. Again, pay attention.

              4. I am sure you will be answering another post from me.

              5. It is not a waste of time for me to respond to you. It only takes less than 3 minutes to type.

              6. Tonight, when you are down on your knees, talking to your bed sheets, ask ‘god’ to give you some common sense.

              7. I am going to tell you again. Take a breather and actually try to understand what you have read.

            • Kahekili

              I mean really, you called me a ‘stan’ for pointing out the inaccuracy of your information.

  • Say What?

    Chick please Michelle was part of Destiny’s Child and you’re in the same vocal category as Ciara an Rihanna and yet she’s messing up the flow? They didn’t even give you a free ticket to the Grammys and they give those to anybody.

    • IllyPhilly

      Destiny Child was/is a ‘hood group, why people seem to forget that?

  • Taj

    I used to like Keyshia Cole’s music and had even purchased her first two albums when my other siblings considered her to be hood. However, lately she seems to have been showing her tail like Kanye West. You would think that due to the situation and the life that artist like herself have arose from, they would have some sort of humbleness about them. PR lessons are definitely in need.

  • Shaybaby

    Keyshia still throwing shade at Michelle. This girl is one paycheck away from being on an episode of Unsung. This chick needs to chill. #girlbye

    • MLS2698

      Oooooh, Unsung. Good one!

    • Keisha Samoht

      She couldn’t even get that, what she could get is a spot on a future edition of “Where they at?” lists on here.

  • York

    Boobie, come get your heaux.

    Even though I have the feeling the next big news we’ll hear about her is her divorce, ol girl seems miserable as all hell…how can you house that much hate when you have a household to tend to? I’ve been saying for the longest, her music says anything but “I’m happy!”

    • guest510

      i said the same thing! If I was married to a good man and had a beautiful son I wouldn’t be on Twitter running my mouth. what is she trying to prove? I think she’s unhappy and needs to focus her energy elsewhere. she seems so broken these days

      • YES gAWD

        i know thats right….her unhappiness really SHOWS….If you are so complete in your life and with what you are doing you dont make the time or the energy to come after someone elses glory. Something is missing in her life…Im sure she’ll break down and come clean about whatever is WRONG with her any day now.. cus there is definitely something wrong. Whatever happened was YEARS ago so she say (still no RECEIPTS)…IF other people can squash beef and fights why cant she go on about her business… SOMETHING IN THE BUTTERMILK AINT CLEAN *IN MY PHAEDRA VOICE*

      • Kahekili

        As I said above, I don’t agree with her behavior, but what does her being married and having a son have to do with what she says on Twitter?

        • Babydoll 70

          I think folk are saying if you have such a wonderful home life, why would you be so angry enough to take it to twitter or wherever. I personally feel she overheard her husband compliment either Michelle or her music or something of he sort and she’s lashing out at Michelle instead of addressing it with her husband.

          • Kahekili

            She is lashing out at Michelle, because according to her, Michelle said something negative about her in the past.

            • Chile Cheese

              Show us the receipts…or it didnt happen. Point blank and the period….Im not about to hang Michelle because you “say” she said something..Cus right now, you the only one going in Keyshia we dont have any records of what was said nor the context. So I dont care nor do i believe her.

              • Kahekili

                “Cus right now, you the only one going in Keyshia”

                Firstly, that sentence makes no sense.

                Secondly, do you understand what the word ‘according’ means?

                • Chile Cheese

                  I was clearly talking about Keyshia FKN coles…..Im sorry are you 15 years old?? Because you dont seem to understand the context of simple sentences.

                  • Kahekili

                    No, YOU don’t seem to understand basic English and how to type coherently.

                • York

                  LMAO, why are you coming up in the ENTERTAINMENT news trying to play all rational and overanalytical over some hoodrat apparently twitter-beefing with herself? Save all the nitpicking and acting better-than-thou for your job, spoil sport self, acting like someone dumped in your cornflakes this morning…do you even own a smile?? Better yet, are you some kin to Keyshia? BOOBIE, IS THAT YOU?

                  • Kahekili

                    You’re right. Rationality has no place in this discussion.

                    • York

                      I encourage you to keep posting though, it doesn’t hurt to have more to laugh at…

                    • Kahekili

                      Your encouragement is not needed. It doesn’t hurt to laugh, but it probably hurts for you to be so moronic.

        • guest510

          Well, most people who are happy with their life don’t spend all their time being negative on Twitter. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Keisha Samoht

      It would be hilarious if the reason for it is irreconcilable differences… and that reason is that he found beyonce to be very attractive. Which would bring out the worst in her…

    • Kahekili

      I don’t agree with Keyshia’s behavior, but why is it necessary for you to refer to her as a ‘hoe’?

      • York

        It’s all in fun and games up on here….lighten up a bit.


          chile this keyshia stan is working overtime…she better be billing Keyshia for payment of these extra hours she puttin in.

          • Kahekili

            Give me five LOGICAL reasons why I am a ‘stan’.

          • Kahekili

            I asked you to give me FIVE LOGICAL reasons why I am a ‘stan’.

        • Kahekili

          Listen, hoe, you lighten up.

          • York

            I believe I used “HEAUX,” since you’re so big on reading comprehension…

            Next? LOL

            • Kahekili

              My reading comprehension is fine, and it certainly isn’t an issue here.

              Are you foolish enough to think that by changing the spelling of ‘hoe’ to ‘heaux’, the meaning is different?

              • Kahekili

                Can you not provide a reasonable answer to my question?

            • Kahekili

              Are you foolish enough to think that by changing the spelling of ‘hoe’ to ‘heaux’, the meaning is different?

              Why can’t you just answer the question?

  • Reese

    Keyshia is really petty and so bitter. Make better music and maybe you’ll get invited to the Grammy’s next year. You can’t hate from the outside, it makes all your opinions invalid.

  • Lu Lu

    Lmao um sis the biggest night in music and you’re home cuddling with boobie eating snacks contemplating how to become relevant

    • Monica

      Lmao.. Exactly!

    • Keisha Samoht

      Hating from home as she tweets about it.