$1 Million Reward Offered for LA Ex-Cop, Christopher Dorner; Manhunt Descends on Irvine, CA

February 11, 2013  |  

A image of Christopher Dorner on surveillance video from the Irvine Police Department. (AP Photo/Irvine Police Department)

An intense manhunt has been taking place for the past few days in Southern California, as police hope to bring in Christopher Dorner, an ex-LAPD officer and Navy reservist who’s suspected in the shooting of a number of people, including three who died.

After four days, authorities offered a $1 million reward for information leading to Dorner’s capture. CBS News says tips have already started coming in as a result of the reward, including one that led to an investigation of a Lowe’s store. People in Irvine, CA are surrounded by police officers, as they try to protect people who may be targets, based on the Facebook manifesto Dorner posted. Dorner is also suspected of placing a phone call to the father of one of the dead, Monica Quan, with taunts about his inability to protect his daughter. CBS even says there was a higher police presence at the Grammys because of the manhunt. Those who have been targeted may be moved to alternate locations and placed under witness protection.

While thousands of people are hoping for Dorner’s quick capture, there are some who support him. Social media sites have been collecting messages of support for Dorner over the past days. This Facebook page, We Are All Chris Dorner, has more than 2,000 likes, and says that he is “the victim of a manhunt and smear campaign.”

Do you agree with this?

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  • DT

    No matter what happened or did not happen to him during his employment let us remember that no one “killed” him. Only in this sick Narcissistic society can someone kill people because they did not like what happened to them at work and people stand up for them as though the ends justify the means. No matter what his beef no one killed him or his family members and therefore he is now and forever wrong and nothing any moron says out there can justify his actions. The facts are clear he is alive and no one at his job ever shot him, killed him, shot his family or killed his family. It is the hallmark of narcissism to believe that ones actions are always justified simply because you want them to be no matter the reality. If he dies he it will be by his own hand and decisions.

  • Kenedy

    So calls & tips started coming in when they offered the 1 milli reward..so how they do they syphon out the fake tips versus the genuine ones?or are they just following every single lead regardless

  • Kahekili

    They need to catch this guy so that the LAPD can stop shooting innocent people!

    • SMHgurl24

      Lol thats what this whole thing is about. The only reason those ppl are getting attention is bc LAPD is being watched by millions of ppl all over the world so they cant pull their little tricks that allows them to not take responsibility for their actions.

  • SMHgurl24

    Gotta love how the media twists things around to scare people. This man has business with specific people who have done not just him wrong but the whole country which is why hes being backed by so many people. Hes had years to plan this do you really think hes going to be hiding in some random area..

    • Kahekili

      He does in fact have business with specific people, but he is also targeting people’s family members, people who may not have had anything to do with him getting burned.

      • SMHgurl24

        True but what hes trying to send is a message. This is a very messed up situation which is why ppl are so divided on this.