Will We Finally Get To See Blue Ivy? Beyoncé To Appear On ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’

February 11, 2013  |  

Source: Vogue

If you’re a person who becomes slightly nauseated at the thought of King Bey making headlines even more than she already does, brace yourself. First, it was that amazing Super Bowl halftime show performance. Then, it was the dramatized announcement of her world tour, “The Mrs. Carter Show”. And now, according to a recent announcement on Oprah.com, Blue Ivy’s mama will be appearing on an exclusive episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter.

“Oprah goes one-on-one with Grammy-winning artist Beyoncé Knowles in her first sit-down interview since the biggest performance of the year at the big game,” the website reads.

While the announcement doesn’t give away much and leaves question marks in most of our minds, it gives enough to reel us in. The exclusive interview is set to air Saturday, February 16th at 8/7c, which is ironically the same say that her HBO documentary is set to air.

2013 is certainly looking like Bey’s year, as Vogue‘s March 2013 cover was somehow leaked and King Bey is on the cover looking as fabulous as ever. This seems pretty fitting as the March issue is also the Power 2013 issue, and we all know Mrs. Knowles-Carter has been making some major power moves lately. In the issue, Bey discusses her babygirl Blue Ivy and how much being a mom has changed her. Check out some of the interview’s highlights.

On her relationship with Blue Ivy:

“She’s my road dog. She’s my homey, my best friend. I felt very maternal around eight months.  And I thought I couldn’t become any more until I saw the baby. . . . But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child. I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain. . . . We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.
I feel like I have something that has grounded me so much more.  Family has always been important. I’ve always had my mother and my father and my husband. But it’s just. . . . Life is so much more than. . . It’s not defined by any of this.”

On her desire for another child:

“When I was younger, there were moments where I said, ‘I’m not going to have children.’ And then moments when I wanted four. And now I definitely want another, but I don’t know when.”

Wonder if we’ll get a glimpse of that fab mommy-daughter relationship Bey is talking about in her Oprah interview.

Check out the trailer announcing Beyoncé’s appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter on the next page. Do you have plans to check it out?

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  • Kenedy

    Is that Audrey Hepburn?

  • Thatgirl2013

    Your one year old is your “road dog” yet you “felt very maternal around 8months?” Sounds to me that you’re still not maternal a year later. She goes so far when does actually interview that anything she says sounds far fetched and unrealistic. When those damn contractions hit, I highly doubt any woman thinks of having a connection with their baby. All they care about is getting the damn baby out! She tries too hard to appear perfect, that it comes off as fake and phony. I feel sorry for her, actually. The pressure to be this perfect person can’t be healthy!

  • Meyaka

    “When I had contractions,I imagined my child pushing through a very heavy door”

  • Keisha Samoht

    I’m sure she is going to reveal most of of what she doesn’t show on the Oprah special, she will say on her HBO documentary.
    Still cut her a break, she was really pregnant but she lost the baby. Even if she didn’t birth Blue Ivy why is it such a big deal? I agree with everyone when
    it comes to not seeing Blue Ivy, but there are a number of celebrities who
    hide their kids from the cameras. Why is this case so special?

    • Smh

      I don’t blame Bey for not showing her child. When she first released pictures people said some of the ugliest things I’ve ever heard spoken about a child. They let their hate for her fuel their opinions. I think she should keep it just how it is- private.

      • Keisha Samoht

        Exactly. I guess she is the new Michael Jackson…

  • Just saying!!

    Not interested in any of her interviews. She’s fake and not relatable. I don’t use “fake” often but unfortunately it is the case. I was a huge fan of hers in DC and if you watch any of those videos you will see how REAL she was. I LOVED her personality back then…couldn’t get enough of her. Now she’s just too rehearsed and trying to hard to appear perfect. It’s nauseating.

    • Lol

      If she’s really that bad then stop reading her articles. There’s a simple solution for your simple problem.

  • SheBe

    She doesn’t owe anyone anything but a tour date and a great performance. That’s her job and in my opinion she does it well. I don’t expect her to show a pic of Blue because she doesn’t owe me that. She doesn’t put ALL of her business out there because its just that; her business. Whatever she’s says people will try to discredit one way or the other anyway. She’s damned if she does and damned of she doesn’t.

    • my sentiments exactly! people want her to post pictures of her baby so they can make judgments about who she looks like, what her nose, head, lips, ears look like. her baby is not the entertainer, she is!! sing, dance, act….all i want to see!

      • SheBe

        “her baby is not the entertainer, she is!!” <<<< THIS!

    • FunnyChick

      People need to realize that she is not thirsty for attention, unlike Miss Kardashian… I’m more annoyed by her than i was when Bey was expecting.

  • nolimit_soldier

    “I felt very maternal around eight months”..I had to stop reading after that..That is the most idiotic thing I ever read/heard a “suppose” mom say. I’m the father of three daughters. I felt paternal the VERY moment my wife told me she was pregnant with my first born. LOL SMH wow I can’t take this chick serious..

  • ieshapatterson

    Sigh.i could really care less,jay and B are going to drag this out.who knows WHEN we’ll see this kids face.we might not see it until she’s 23.

  • MieMie

    it’s like she is obsessed with appearing so perfect! i admire her hard work but i can’t help but think she’s beyond fake

    • mac

      Is it that she’s obsessed with appearing perfect, or she appears perfect to YOU which triggers your own feelings of inadequacy?

      • lalatarea

        Well seeing how she demanded to have unflattering pictures of herself removed from the internet, i’m going to have to agree that she’s trying to appear perfect. Don’t try to play psychologist when you clearly don’t have the credentials!

        • mac

          Yes. Maybe she oughta bum it a little sometimes, just to remind everyone she’s not perfect. Because we sure didn’t know/

  • NeaJ

    Oprah has been known to use her magical powers to get things out of celebs that no one else can but I’m not holding my breath on us seeing any video or pics of Blue that aren’t from the side, back of her head, her pinky toe nail or her shadow. What is Beyonce gonna say that we don’t already know? Her life is perfect, she’s going on tour, the half time show was amazing, etc. We want some juice damn it!!!

  • I wonder if she’s going to come clean to Oprah about jay z son in Trinidad, rihanna sleeping with jay z and how she really didn’t carry her baby

    • pretty1908

      no… she will cover the usual surface items…i love bey but she needs to cut the crap sometimes

      • Lateshia

        I feel the same way. I’ve been a fan of Destiny’s Child since day 1 and I like Beyonce is a great entertainer I’m not gonna lie and great singer and I wish her luck but I don’t think she need to like to her fans. Just be honest, about the pregnancy thing I don’t know because I’m not around her 24/7.

    • Laine

      And to add to “the shade”…. Her outfit at the Grammys was not original. Pharrell’s wife/gf wore a similar one at the same Grammys. I even saved a picture of the wife just in case Beyonce’s publisher wanted all the pictures of the wife to be removed from the internet… hahaha

      • Laine

        *publisher= publicist

    • Nikki

      Why is it that Beyonce is the only one who “faked” a pregnancy?

    • Smh

      It’s sad how people want to get entertainment out of someone else’s pain. People are sick these days. Smh Bey does speak positively about her life and I admire that. Despite the alleged rumors, she still enjoys her life. No hate.

    • mac

      the only thing worse than this comment, is the amount of people who voted up this trash.

      Black women are truly a miserable people. Quote me.