“Fitz & Liv Are Never Going To Be Over” Shonda Rhimes Talks About What’s Next For “Scandal”

February 8, 2013  |  

If you didn’t see last night’s episode of “Scandal,” you need to stop reading now. There are tons of spoilers ahead.

*Waves goodbye.*

As for the rest of you, whew, chile! Wasn’t it a doozy?! Shonda and her co-writers pulled out all the stops. There’s a reason ABC referred to this episode as “The GameChanger.” It really shook some things up and revealed things about certain characters I would have never seen coming. Fitz, the golden boy is out here killing folks. Cyrus was literally seconds away from killing his husband and father of their child. Abby had to forsake her relationship with David for Olivia Pope and Associates and Quinn was all ready to get her hands dirty, hiring Huck to kill Hollis Doyle. It was a lot. Nobody’s hands are clean anymore, with the exception of David…for now.

Because last night’s episode and the series in general are just too good not to discuss, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the show’s creator, Shona Rhimes to talk about what last night’s episodes might mean for the characters in the future. Here are a couple of the highlights. 

On Fitz killing Verna

THR: How will Fitz deal with the guilt of his role in Verna’s death? Will it eat away at him?

Rhimes: The very act of illegally making him president undoes the things they were all making him president for — thinking Fitz is good, he’s better than everybody else, he most deserves to be president because he’s pure and he believes it and he’s the real deal. Olivia’s betrayal and her choosing to believe that he couldn’t do it on his own and fixing the election for him is basically her proving to him that he is in fact everything his father ever said he was. It’s every fear he ever had.

THR: How will Fitz’s role in Verna’s death change his moral compass?

Rhimes: I don’t believe that he threw his morals out the window and is now just a bad guy. He did a terrible thing and now he thinks that he’s a terrible person who doesn’t deserve anything more than Mellie. He feels very embittered about what’s happened to him and he’s probably going to struggle to be possibly even a better president than he was before.

The Love Triangle

THR: How will Fitz and Mellie work together going forward?

Rhimes: Her position is tenuous at best. I don’t think that these two people are meant for one another. She’s struggling for her position in his world and he may have said, “It’s you and me,” but I don’t know that he fully either understands what that’s going to mean or if he even knows how to do that with her.

THR: What’s Fitz and Olivia’s relationship like now that he’s dismissed her?

Rhimes: They have a very steamy and painful thing. Obviously, Fitz and Liv are never going to be over. I don’t think that “over” is a word that’s in their vocabulary. Has it morphed into something else? Yes.

What about Columbus? 

THR: Harrison (Columbus Short) hasn’t had a central story-line in the first half. What does he have coming?

Rhimes: I consider Harrison to be the gun on the wall that we haven’t fired on purpose. The story of Harrison and his past — he used to work for Adnan Salif and then he went to jail — that thing that’s going to unfold, that’s a giant story that we want to unpack when it suits us most. We’ve been holding onto it. We will be getting glimpses and hints as to what’s to come.

Well, well well. Interesante.

A couple of things though: I, for one am willing to argue that yeah Fitz threw his morals out the window when he removed Verna’s oxygen mask and watched her struggle in her last moments in life… but that’s just me.

And while I know it would be terrible for the show for Fitz and Olivia to end their relationship, a large part of me just wishes they would. It’s just way to messy. Plus, the way he played her was completely unacceptable. She should at least cuss him out one good time before the inevitably get back together.

And lastly, I’m sooo ready to know about Columbus Short’s story. On the occasions that he does get to speak, he’s always going in, so it’ll be interesting to learn why he’s so ride-or-die for Olivia Pope.

And lastly, can we please get some more back story on Cyrus?! Homeboy really flipped last night. I wonder if James will ever find out his husband almost had him offed.

What predictions do you have about “Scandal”? Do you want to see Olivia and Fitz together?

Read the rest of her interview and learn more about what’s coming up next for the characters at The Hollywood Reporter. 

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