‘Having Nephews Is The Best Birth Control:’ Tahj Mowry Says He Won’t Be About That Baby Life Anytime Soon

February 8, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

The lovely ladies over at Sister 2 Sister recently caught up with one of Hollywood’s favorite little brothers, Tahj Mowry, just as he made his way down the red carpet at the ESSENCE Black Women In Music Event. When asked how seeing his sisters with his nephews has impacted his own desire for children, he gave a hilariously truthful response.

“Well, the marriage will definitely come before the baby, not just because that’s the way I want to do it. But, because my mom will beat my a**…  I’m in no rush. I’m taking the steps. I got a girlfriend, so that’s good. I always joke with people that having nephews is the best birth control there is. And you know, the show I’m on, we have babies as well. So I’m constantly surrounded by babies and I do not want my own right now.”

“There’s something so great about playing with your nephew and then like, when you’re tired, you like hand him off back to your sister. ‘Here you go, mom!’ But. I’m a great uncle. I spoil them like crazy. I love being an uncle,” Tahj said.

I suppose he has his baby guru, parenting-advice slanging older sisters, Tia and Tamera, who each gave birth to baby boys within the past two years, to thank for that. Tahj’s response is humorous but, true. He seems to have a really good head on his shoulders. In case you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to, he currently has a role in the ABC Family sitcom, Baby Daddy. It’s so hard to believe that he’s the same little boy from 90’s sitcom, Smart Guy. He’s grown up nicely.

Check out the video of Tahj’s hilarious interview on the next page. What do you think of his response? 

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  • mp30

    He probably does have a girlfriend, he’s probably either bisexual or he is gay and because of his beliefs he feels he can’t be what he is which is sad it happens all the time. But either way there is nothing about him even as a Child that screams I’m100% heterosexual

  • Guest

    He lives in Marina del Rey and is constantly on Grindr. Dude is gay and doing a major disservice to himself and everyone. He could be classy about this and not say anything but since he’s doing all this gay hating I’ll out him now.

  • therealdealholyfield

    people people people. man of color with no baby mamas. nuff said. then theres the fact that he’s been spotted in gay clubs but thats just icing on the cake really. and that outfit woof.

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  • Ms. Kameria

    That’s excellent. Glad he doesn’t want to be a baby daddy. I need to find somebody like that.

  • Ms. Kameria

    That’s excellent. Glad he doesn’t want to be a baby daddy. I need to find somebody like that.

  • Trisha_B

    Agree! I love kids, but i love giving them back the end of the day/end of the weekend. I’m still a little selfish lol

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I completely agree with him! I have a niece and that is enough for me. I’m not popping out any babies anytime soon.

  • Carmen

    He is sooo cute!Almost to the point where he is adorable.lol.

  • Dee

    I can’t see myself giving up alcohol and/or coffee for 9 months anytime soon is why I am #TeamNoKids…for now

  • LC

    So true! My nephew is my motivation as well. #TeamNoKids lol …at least until I’m married!

  • Kahekili

    I’ve watched Tahj’s YouTube videos and have seen the type of guys who he hangs out with;he doesn’t appear to be a heterosexual guy.

    • Katrina

      Lol you put that so delicately. I like.

      • Kahekili


    • srb


      • Say What?

        I actually had to think about that as well it could mean one of two things either he has gay friends, which doesn’t matter or that he himself is gay, which once again doesn’t matter because it’s not like that would bar him from having children making his statement still valid. I’m not sure why you were given thumbs down.

    • nado92

      And what exactly makes.you an expert?

      • Kahekili

        I gave my opinion, as that is what the comment section is for. I never professed to be an expert.

        • nado92

          the thing that i don’t understand is even though he said he has a girlfriend “which he does” you still call him gay or at least imply that he is

          • Kahekili

            You’re being naive. L*sbian women and g*y men sometimes lie about their true s*xual preferences because being homos*xual is still something that is frowned upon. As I said, it’s my opinion that he may be g*y. If you do not disagree, that is okay, but why are you trying to fight me about my opinion? Is it that big of a deal to you that I think he may be g*y?

            • nado92

              No im not being naive im being logical about this situation and no im not trying to fight you on this issue but i think it’s wrong for you to formulate an opinion about him implying that he is gay when he has said, and shown that he is heterosexual. I wound’nt have a problem if he was but i dont agree with you about him possibly lying about it. thats all and nothing more and yes you are entitled to your opinion

              • Kahekili

                It seems that you think you are allowed to have your opinion about his sexuality, but I am not allowed to have mine because it is not an opinion you agree with.

                It is not ‘wrong’ for me to think he is gay despite him saying otherwise. As I said, people lie sometimes.

                And, if you were at all being logical, then your comment of “And what exactly makes.you an expert?” would have never been made.

                I wouldn’t have a problem if he was gay either, but what does that have to do with anything?

                • nado92

                  I never said you weren’t allowed to give your opinion and yes i do not agree with it but what im saying is based upon that fact that he has said he is straight and has girlfriend that i will believe him until i were to see otherwise. Whether you decide to believe him or not is eventually up to you. For me personally i just think it’s irritating to see a person who does know him for an opinion about his sexuality when there seems to be clear evidence that he probably isn’t. I’ve talked to him quite a few times on twitter and from what I’ve seen it bothers him just a little. He’s not perfect and neither are we, however, i still think that it’s unfair to make judgments about who he is without all the facts and just going on what is seen in you tube videos and who he is friends with. But anyway i respect your opinion as i hope you do mine

                  • Kahekili

                    This is ridiculous, but I get it now. You tweeted him and he tweeted back, so now you think you know him and want to defend him if anyone says something about him that you do not agree with.

                    I did not say that you said I wasn’t allowed to give my opinion. I said that you seem to think you are allowed to have your opinion about his sexuality, but I am not allowed to have mine, because it is not an opinion you agree with. Simply put, you seem to think that I am not allowed to think he may be gay.

                    I am well aware that it is up to me to decide whether or not I believe him. It is kind of odd that you would say that, because this whole conversation is a result of you not liking that I decided that he may be gay. Furthermore, take notice that I said multiple times that he MAY be gay, and not that he IS gay.

                    As I said, this is ridiculous, so I am choosing to resign from this conversation.