“Maybe I’m Mad At Music”: Toni Braxton Considers Retiring

February 8, 2013  |  

In a recent interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show, promoting her new film Twist of Faith, Toni Braxton said she’s thinking about stepping away from music. Naturally, Tom Joyner and the crew were shocked and maybe even a bit upset to hear the news. See how their interview with her went down.

Tom Joyner: What about your new music?

Toni Braxton: I don’t know if I’m going to be doing anymore music, I’ve said that before in the past but I don’t know…

 Tom Joyner: Ever?

 Toni Braxton:… I’m thinking…

 Tom Joyner: What?

 Toni Braxton: I’m thinking, I’m singing in the movie. Ta-Da. Some gospel a little bit.

 Tom Joyner: Why no more music? What are you talking about?

 Toni Braxton: I just don’t know. Maybe I’m mad at music. I don’t know what it is. I can’t, my heart’s not in it right now.

 Sybil Wilkes: You’re not feeling it right now?

 Toni Braxton: No, I’m really not.

Naturally, Tom Joyner assumed that Toni meant that she was over the music industry. That she wasn’t going to release anymore music because it was too hard for her to work with the record companies.

 Tom Joyner: Record companies beating you up?

 Toni Braxton: Not even that. They’re actually calling and I’m like well ‘I don’t know if I want to do another record’ but that’s a blessing I guess but I gotta be in it, I gotta love it and maybe because everything that has happened to me I don’t know.

And then, at the end of the interview, just to make sure he had the facts straight for the blogs to report, Joyner asked her one mo’ ‘gin whether or not she was really leaving it all behind.

Tom Joyner: And the big scoop I think, is, ‘I’m never going to record another song again, ever.’

Toni Braxton: No, I’m not trying to do that.

Tom Joyner: Oh thank you for clearing that up.

Toni Braxton: I’m sorry!

Ok, am I the only one who’s confused right now? What exactly are you saying, Toni? You don’t want to record albums anymore, just random songs here and there? You’d rather focus on your acting career? Is that it? It’s interesting Toni is stepping away from a lot of things these days in favor of new ventures. Her presence has decreased on “Braxton Family Values,” and now she’s mad at music, the very thing we know her for. Interesting, indeed. And though I’m more confused than a little bit, I can’t say that I’m mad at her. If you’ve seen her “Behind the Music,” you know that girlfriend has traveled a rough road in this game. From the money troubles, to making sure that her sister’s got their shine, I can see why anyone would be tired after all of that. And then she has health issues to top it all off! Whew! Maybe she’s just ready to rest, raise her sons and chill. Nothing wrong with that.

What do you think about Toni’s admission? Do you think she’ll retire from music?


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