Bey Ain’t Complaining: Actress Amanda Bynes Takes A Moment From Empty Schedule To Call Jay-Z “Ugly Face” Online

February 8, 2013  |  

After former All That and The Amanda Show star Amanda Bynes spent most of last year getting arrested for DUIs, hit and runs, driving on a suspended license and side-swiping police cars, you would think she would do her best to stay out of the media for negative reasons in 2013. But alas, she’s back. The actress, who says she’s now retired from the acting industry, decided to post a picture of Jay-Z, wearing glasses and looking intently somewhere, and caption it as “Ugly face.”

Homegirl was even bold enough to tag Jay-Z’s Twitter handle so that he’d get the message. Very soon after, she deleted the Tweet (along with a chunk of others), continued to post photos of herself and had nothing to say, apology or denial wise. No normal celeb accusations of being hacked or anything like that, so it’s safe to say that homegirl was happily behind the rather rude message. Which is ironic, because a while back, she labeled Beyoncé and Jay-Z on Twitter as a “foxy couple.” Well, guess they’re not that foxy to her anymore. Bynes, 26, has been known for posting some pretty random tweets and messages online over the last few years, and was even said to have something of a beef with other troubled child star, Lindsay Lohan, who blasted Bynes on Twitter last year for not getting put in jail for her bad driving (which is what happened to Lohan). So this stunt seems pretty normal for her. But per the usual for Jigga Man, he hasn’t responded and probably won’t, and he’s been seen happily traveling around Los Angeles with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, as they’re all in town for the Grammys.

Of course, Amanda Bynes isn’t the first person to have a less than positive thing to say about Jay-Z’s looks, but is it weird that I just feel like other celebrities  (who aren’t rappers and have no connection to this man) should know better than to publicly make their negative opinions known? You know the backlash you could receive, and plus, you should have something better to do! Ah well, either way, he doesn’t seem to be sweating it (probably because he’s fanning himself with his American Express black card and a stack of money…)

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  • statingtruth

    This chick is trash. She was never much of an actor. I been reading that she is basically a hollywood ho for different stars who need a call girl for the night.

  • get real

    This chick actually said that she prefers “chocolate” men. So I doubt that she is racist.

  • Leila

    Amanda Bynes was one of my favorite teen actresses growing up. It’s so sad to see what she’s become because she had so much potential;

  • scandalous7

    we didnt need this article.

  • conscious of words/ actions

    We are all human and beautiful in our own way! Let’s not label others. We can have our own personal preference but is unneccesary to voice them out. He is a happily married man. And comments like this can hurt others. Let’s have constructively critism of others in the apprpropriate context. I’m sick of people been inappropriate.

    Amanda Bynes needs to be appropriate.

  • clove8canela

    I don’t get why she would take that back or apologize for a deliberate comment. She’s entitled to her opinion & it what sense would it make for Jay-Z to respond? It’s not the first time he’s been called ugly. Just because he’s got paper that makes it wrong to comment on his looks?

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?

      It’s just rude to talk about ppl’s looks especially if it’s something they can’t help. We all got flaws.

  • MNEditor2

    Yes, but “Bey” is that man’s wife, hence her not complaining about Jay-Z’s face. She’s the one who has to see it every day and clearly she has no problem with it. Hence the headline…

    • Meyaka

      I don’t think that makes a difference in someone else’s opinion ,but fair point well made.

    • Kenedy

      There’s something soo funny about the way you say “she’s the one who has to see his face everyday” lmao!!!!! Don’t know what it is….but funny

  • AvaA

    I believe Ms Bynes is under a psychiatrist care for MH which by no means absorbs her but I think it gives everyone a little content as far as why she might do some of the things she does. And furthermore if she is of the opinion that he has an ugly face, so what! Its not what everyone thinks about Jay Z, but it is what some of us see when we look at him.

  • bb

    Whenever I see “troubled young actress” my mind automatically reads “person that has been indulged their entire life because they we’re the cash cow and now they’ve become ill adjusted adults”

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    What schedule? This broad hasn’t been busy since like 2009. She need to go commit herself to a nearest mental institution because she’s gone crazy!

  • Robin

    He is ugly, because he’s arrogant and self-absorbed.

  • Amanda who?

  • realadulttalk

    So no one thought that maybe she was saying he was making an ugly face? Mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Gigi

    You are right Ms. Baines, other celebrities, regardless of their genre, should know better, and also have a such a full life that they don’t even have time to form negative opinions much less share them in the public domain. I actually love Amanda’s work, but I need her to pull up and fall back until she gets it together.

  • mac

    Enjoy the 15 seconds. You’ll be back to obscurity shortly.

  • Ms. Kameria

    Once this get too big she’ll say somebody “hacked” into her account…..

  • I mean is she a looker…IJS

  • bluekissess

    I don’t know why I find this funny.

  • Tamz

    That ugly face is laughing all the way to the bank though….and what have you done lately Amanda? I’ll wait.

    • TRUTH IS

      I guess $$ is all that matters, huh. She was at one point but money comes and goes. She didnt say anything shocking or unheard of.

      • Trisha_B

        Exactly. In any other Jay Z post, people call Jay ugly. I don’t see any comments about money then. If she said something about Rick Ross, would yall be like “well rick is laughing is fat self to the bank? while yall same ones talk about how unattaractive he is? smh. Her comment was uncalled for

      • Really when a white chick does it (a has-been at that) it comes across as racist.

        Just what I’m feeling from it. Think about it, what makes Jay -z as a lot of people call him “ugly?” Large nose and large lips two prominent features of African Americans. So when she says he’s ugly, she is saying so because he doesn’t meet the eurocentric qualifications of beauty.

        • Trisha_B

          So are the black people racist? Or self-hating when they call him ugly b/c of his full lips & nose? Yall make no sense. MN has done stories about ugly entertainers & yall in here saying “oh yea, it’s just the money that gets the girls…they are ugly..” There was just a post about dating ugly men. But the minute a white person calls a black person ugly it’s wrong, it’s a issue, it’s racist. How about no one over the age of 10 call anybody ugly b/c someone else in the world will not always find you attractive. Amanda’s comment was uncalled for, but so are the same comments from random people that call him names like Joe Camel

          • Good gravy why does everything have to be an argument in political correctness? I knew someone was going to turn this into “but black people say. . . . ” Come on now people, are you going to tell me there is NO difference between a white woman saying someone has nappy hair versus a black person? Come on now. Other black people judging other black people is not the same as some white chick judging a black man.

            It isn’t the same AT ALL!

      • MLS2698

        She was probably tweeting while drunk…..TWD to go along with all of her other letters of the alphabet she has racked up.

    • Kahekili

      Right. It doesn’t matter if someone is ugly as long as she/he has money. *Extreme sarcasm