Vertically Challenged: Check Out The Hilarious “Short Documentary” About The Struggles Of Being…Short

February 7, 2013  |  

Who knew short people, whoops, I mean, the vertically challenged, had it so tough?

If you peep out Soji Oyinsan’s short documentary (pun intended) that we found thanks to Shadow and Act, which is literally about eight minutes long, you’ll learn a thing or two about the plight of the tiny person. Shot in a very dramatic way, “A Short Documentary” explains the ups and downs of being short, as the five-foot-tall star, Moby Dikeh (Bola Rahman), breaks down the struggle to shop (because she can’t reach tall shelves), short people’s hatred of tall mop sticks, bar stools and even children…only because they always assume she’s a child too. The short clip is a funny one that breaks down how the main character realized she was wasn’t going to grow anymore, how a friend thought she was an underage teen trying to get into a party when they first met, and sheds light on issues the vertically challenged have to deal with on a daily basis, including being awed over like cute little babies. Even if they’re in their 20s. This is all news to me since I’m almost 6 foot myself. But hey, I’m not bragging though…

Check out the short documentary if you have a few minutes and let us know what you think!

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  • IAJS

    Everybody has their own likes but not dating a guy just because he is short will have you lonely and a lot of these tall guys are overrated… ijs

  • Angel89

    Although I am no where near short (VC) Lol I thought this was cute…but I agree with another commentor.. I’m 6 ft (probably more) so I hate it when (some) women that are shorter are picky when it comes to the height of the men they date…I’d be lucky if I even find a guy I can meet eye to eye while talking…so it’s like we’re just stuck with height challenged men.. it’s very frustrating at times lol…& all the weird comments like “I will climb that tree”.. I’m not desperate or old enough to be charmed by that… but I digress lol

  • Candacey Doris

    At 5’3 the only thing that keeps me from being mistaken for a teenager is my chest. I can’t say i’m down on short men, he just has to be as tall as or taller than me. That’s not hard. And i only say that because any kids i have are already doomed.

  • Tocoma

    I’m 4’11 and 30 years old I can defiantly relate… I love tall men and short me always like me but I wanted my kids to have a chance at being tall lol… I get tired of ppl saying “aww you’re so short” as if I didn’t already know that and I ‘ve even had guys ask to pick me up like im a child…I have to agree with princess courtenay …we ain’t short, we’re fun size!!

  • princess courtenay

    im 30 and five ft tall……i aint short…im fun sized!!!

  • cryssi

    Haha my niece who is older than me is 4″11″, her ex was like 5″3″, and her children are extra tiny. It cracks me up when people don’t believe she’s old enough to have kids at all. lol, the couple looks like 10-12 years younger than they are. her children are my munchkins, cause they’re just so miniature. I mean when my great niece talks in full intelligent sentences, people wonder how can a 1-2 year old speak so clearly. then I inform them she’s 4.

  • Terri

    No, it’s us tall girls that can’t win. We nor short women want short men. I’m 5’10 and my good friend who is 5’2 have had this debate before. Oh, and guess who short men love… tall women. Tried dating a shorter guy a coupla times but it was mad awkward.

  • Rachael

    That was adorable and sooo true! I’m 5ft 1in tall. My ex was 6ft 2, I’m not interested in short guys at all. My family also thought I would be tall because I was actually a very long baby. I stopped growing at 13 as well. The grocery stores aren’t really a place of frustration. I have no shame in my game. I will ask someone to get an item from the higher shelves in a heartbeat, whether they are girl or guy. They always comply. The women giggle and tell me how cute I am. I usually end of with the guys phone number ;). LOL #ShortChicksRule

  • leilani

    to all of you five footers lol, im 4’8” and the struggle is real in these streets lmbo!!!! :/

  • KO

    She should feel so bad my grandma is 4’10”. Now that’s short.

  • tamar

    I have a lot of similarities to Moby 1 being that we are both 5ft…and the struggle is real lol…my mother whose 5’2 just made a joke on how tiny I am lol

  • Guest360

    I’m 5’2 as well lol. And I can def relate to a lot of this. I always get the “awww, you’re so cute” comments or the “I thought you were a high school freshmen”, even though I just turned 21 -_- Climbing on things to get the cereal boxes off the top of the refrigerator lol. It’s a struggle but I’ve learned to accept my height.

  • genii love

    im 5’2″…is it really THAT short? People at work mention it when i wear flats–which isnt often. but i never really thought anything of my height. am i alone in this?

    • Ms. T

      Nope..I’m 5’3″ & you’re definitely not alone! Lol..I can’t get on bar stools w/o some kind of struggle or somebody pointing out how short I am, even w/ heels on sometimes!

  • Ms. Kameria

    I really like this. It was cute. We have some of the same things in common (5’0), and I don’t like short guys either, but I do own some very fly shoes. I own my shortness, because I make sure to always be seen. ; )

  • Clara

    Love Love Love this “short” documentary haha. I may not be as vertically challenged as moby (she’s 5’0, I’m 5’2) but I can relate to about everything she says. I dislike kids who think I’m their age and I adore me a tall man 😀