‘We Have A Professional On Board:’ Liza Morales Addresses Rumors Of Daughter’s Depression And Self-Inflicted Cutting

February 7, 2013  |  

Source: TLC

Towards the end of last month, many were shocked to learn that Lamar Odom’s 14-year-old  daughter Destiny, whom he shares with Starter Wives Confidential star, Liza Morales is battling some serious issues regarding her mental and emotional health. The bomb was dropped when the teen took to her Twitter page to express her low emotional state.

“I feel as If I am drowning in my own emotions, and I have no home to save me,” she tweeted.

What came after that tweet is what grabbed the attention and concern of many. While we’re not exactly sure what prompted this, a follower asked her how frequently she cuts herself and when was the last time she did it.

 “Tonight and I don’t count,” Destiny replied.

Since then, a slew of stories have been circulating around the rumor mill regarding Destiny, her step-mother Khloe’s desperate attempts to pull her out of the fragile state that she has found herself in and Lamar being an absentee dad for the earlier years of her life. According to Star Magazine, it has also been rumored that Destiny’s sorrowful state has been a result of the limited amount of time she’s been able to spend with her mother Liza over the past few months due to the filming of Starter Wives Confidential.

Liza recently spoke to Radar Online regarding these rumors and expressed that although Destiny may be experiencing depression, both she and Lamar are doing everything that they can to tend to their daughter’s needs.

“My children have always and will always be my top priority in life.”

“This matter has been addressed with our daughter. We have a professional on board to evaluate the situation; Destiny is not hurting herself but we are not taking this lightly,”

“With the added pressures of Hollywood and the instant attention of social media, it’s not always easy for a teenager to express their emotions in the best way. This is a private family matter, and we would appreciate respect and privacy during this time.”

It’s good to see that Liza and Lamar have not taken their daughter’s cry for help lightly and are seeking professional help.


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  • 1st off, she should not be on twitter. Folks need to keep a close eye on their children, and pay close attention to them insyead of filming reality television shows.. That goes for both parents!!

  • Lana

    A lot of people are calling Liza bitter bit on the show she seems more hurt than anything. She and Lamar were together for a long time and Khloe came in and married him within a month of meeting him. That has to be painful especially when you have kids with this person, they’re all over t.v and you experience the tragedy of losing a child with this person and it doesn’t work out. I think Liza may be dealing with issues of her own that she hasn’t dealt with. I’m not a parent but I can imagine it has to be hard to stay emotionally stable through all that and raise a family. As a parent you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child so if their daughter is going through some things it may be a reflection of having unresolved issues from her parents breakup.

  • stevievi

    Yall all crazy/ that’s the problem with black people. It’s ok if the dad is not around and it’s all the mom’s fault really, really side eye> Umm it true the mother probably does not work and hasn’t for a very long time, so YES! as the primary care giver she should know if her child is cutting her self, you can’t were longs sleeves and long pants all year round and she should notice scars. But YES she did not have her children by herself and black people need to stop thinking it’s ok to keep making babies with all these different men, if you have all this time for FKKKing you have some time to actually NURTURE and CARE for your children. enough said and yes I”m black and yes i’m a foster mother, cause there are enough children who need good parents, who CARE and NURTURE their children.

  • Kenedy

    If my step mother’s last name was Kardashian, i probably wouldn’t enjoy my life as much as well

  • Reese

    Wow mental illness is no joke. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Me

    Liza would know whats wrong if she payed attention. She seems so thirsty for Lamar back and trying to be on tv….thats just what i got from her from watching the show. Involved parents at least have an idea…..

    • You could say the same for Lamar. Where was he? Why didn’t he notice? You know how men do when they get a new woman, their prior children become an after, after thought.

      • Trisha_B

        B/c he lives in whole different state from his daughter & Liza doesn’t allow the kids to be w/ him like that. Saying she doesn’t want the kids to be on the reality show, which is understandable but they could still go to their dads. So how can you blame him? She’s w/ her mother way more than her dad since his career. The girl is probably having a hard time dealing w/ her mother airing personal business on national TV, some information she probably didn’t know about. & since the mother is busy promoting this show, & crying about a relationship that ended 6 years ago, she’s ignoring the signs that are right in her face.

        • This child has TWO parents. He has enough money and resources to see his children as much as he wants and to be an active daily force in their life. There is no ALLOW when it comes to seeing your children. He has the money to keep her azz in court on the daily if she won’t “allow” him to see his kids. To say “well the mother sees her more” is a p*ss poor excuse when you are supposed to be an engaged parent. There are no excuses except death or serious injury that should keep a mother or a FATHER from being plugged into their child’s life. She has TWO parents and they are BOTH at fault for not being there.

          I for one agree with her, her children should NOT be on a reality show. Especially the daughter who appears to already be emotionally unstable. So because she won’t let the children be exploited he can’t be a father? That makes no sense. Its time us women stopped trying to be the “strong single mother” and require that these men not forget and abandon their children just because its “easier” for him. Our children deserve better than that

          • Cookie

            I dont think he has abandonded his kids. He has this thing called a career that keeps her living a pretty decent life. She seems to have an okay relationship with her father, or at least from what we see in the media. She on the other hand seems bitter and a little hostile toward him and his wife. She is holdingo n to something that has been over for a long time, and I dont think he is going back. If she got her own business instead of trying to air out other peoples business, then she would have seen what her child that lives in her house is doing. All the low key shade that she throws on that show is just ridiculous. I have never heard him or his wife bad mouth her, but as soon as she got a forum and a $2.00 check, she starts shading them. He may have the money, but someone has to work to provide for said children, so the idea of he can see her everday considering what he does for a living is silly.

            • Trisha_B

              Thank you! Ms. Cheekee baby is not realistic w/ that comment.

              • Explain what’s not realistic about a father being clued in and engaged in his child’s life? Had he been he would have noticed her depression. He wasn’t. He doesn’t have to live with her to be engaged in her life. He doesn’t have to be with her mother in order to have a meaningful constant presence in her life. And more importantly it OUGHT to be expected that he do so.

                • Trisha_B

                  They live across the country from each other. What is he suppose to do, fly out every weekend to see her? Or fly his kids out every weekend? We aren’t talking about regular folks here, that live in the same city w/ their kids. We are talking about an NBA player that travels to different states for camps & games. Destiny is in school, which means she gets real time w/ her dad during breaks. School just started back up for the 2nd semester. The kids are w/ him during summer breaks. They probably talk on the phone, but i’m sure she’s telling daddy everything is ok. Not much he can do miles away but take her word for it. But since the mother is in the house w/ the kids everyday, she should be the main one realizing something is wrong w/ her daughter. Reaching out to Lamar letting him know something is not right w/ their child. But she’s too busy promoting that reality show & worrying about what he & his wife are doing. Of course Lamar needs to have meaningful relationships w/ his kids but but your blaming him like he sees his kids everyday to notice the change in her

                  • You don’t get it. I was raised in a two parent home. VERY few black children can say the same. To most, its normal for dad to NEVER be around. That’s par for the course. He doubly gets an excuse if he’s making good money. I say him especially with his resources ought to have a meaningful presence in his children’s life. That doesn’t mean he flies them out every weekend. That does mean he calls and speaks with them DAILY he spends as much time as he can with them and has an open honest relationship with them. That he CAN do and SHOULD do.

                    When you become a parent you are a parent ALL day, every day, 365 come rain,sleet, snow, tornado whatever. If your child is suffering and for whatever reason YOU aren’t there for them then that is a failure on YOUR part. To conclude, if there is anyone to ‘blame’ for not seeing the signs sooner I’m going to assign mom 100% and dad 100%.

            • Money over your kids? which one would YOU choose? So he gets to be hands off because he makes good money? Ain’t NO lifestyle on this planet that would be worth the well being of my children.

              To further add, since he makes GOOD money there is no reason he isn’t interacting with his children on the daily. We cannot say for certain that he doesn’t, but if the article is to be believed his daughter felt as though he was not there. That’s a problem whether you’re an NBA baller or your work the fry station at Mickey D’s.

              I’ve never watched Liza or that show so I cannot speak on that part. Nor do I excuse her for not being aware, my contention is, is that little girl has TWO parents who BOTH should have been keyed in and active in her life. Its funny, Dewayne Wade has children in which he sees often and had custody of I wonder how he manages to do it while being in the NBA?

    • Estylo702

      I disagree. I know this from my own childhood. My mother and grandmother were very involved in me and my sisters life, but they were still oblivious to the fact that my sister may have needed help. Sometimes we want it that way.

      It’s also unfair for you to insinuate that she’s not an involved parent and doesn’t pay attention. It’s called multitasking and having a life.

      • Yeah really though. Where was your sister’s father? Why didn’t he notice she needed help?

        • Estylo702

          Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), my sister and I weren’t raised by our father. We were raised by our mother, grandmother, and aunt. They were very involved in our lives and still are. I highly doubt if he was in our lives he would have noticed her issues. If anything, he may have added to the problem.

          • That’s tragically sad. Good thing y’all had grandma and mom’s though.