Just About Every Single Recruiter Is Looking You Up Online Before Deciding Whether to Hire You

February 7, 2013  |  


An infographic created by recruiting software company Bullhorn illustrates what you probably knew to be true: nearly every recruiter is doing an online background check during the hiring process.

According to their numbers 98 percent of recruiters are using social media to find new hires. Nearly a fifth (17 percent) say Facebook is the place for quality employees, but 38 percent say they’ll be looking at Twitter a little more closely this year. So be careful with what you tweet. Thirty-seven percent said they’ll be using Facebook even more. Nearly all — 97 percent — said they used LinkedIn.

The company also says that salaries for executives at the VP, director, and manager level have, unsurprisingly increased while those for sales positions, recruiters, and account managers have gone down.

Finally, Bullhorn reports that recruiters say they’re having issues finding candidates with the necessary skills and talents. So if you’re not constantly learning, adding to your skill set, or increasing your expertise, you’re going to have big troubles standing out and getting that next big position.

Below is a small portion of the infographic. You can view it in its entirety on AllTwitter.

via Bullhorn


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  • Kenedy

    Okkkay…but what do my facebook or twitter posts or my pictures say about my ability to perform the duties for which I’m considered? They might say alot my personality, but if they are really concerned about how my personality will fit within their company culture, they may give me those aptitude tests if they wish, which by the way, studies have also proven don’t reveal much about a person’s fit….recruiters you are wasting your time by doing this none sense

  • Candacey Doris

    I have made about 50 tweets in 4 years and only used facebook as a undergrad. I think i’m set. But there are some people I wonder about. All those pics of you with drinks in your hand? Not good. Those pics of you with the bong? Not cute at all. And those people that make anti-semitic/black/white/lesbian/clown(?!)/etc. tweets may as well ear up their application instead of submitting.

  • Drew Smith

    I’ve been recruiting for over 5 years — both agency and in house — and, I mostly don’t give a flying one regarding FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (I’m also on the West Coast, and it’s just different out here that way), but I will absolutely nix you based on your LinkedIn profile. You don’t have a pic, the thing barely has any information, AND you only have 15 contacts??? “You obviously don’t take your career seriously, so you’re out.” You may have some recruiters who are just nosey AF who try to cyber-stalk you across different social media platforms, but any recruiter worth a darn is all up in your LinkedIn. Act accordingly…

    • Candacey Doris

      What if you don’t have a LinkedIn or just got one?

      • Drew Smith

        Then, I sincerely hope you just graduated, because if you’ve got any type of experience; yet, lack a proper, professional LinkedIn profile, you’re OUT. Sorry.

        • Candacey Doris

          Still in grad school. I have a LinkedIn but contacts are sparse. People ask me to become a contact, but they have nothing to do with my area or even my current job. Should i accept them anyway?

          • Drew Smith

            Well, I’d suggest still connecting with them. The more connections you have, the better your position to leverage those contacts, and those contacts’ contacts. I’ve gotten a new job without doing anything just by having an excellent profile. You can’t afford to wait until you’re looking for a gig to, then, work on your LinkedIn profile. Your profile needs some work, BTW. 🙂 Have an excellent day, and good luck finishing your Master’s program.

            • Candacey Doris

              Thanks for the advice.

    • Kenedy

      I understand that LinkedIn is an important social media networking tool for today’s generation….but lets say for example a baby boomer just got back in the job search market and they are not big on any type of social media…i don’t think that you should rule them out because of that, there are more important things than LinkedIn, no?

      • Drew Smith

        I work for a tech company, so if a person (baby boomer, or otherwise) isn’t up on current technology — to include social media — they’d likely not be a good fit anyway.

  • U need more ppl!

    I work in HR and they certainly do online background checks but if you think having little to no digital footprint makes you safe, you are wrong. They are equally suspicious of potential hires that they can’t find dirt on online. You can’t win!

    • Kahekili

      I’ve heard that before, and it is silly. I am starting to see more and more how little sense some people have when their job is to hire people.

  • Rae

    So what about when you don’t have a facebook, or a twitter or and instagram or some other ridiculous social media site where people over expose themselves? I guess they’ve just gotta meet me in person.
    Like seriously their are 2 chicks I worked with were both are under the drinking age but they tweet about their drunk driving; 1 of their mothers providing them with shots on a Tuesday nite; punching her boyfriend in the face with a cup of coffee after he broke up with her and most recently keying her ex managers car after he fired her for insubordination. And somehow these dizzy broads still manage to find new jobs. Either this article is wrong or the standard for new recruits has seriously dropped. LOL

  • Sharon

    People please think before you press send. I know this is a waste of time and people don’t believe it and they think they are immune, don’t do it. People yet refuse to learn the lesson about posting things on the internet.


    That is fine if recruiters want to do that, but they do themselves a disservice if they have the wrong person.

  • Danielle

    I’m so happy I rarely used FB since I’ve gotten one and don’t have a twitter. I knew all that social media was going to catch up with us eventually.