It Ain’t For Everybody: Tina Campbell Opens Up About Reality TV’s Impact On Her Marriage In Latest Issue Of ‘Juicy’

February 7, 2013  |  

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With the exception of a very select few, reality television seems to serve as the final nail in the coffin of many celebrity relationships.  Sure, prior issues and problems that plague these couples are always a factor, but the constant rolling of cameras and the invitation of the entire world to peak into a relationship that is supposed to be shared between two people does not help. In the latest issue of Juicyone half of gospel duo Mary Mary, Tina Campbell dishes on reality television, how it can negatively impact a relationship and what’s she’s learned about herself and her marriage from appearing on Oxygen’s Mary Mary. Check out some of what she had to say.

On the reality television curse:

“Reality TV destroys some relationships because [the couple] may not have had a strong foundation to endure public opinion… Some elements of your relationship might need to stay away from the cameras. Sometimes you wanna say insulting things if you feel like they hurt you – but you can’t do that in front of everybody. You have to be conscious of that. We took that into consideration when we created Mary Mary, knowing that if it tampered with the health of our marriage, the show was over, immediately.”

On the strain reality TV cameras placed on her marriage:

“The cameras can also put a strain on your relationship… At first, people were just invested in me [and my sister, Erica] as artists, but now they’re in my marriage… I’m like ‘Back up and shut up.’ You don’t get to have an opinion… I kind get ready to put my hands on people and not to pray for them, but in a physical, Hip-Hop kinda way. That part is a little challenging and I’m learning to handle it.”

Tina also went on to discuss how she sometimes feels restricted when attempting to show her husband affection while the cameras are around. You can check out her full response and other interesting news bits in the March/April issue of Juicy.

What do you think of Tina’s annoyance with the public poking their noses into her marriage?


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  • prettygal

    i love TINA.She is the genuine on on the show.Love her as a mother,wife and as a minister!! Keep doing you MAMA!!!

  • Estylo702

    I love this show and I love Tina. Hopefully this show will enlighten people and remind them that Christians love The Lord and want to give him glory, but they are human. Tina is sassy and she knows it. Half the time she admits when she’s being a pain in the butt. I just hope people take away from this show that there shouldnt be a positive correlation between being Christian and being perfect.

  • TheSkinimIn

    I actually like Tina. Letting other people in on your marriage (on or off the camera) is a recipe for disaster so I completely understand that. Also, christians are human people! They put their pants on one leg a time. Who told us that christians can’t get upset or have a bad day?

  • Kes

    I like them both, but the question I asked is how can you be child of God singing to uplift people and have a very bad attitude, don’t you need to deal with that. What have the gospel of Jesus Christ become.

    • Estylo702

      Children of God are still human. No one is perfect. The best preachers, missionaries, evangelists, or whoever are not without sin. This doesnt mean they still can’t uplift and encourage.

  • Ann

    People know the risks involved in putting their lives on reality television. You have people sometime do and say things just because they are on television. I don’t know why people want to put their personal lives on reality television when that is the ultimate goal of the networks is to destroy families and marriages especially black marriages. We already the least likely to get married and quicker to get a divorce. Christian marriages are just as worse in divorce. Families and marriages has been destroyed, while the networks executive are laughing their way to the bank.

  • bagemlady

    She knew what she was getting into when she signed up for the show and her attitude sucks!

  • ATF

    I love to watch their show…I also love their interactions with their husbands.

  • Melissa

    What’s she’s saying is ridiculous, if i you put your business on tv. Someone will always have an opinion. If she doesn’t want people knowing her business stay off television.

  • LNS

    I believe some celebs who sign up for reality tv have told these networks what’s off limits, such as putting their kids on camera, parts of their house, etc. Did Tina consider that BEFORE signing up for doing a reality show? SMH. She reminds me of one of my sisters, just mean and moody, but you love her anyway!

  • Ree

    In my Phaedra Parks voice… Everybody knows if you don’t want folks in your business don’t put it on display for the world to see!! I’m sure the saints ain’t too pleased with a lot that goes on with their show but yet the cameras are still rolling and we are in season 2!!! As usual the money must be right because if she were so concerned then I’m sure after season 1 that would have been a wrap!

    • serenity1125

      100% agree

  • Her attitude sucks majorly!

  • Me

    Oh, really…don’t put the details of your marriage on TV my dear Tina if you want no one to have an opinion