Don’t Fastforward Just Yet: What Adult Films Teach Us About Male Desire

February 15, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


We know men aren’t the best communicators. That’s often because they don’t want to upset women by saying what they’re really thinking, feeling or desiring. And when it comes to sex, it’s no exception. So we have to turn to other places to get our cues about what men really want. What better place than a medium made for men, by men? That’s right, the world of adult film.

MadameNoire Video

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  • DJB

    You are 100% correct. The articles on this site are base and shallow. The information is completely subjective and half of it is straight up fiction. The website layout and presentation is appealing, but the substance is amateur at best. Oh, and the information is inarguably presented in a sexist fashion towards men.

  • Steve M.

    You sound like a female to me. This is not a list of crap to justify bad behaviour; it’s (mostly) true. Explaining instinctive urges and psychology is not the same thing as justifying behaviour based on those instincts. All such instincts can be controlled and contained (y’know, for the sake of a functional society) but understanding them, acknowledging them and not shaming people for them is a helpful, empathetic thing to do, and it makes it much easier to live with it.

  • Kahekili

    Adult films teach us that men have some sick desires.

  • IllyPhilly

    WTF is this? How about just asking the fool what he likes after he does what I like. LOL

    • Um

      Because every man knows that when a woman says she wants him to be honest, that he is up $h!t creek if he is.

      • IllyPhilly


  • the cuckhold thing is actually disgusting.