Don’t Make Your First Encounter Your Last: Things Women Do On Dates That Men Can’t Stand

February 7, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


It doesn’t matter how great of a catch you are, there are some habits that make almost any man not want to ask a woman for that second date. The sad part is women do a lot of these things because they think it is what a man wants to see. So, which ones are you guilty of?

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  • Suburban Princess Dior

    um I read the first one I AM a 20 year virgin so not every women has had sex

  • Pfffft…don’t have to pretend you never slept with anyone…just tell them straight up, on the first date, it’s really none of their business…and if they can’t deal, THEY’RE not worth the trouble!

    • Eric Scott

      Real talk

  • AJ389

    I was a little frightful as I clicked through, but relieved to find I’m guilty of only one of these. (sort of ) At the end of a date, I have asked a guy, did he really have to go right then, but only because I really enjoyed his company. Being insecure had nothing at all to do with it. This was a great article, now all we have to do is let the guys know what completely turns us off. ; ) !

  • sabrina

    I do the half hearted wallet grab all the time. But some guys actually like when you offer to pay, but won’t actually let you do it….no?

    • genii love

      i totally agree! women started doing the half hearted wallet grab BECAUSE men said they were tired of us assuming that they would pay all the time.

      If I offer to pay my half of the meal, that is my way of telling you, “you have been FRIEND-ZONED”

      • sabrina

        “i totally agree! women started doing the half hearted wallet grab
        BECAUSE men said they were tired of us assuming that they would pay all
        the time.”


  • FunnyChick

    I am guilty of numbers 12, 13, &15… 15 of which most recently occurred… 8*(


    Why would a man be interested in a woman’s sexual history on a date?

    • Kim

      so he can smash, then pass. lol

    • 1Sonny2

      Agree…,that’s one I definitely disagree with in this article. It’s a turn off. Just doesn’t need to be discussed because once it is, it will only impact things negatively. It’s like someone offering you a Kleenix and then informing you it’s already been used. Some things are better left unsaid

    • Maybe he doesn’t want to be with a woman with low morals.

  • Stanley 001

    I really appreciate the fact the a woman (Julia Austin) wrote this piece. I have a question: How does a woman pretend she never slept with anybody on FIRST DATE?

    • They mean acting like you are innocent and ignorant of sex/sexual experiences. I would counter that that shouldn’t be coming up on a first date anyways.

      • Stanley 001

        That’s why I put first date in capital letters. It’s not good to talk about sex on a first date.

        • genii love

          some guys really like to push your buttons and see what they can get away with.
          so we play dumb!

        • Babydoll 70

          Exactly and there are men who will bring up this topic on a date like a clown.