I Thought I Could Trust Him: Young Woman Who Accused LHH’s Mendeecees Of Molestation Testifies

February 6, 2013  |  

Source: Cliffviewpilot.com

Just yesterday, we reported that “Love & Hip Hop” star Mendeecees Harris was facing drug trafficking charges. In addition to the recently revealed drug charges, Harris is also facing sexual assault charges, after his ex-girlfriend’s 15-year-old daughter accused him of molesting her back in 2009. The trial for that case began yesterday, and the now 19-year-old young woman testified against him in court today, reports Cliff View Pilot.

With the jury’s full attention, the young woman recounted the chilling tale of how Harris allegedly  went from being a “father figure,” whom she believed she could trust to a man who forced her to have sex for money, after moving into his Lodi, New Jersey home back in 2009.

After moving into Mendeecee’s home with her mother and brothers, the teen alleged that because her mother was always at work, she reported to Harris for permission to hang out with her friends and other things that teens generally have to report to their parents about. She also revealed that because she didn’t have the strongest relationship with her mother, she confided in Harris about a lot of things.

“Mendeecees made me feel comfortable. He would give me advice.  He’d say ‘It’ll be okay between you and your mom’,” she told the court.

She alleged that the initial act of molestation occurred one afternoon while no one else was home. After finishing up taking a shower, she realized that there was no towel in the bathroom.

“I asked him to get me one [towel], and he did. Then he came into my room and suggested I let him m*sturb*te on me, but I just laughed,” she testified.

She went on to allege that Harris continued making the suggestion until she finally gave in, after which he gave her $15 or $20 “for lunch or maybe a ball game.”

The teen testified that although she had given in, Harris wasn’t satisfied and began pressing her for oral. She alleged that Harris, noticing her reluctance, began using a very private piece of information, which he previously acquired from her mother to manipulate her.

“He told me he knew I had been raped when I was 8 years old, and he found out from my mother.”

“ ‘Your mom doesn’t want you here’,” she said Harris told her just before exposing his genitals to her.

According to her testimony, she eventually gave in, which she revealed was out of spite to get back at her mother for revealing such an intimate secret to Harris.

“I felt betrayed by her. I didn’t tell her about it until I was 14, and it was something I didn’t want anyone to know.”

As time went on, Mendeecees allegedly continued to request sexual favors from the young woman in exchange for money. She even revealed that he would pull her younger brothers into the mix when they asked him for money by telling them  “talk to your sister. She knows what she has to do.”

The relationship between the teen’s mother and Harris ended when she confiscated the girl’s cell phone and found some inappropriate messages from Harris.

“I heard them in their room yelling, I felt bad. She came in my room and she was livid. She told me to get out. She was just screaming to me to get out.  I don’t remember if she said why,” she recalled before revealing that she left home to stay at a friend’s house that night.

“My mom didn’t know where I was, but Mendeecees did.”

The next day Mendeecees found her at her friend’s home, told the young woman that her mother had packed her belongings and pleaded with her not to reveal any details about their relationship.

“He said she didn’t know anything, so don’t say anything. It was something he would ‘take to his grave.’ He [also] told me they were done.”

“I felt horrible. At one point Mendeecees and my mother were going to get married. I felt it was all my fault.”

Sadly, she also claimed that she had to drop out of nursing school because of the trial. “You can’t miss that many days of class,” she said. She claimed that in addition to being shocked to learn that Harris was featured on “Love & Hip Hop”, she was also unaware that he was carrying on a relationship with Yandy Smith while he was still with her mother.

Mendeecees is currently facing seven counts of illegal sex.


Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise


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  • bangieb32

    these are not new charges I heard of this when they first announced on LHH that he was going to jail and instead of Yandi, taking precautions and wait until the trial is over she up and marry his azz. So he was screwing the mother (is this the same mother that has a child the same age of Yandi’s?). if not his baby momma, the daughter and Yandi. Sad.

  • OverSite

    Sounds like another false accuser reading common cue cards from so-called ‘Advocates’ who give tips and pointers to Prosecutors…

  • kimi_is_pissed

    Damn! Why would Yandy want to be married to a piece of trash like that? The drug charges are bad enough but child molestation is unacceptable! I have lost absolutely all respect for her. Any woman who can be with a man that would do that to a teenaged girl is as bad as he is. Maybe worse. Gross!

  • Sakonya1

    Yandy is a fool for marrying him; I hope he goes to jail for a long time. He never seemed right anyway, even from what I saw of him on the show.

  • LaPorsha Babiig Robinson

    I don’t believe it at all really you have him head to get back at your mother i smell bs

  • Dorothy

    Im just going say all of you are just dumb, You started judgeing him before you have even heard his side, wheather you want to believe it or not there is two sides to every story. Just stupid!

  • Likeisaid76

    He was acquitted of these charges already!!!

  • TaylorSmith

    She lying like hell now who in there right mind dont know what LLHH is and who’s on there? Come on now she is 19 come on now FOTH with that. Plus the story she made up sounds like she been watching to many porno’s! Why now are u coming fourth? After all this time?

  • PrimaDona Mitchell

    And we know that she is telling the truth because? We can’t believe everything we read. If her mom knew of the incident and kicked her out what took her so long to come forward? Before we go bashing we need to learn the whole story.

  • David Sanders

    Maybe we should wait until all the evidence has been revealed and the trail is over, and the verdict is in before accusations are made.

  • Sweetsis

    I’m sorry, something doesn’t sound right about this story! Her mother never questioned where she was getting money from? Her brother never said anything? She told her mother about being raped when she was younger at fourteen, then why not about Mendeecees at fifteen? Some thing tells me this person is street smart, and wants to get paid with Yandy’s money because she knows Mendeecees is going to jail! js

  • Alliyah Jones

    I don’t think mandecess did anything to that girl.she waits 5 years to say something but she just don’t want to see him happy with his new wife n his beautiful children .that young lady just need to stop

  • Leola

    Where are the text messages that Mandecess and the girl was sending to each other? If this is true, this is HORRIFIC!

  • jmellow

    What I hear is a young woman who has a lot of resentment, especially against her mother. could it be that this Resentment played a role in what transpired between her and mendeecees? I don’t know. But She sounds like a troubled young woman who has seen and done things no young child should experience. Pray for her.

  • Gary Burch

    So the marriage is for conjugal rights?

  • Janie wanton

    women are more likely too be victimized,as a single mom.their house is a attraction for molestorrs,Why? theirs no protection in most cases.Men are actually interested in you because of the innocent virgins in your house.smh, Women need too watch strongly when you have girls or boys.The home of Daughters without their fathers in a home ,is like a Big mac at Mc donalds.you want it !desperately their taste buds yearn for it no matter the consequence at the time,that means jail.or loosing the relationship.this is a virgin sickness (little girls).

  • PlayDoe

    For some reason i dont believe it. Youre ashamed of being raped at 8 but once he hits love and hip hop youll tell the media about your rape and him “molesting” you. I dont buy it, #sorrynotsorry

  • disgusted

    They are all as bad as each other. The women love talking about everything in Court and will sell their stories to the media. They women are no better than he is. They are out for money.
    Case wasting taxpayer money and Court time.

  • tymetravelife

    This is why we don’t allow my nephews & nieces go to anyone’s home without us. People will allow their children & your children to be molested–which to me makes the mothers just as criminal as their men. And then, no matter the age of the child, they shout “she was grown, she knew what she was doing!”

    I notice that the child’s mother threw her out when she discovered the molestation. Which once again put her child in danger. Luckily the girl found shelter with her friend’s family.

    This girl’s mother endangered her at least 4 times that we know of. Once, when she let her be molested at 8-years old, then when she confided this fact to her newest molester boyfriend, then when she allowed the boyfriend to live in her home leaving her child vulnerable, then when she threw her child out of the only home she had, leaving her vulnerable to how many dozens of pervs in the street? This girl’s mother is a horror!

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  • FunnyChick

    This dude is so sick, i hope Yandi leaves him. That is so vile… f*cking pervert.

  • realadulttalk

    Idk–something doesn’t sound right about this. Details are off or something…not sure what…but I wouldn’t prosecute if that’s the story being told.

  • Nikki

    That’s why certain people shouldn’t be having babies anyway!

  • toyasg

    Why do you have that group of babymama’s trying to justify the fact that they fu=cked up

  • toyasg

    Mac where have u been ? I’VE BEEN TELLING THE BLACK WOMEN ON THIS SITE ABOUT MAKING BLACK FAMILIES. A strong black man and his wife. Its so good to have some help on this site

  • Imogene Harris

    People who say, “Well, the girl knew what she was doing. She was certainly old enough. She’s partly to blame too.” just really need to read books like what Justin Bieber’s mom wrote about being sexually abused by at least 3 different people during her childhood. I don’t know whether this man did it or not and he has the right to a fair trial. However, with the extreme detail she goes into, I’m inclined to believe her. To make it simple for people, it is a CRIME to have any kind of sexual relations with someone under 17 or 18 (depending on the state). It is NOT a crime for a minor to have sex with an adult. Under the law (let’s put morals aside), minors cannot consent to have sex because of their immaturity. If you have been in that situation and managed to fight someone off or you feel that you would have never tolerated that, great, good for you. But that is the exception, not the norm of sexual abuse victims. In addition to that, even if a child manages to resist the potential abuse, many never tell about the situation until years later, or even worse, when they are adults and it becomes harder to prove.

    I am a single mom, and this article confirms why I’m glad that I made the decision to not date anyone while my child is a minor. Another crazy story is about this man who adopted a boy, then he and his friend raped him. Something that would strike fear into any birth mother’s heart. There are just some sick people out there.

  • Kourtney

    Something about this story just aint right. Nobody knows the truth but him, her, and the Lord but it just don’t sound right. She “willingly” went along with whatever he asked. Then also this man was her mother’s boyfriend. Children that don’t like the people their parents date tend to lie a lot. And if it was so serious why did she wait 4 years to say anything? Sounds a little suspect. I am not blaming the victim but I just don’t know about this one.

    • hollyw

      “People who don’t like the people their parents date tend to lie a lot.” Where could you have possibly gotten that ‘data’?? It appears you are, in fact, trying to indirectly blame the victim.

      Actually, the people who lie the least, crime-wise, are victims of sexual assault (if they say anything at all), and it is proven that children (including teens) lying is even more rare. I think you should check your facts and your bias.

      • Kourtney

        There isn’t any type of bias going here. All I did was state an opinion. The first time he allegedly came onto her she went along with it. I aint saying what he did was right but she wasn’t innocent either. She knew what was up. I would never blame a victim for sexual assault but I still feel like this something is up with this whole story. At the end of the day nobody really knows what happened but him, her, and the Lord. Neither you, nor I knows what happened, so for you to slam my opinon was out of line.

        • 1. minors cant consent to sex and 2. it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

        • @Kourney

          Yeah, she was wrong for doing that with him, but the reality is, HE was the one to encourage her continue messing around with him—my point being that a REAL man would not have even LET a young girl near him like that—especially his girlfriend’s daughter—that’s some low-down dirty s*** right there! It dosen’t excuse the fact that he was a grown-a** taking advantage of this girl, knowing damn well he wasn’t supposed to be messing with an underage girl,but doing it any damn way.

          Yeah, I know there are such things as false accusations of child abuse, but seriously how often does that happen? Not enough to justify claiming that most kids who say they were abused are all a bunch of damn liars. And,yes, kids who have molested DO sometimes wait for years to tell anybody for several reasons: they’re not in a position to tell anybody anything about it, or no one will believe them simply because they DON’T want to believe it. I mean, seriously,what kind of man does that kind of s***, anyway? A predator,that’s f***ing who! That’s exactly the kind of s*** they do!

          Also, how is the young woman going to get a dime from him since he’s going to jail? Keep in mind, she probably never bothered to tell anyone believe when she did, her own mother kicked her out of the house rather than believe her (which was pretty f***ed-up in itself.) This “she was old enough to know she was doing” mentality is the same kind of f***ed-up thinking that let R. Kelly get off/away with messing around with those underage girls. Predator usually take advantage of the fact that when a young girl/boy has no other father figure around,she/he just wants attention and to feel like someone cares for them—that’s all that’s about.

    • Nikki

      I see where your coming from. I’ve had friends that purposely made their step-mom’s lives a living hell, simply because they didn’t want their father to be with anyone. People will automatically assume that she’s telling the truth. How many women get revenge on their ex by saying that he hit her, when he never really did? He AUTOMATICALLY goes to jail?

      However, you never really know the truth and it is best to believe what she says just in case, it really did happen.

    • realadulttalk

      Something is VERY off about this story. I hate to not believe a child over something like this, but I don’t believe things went down like stated above. If he has a remotely good lawyer…he should walk. I can poke 1000 holes in this story with no legal background.

  • For some reason, A lot of this blame needs to go to the mother. Only to have this story brought out once he started dating Yandy and appearing on T.V.

  • Cakester

    They need to lock Mandalay bay up!!!!! I believe that girl!!! With her weak mother!!!!!

  • Shaybaby

    The sad thing about all this is that if it’s true, Yandy needs to prepare herself to be a single mother.

  • Afrorican85

    LMAO! First of all to “Hollyw” CLEARLY I am not speaking in terms of the law here I am talking about a moral compass that each and everyone of us have that directs our decisions which we are ALL accountable for. I am not a lawyer and clearly neither are you. Sure she was sexually abuse before this situation which does make her more at risk to have this happen again. I do not trivialize abuse of any kind as I have survived it myself! HOWEVER, “THE VICTIM” once again she did it to spite her mother so she was well aware of what she was doing then TOOK MONEY FOR IT! Are you kidding me? What else do you need? to say she is a victim is to say she had no other option which she did or to say she has no way of making proper choices. How about talking to counselor, pastor, teacher, or better yet her mother! I know those who have suffered far more sexually and physically younger than the eight but that did not impair their judgement later in life. Reread my statement and you will see that I did not find him responsible for what he did because it is sickening that a man can take advantage of that girl like that but she allowed it to happen and she CONTINUED to let it happen.I have literally fought people off when I felt violated as a teen and yes it was in my own home. She did not and she deemed herself compensated for it. Just sick. Instead of taking the time to seek revenge four years later how about go to counseling to heal. My God!

    • She was a child. To try to assign the reasoning, and decision making capabilities that usually aren’t acquired until your 20’s is ludicrous. You are blaming a child for being victimized by a child molester/rapist who groomed, manipulated, and used his power to abuse her. If you really need someone to blame besides that sick b*stard blame the mother for allowing herself to become disengaged and blind to what was happening in her home. Blame that child’s father for not being an effective presence in her life. I can almost guarantee you if this little girl regularly saw her father and had a tight relationship with him, this sicko would have thought twice before assaulting her.

      • hollyw

        Very powerful. The father, the one person not mentioned, and usually disregarded, in these circumstances. Obviously she was groomed, and an easy target considering her abuse history. THANK YOU.

        • Exactly my point. We need to stop ignoring the fact that a lack of parental presence in a child’s life is having a devastating affect on the well being of the children in our community. We need our daddies to step up, tune in, and show up for their children. Protect them, guide them, provide for them.

    • @Afroican85

      Your reasoning is skewered—the then 15-year old girl really did NOT know what the hell she was getting into with this guy, and the fact remains that even if she intiated it, he was a grown man who KNEW better and he was damn old old enough to make the choice NOT to do what he did, but he didn’t,because he’s a predator. . How the hell could he NOT be responsible for what he did if HE’S the one who encouraged her to keep going? You make it sound like he had no choice in the matter, which is bull****—that dosen’t erase the fact that,according to her, he didn’t tell her that s*** was wrong, he just took advantage of the situation bwt her and her mother (who,BWT, had no business telling hi what happened to her when she was a kid.) Also, bastards like him seem to think that they’re entitled to take advantage of young girls,as that can take control of themselves—what bull****!

  • EspressoBean

    My heart goes out to this young lady. Her story mimics my own in so many ways. The part about her mother’s reaction especially. I hope she that she heals and can use this experience to understand what others are going through and perhaps help them in some way. Stay strong.

  • RAYA

    What was the reason for having this guy on the show if his background is dirty? His name should be Manfecees

  • I’m shocked and saddened by hearing this. #sadface

  • klassyrn

    I have to be honest… at the adults posting here…. you all have already trialed and executed this man before knowing all the facts…. PEOPLE LIE… I dont know whether he did or didnt… but Im not going to be the one to indict him either way… for all anyone knows this girl could be setting him up for money… its been done before and it will be done again… if I were to blame anyone it would be the mother… and the daughter… when he made the initial statement as she said I would have been confiding in my mother and letting her know what happened… she never did that she played into the scenario and now she is crying foul… come on.. something in the water does not smell right…. as a nurse I’ve seen all kinds of abuse but she stated “I wanted to get back at my mother”… so before you get your panties in a wad.. Im not saying he didnt… Im not saying he did… but its strange at this point when he goes on national TV it has become a problem…. its the comments like these that make me say.. “Im glad man dont own a heaven or hell to place me in.”…. yes I have daughters and thing is all my business wasnt any of theirs people can fool you but I didnt take chances with my girls… no man is allowed beyond their father to be with then when Im not around and I pay attention to my daughters and they know we have an open door policy and if they were to ever tell me anything ALL hell would be unleashed and the gates of hell would not be able to hold me…when you have children you cannot be so consumed with yourself that you forget you have a responsibility to the children… after my divorce I maintained the same stance… my girls developed early… I called it quits and shutdown someone I had been dating for a couple of years after he told me that my girls are developing quickly… bc Im warped like that…… if he had been paying attention to me and not them he wouldnt have realized that… so I shut it down… maybe my azz is paranoid like that but Im a lioness about my cubs…. and he may have been doing it from the goodness of his heart… but as a mother believe me I got this on lock… and not even my 12 to 16 hour shifts could stop that… I still held my job and my children down…. but as I stated before I will not convict this man bc I wasnt there and I dont know… but what do is know is both parties need some type of counseling…. obviously Jesus isnt enough….#MomDontPlay!

    • hollyw

      Seriously? You’re adamant about not placing any judgment on this man, but turn around with “if I were to blame anyone…,” and it would be the mother and alleged victim?? Without testimony yet for his guilt and none against them..? o.O

      Clearly, you do think it’s ok to pass quick judgment, you’re just biased against sexual assault victims and single mothers…

    • nina

      Thank you !!!!!! A person with a BRAIN.

  • Wow! This woman’s story brought tears to my eyes. Not only does she have to relive this horrible part of her life, she had to quit school to face the man who took advantage of her. And her mom siding with dude? Kicking her out? This whole story just makes me sad.

  • I knew it was a reason I didn’t like his sneaky a$$ all along!! SMH… hope this young lady gets some counseling! Raped at 8, molested and taken advantage of at 15! It’s a sad thing when a little girl can’t grow up normally, and be able to give her essence to the person she chooses, rather than have it stolen from her! Praying for her, I feel sick knowing that her mother put her out over this little boy!!

    • Reese

      Girls like her are what TD Jakes calls broken arrows. I know girls like her that have been repeatedly abused over the years mentally, physically, or sexually (some have been victims of all of the above). They are so broken and people really don’t want to take the time to help them to heal. A few of them act out sexually and people call them h0es and I’m like if you knew their stories you wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  • mac

    so can we stop supporting this trash TV show? That includes yall, MN.

  • z

    Yandy…… One question for you. Why did you have a baby with this man?

  • Chile Cheese

    i knew something had to be wrong wit a ninga named MENDEESEES….DIDNT I TELL YALL IN THE LAST POST I WOULDNT BE WIT NOBODY BY THAT NAME…ya see!!!

  • yeppers

    Jesus don’t just take the wheel, take the brakes, the gas, the engine, EVERYTHANG!!! and this fool had the nerve to sit his Tail on somebodys Reality show playing the doting father to Yandy Baby…CANCEL ALL THESE DAM SHOWS. SMH….I cant image what other pedophiles and prostitutes these shows are employing making them famous for being hos. If they didnt do enough background checks on this man to know he was all this…I just dont know.

    • demecho

      Amen,amen & amen again

  • NeaJ

    I wonder how long this girl’s mother knew him before they all moved in together. Women need to be more careful about who they have around their children especially their adolescent daughters. This mother should be ashamed of herself but I have a feeling she isn’t!

    • mac

      thank you. These days you can barely trust family members to be around your teenage daughters. I don’t what makes women think you can bring some random around the house and think that’s okay. Just so they can “have them a man”. Seriously, Black women have got to do better. Stop putting your kids in danger because of your own selfish desires, stop playing house with these random n****as you DONT know, and start having children within the bond of MARRIAGE.

      • Reese

        So just black women need to get their act together? I know plenty of woman of other races who have kids and are shacking up with men who aren’t their husbands. Why are black women always the target like we are the only women that do anything wrong?

        • mac

          For starters, seeing as how the parties in this case are black, and this is a Black woman’s website, I didn’t deem it necessary to include other races.

          Secondly, the number of out of wedlock births among black females is disproportionately higher than that of other races. Also, I’d hate to call this mentality of “having a man at any and all costs”, a black woman thing, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. These two things are most prevalent in OUR community. So yes, I stand by the previous statement. We must do better.

          • Reese

            It must be nice living in an ivory tower.

            • mac

              Eh..not quite ivory. Maybe a little cream colored.

            • mac

              Eh..not quite ivory. Maybe a little cream colored.

          • Mac, I am not mad at you! I am a single mom and I have never lived with a man besides when I was at home with my parents and I’m cool with that. At no point in time will I EVER allow a man around my children if I do not know beyond all doubt that they will be ok and even then I’m in the same room with them. You are right all too often women will sacrifice the safety of their children because they feel like they have to have a man. I had some corp exec that I went to dinner with offer to pay off my mortgage which sent up a red flag but when I introduced him to my kids my then 16 yr old let me know that he gave her “the look”. I let him know that if he wants to keep breathing he will stay away from me and my family otherwise it’s me, him, my gun and a chainsaw.

          • AngelAlwaysALadyy

            Well ,black women as a whole are more common and out number other races 3 to 1 so by it being wayyyyy more of US it would seem that things happen more often with us .By no means will i try to change your opinion or your choices but ,I hate to see a fellow Female look or sound STUPID .The same things happen in OTHER races at the same Percent as a whole as it does in the BLACK race as a WHOLE even less in African American Families .Research will keep the ignorant monster out of your life.Example: If you have 200 GREEN bugs and 100 RED every day 2 green ones fly away and only 1 red one does ok it seems as if you loose green more often …..Think about it

            • Dreama41

              I absolutely agree with you. Statistics is tricky and it doesn’t always tell the true story. In fact it is often times misleading. Blacks and other minority groups will always rank higher within their particular racial groupings;when compared to whites, who have a larger demographic. It’s something that the gullible among us cannot comprehend. You have to think critically, not everything that is reported under the guise of statitics is true.

            • mac

              I also hate to see a fellow female look stupid….but you’ve done quite a job of that on your own, without my doing.

              Yes, research will keep the “ignorant monster” (whatever that is) out of your life, so lets look at numbers shall we? Whites make up the majority of the population, outnumbering Blacks by almost 60%. Blacks’ out of wedlock birth is about 50% higher than that of Whites’. But by your logic, since there are “wayyyyyy more” of them than us, shouldn’t their rate be much higher than ours?

              *pats on head*. It’s okay, thanks for playing though.

          • STARO

            Mac, you’re dead on here. The speed at which we are willing to hand over a house key and install a man in lives and those of our children is nothing short of mind-boggling. It’s a though a key ring is a suitable substitue for an engagement ring.

            • demecho

              I love that last analogy …well said

      • NeaJ


      • AngelAlwaysAladyy

        This is not a Black thing ,,,this happens in all races Black is most likely the least.All races shack up ,all races have kids out of wedlock ,and bad things happen to all people all the time .Other races tend to keep it under rapps(Boarding schools ,camps,adoption(abortion) counseling and other ways) I do agree people should be more careful of whom they keep company,but I repeat this has nothing to do with race ,,try Morals,respect,decency or the lack of these things.

        • Denise Tett

          You are exactly right. We all are more than likely to be victimized those that are closest to us, because proximity gives greater opportunities to do so. Most people’s perpetrator will look like them (race) . I guess that’s why all my perpetrators were black, but when I volunteered as a Rape Hot line couselor, I found out that it wasn’t just a black thang for sure. Most people don’t want to know about the cycle of abuse, so they just rely on their non dysfunctional sexual upbringing, and then form an opinion based on that, which is almost always inaccurate.

      • FunnyChick

        That is SO true. SO da*n true.

    • Let’s not leave daddy out of the blame here. Where was he at? Why wasn’t he there to make sure his kids weren’t moving in with some dangerous dude.

      • NeaJ


  • yeppers

    lawwwwddd Jesus don’t just take the wheel, take the brakes, the gas, the engine, EVERYTHANG!! and the nerve of this fool to sit his aXX on somebodys reality show acting like a Doting father TO Yandy. Chillle they need to have all these shows canceled. THIS IS AWFUL!!

  • Afrorican85

    Yo I am more than certain a lot of people are going to hate me for saying this but I DON’T FEEL FOR HER! This by NO MEANS excuses a grown man for what he did but SHE HAD A CHOICE IN THE MATTER! For God’s sake she was a teen and she admitted she did it when ONLY to spite her mother.Now she sees him on a show and she SUDDENLY feels the need to speak out. CHILE PLEASE! Miss me with that. When I was 14 I damn sure knew the difference between wrong and right. I too have been propositioned by “father figures” for sexual activity when I was younger but I said “NO!” . I understand he violated her trust and was VERY manipulative but she is making a mockery to those who are clearly and forcibly raped. I bet none of them wait years later when the abuser is on a hit reality show. Sounds like a scorned woman waiting for an opportunity to me. Just saying it looks mighty convenient to me. I am about right and wrong but I am also about personal accountability as well. I just have to keep it real here.

    • Reese

      People love blaming the victim. This girl was already a victim of sexual abuse in the past meaning she was more vulnerable to be sexually abused again. From what I can gather from the testimony Mandeecees played with her mind. Although, she was a teenager she was still easily impressionable (at least I know I was as a teenager). Mandeecees was a grown man then he should have known better. Mandeecess knew that this girl and her mother had a strained relationship and he used that to his advantage to get into this girl’s mind and take advantage of her.

      • There for the blame should go with the mother. Something about her doesn’t seem right, the mother.

    • hollyw

      Blame the victim? Really?? 1. The article stated that the trial’s been going on for a grip now; clearly, Yandy and Mand-who shouldn’t have put themselves on the show knowing it was coming up.
      2. “clearly” and “forcibly” raped? Todd Akin, is that you?? There are many ways rape can go down, all of them valid and legal definitions of rape. Get a law degree, rewrite some laws, then you can use your own definition.
      3. She didn’t even say she was raped; molestation is an obviously different act. Again, definitions.
      4. “personal accountability” doesn’t apply to children under the age of 18. That is why sex can never be consensual w/ them, b/c under the eyes of the law, and people w/ common sense, they are not held responsible.
      5. Were you raped at 8? Then don’t compare your teen judgment to this kid (because she is still one). Early-childhood molestation directs a lot of your sense of decency towards men, your self-respect, and self-esteem growing up, esp. if you didn’t get help for it. Adolescence is hard enough w/ being susceptible to pressure and influence (hence why the age of consent is higher and sex between adults and kids THIS AGE is still ILLEGAL), but unless this happened to you after what happened to that girl at 8, combined w/ the obviously poor example of a mother she had, you have absolutely no right to judge.

      • ariesdollface

        You took ALL the words out of my mouth. THANK YOU for this response.

      • mac

        could not have said it better if i tried. Kudos.

      • RAYA


      • nina

        After this at age 8 she should have been the first to speak up ASAP ,she was 15 good grief ,her Mom is probable coaching her so they can get paid Sorry ,when I hear both sides then only then.I am not for him touching an underage child (if he did )but 2 sides to every story ,if it is a lie it will NOT be the first.If it is true MOM should be stoned for letting this happen TWICE !!!!!! After proven Wrong then Hang him not B-4.,,,,,,,15 was a good age for her to handle that better,if she had shot a person our system would put Her on trial as an ADULT

        • hollyw

          That’s just it, I never said once that the man was guilty; I responded specifically to the other’s comment, which was riddled w/ judgment on the girl for no known reason. Even your take is more unbiased than hers was, but you’ve also placed down moral codes based on age. Which, again, I think is dead-wrong. We can agree to disagree, and I can respect an opinion, but at the end of the day, I will always be the child’s advocate, no matter how ‘mature’ their behavior seems, b/c I’ll always see it as just an extension of their victim behavior.

      • demecho

        Shut it down, shut it down, shut it down..
        The doors of the Church are now open

      • demecho

        Shut it down, shut it down, shut it down..
        The doors of the Church are now open

      • jmellow

        I agree with you. However, there are many instances where the law will charge teens as adults,depending on the crime. So the law recognize nuances in personal accountability, Regardless of age.
        Thus is just an unfathomable set of circumstances that seems to have all resulted with poor parenting. Not all women should be mothers and this mother failed her child. This young woman Will probably have children of her own and perpetuate the cycle of abuse and poor parenting, but i pray not.

        • hollyw

          You are confusing consequences for the accused vs. that if of the accuser. There is no precedence where charges are based on the ‘perceived’ age of the accuser, especially for statutory rape, whose state laws are very clear. As in, each state as a clearly defined age for s3xual consent.

          So, regardless of your personal feelings on the accuser’s or her/his “accountability”, I.e. victim-blaming AGAIN, the accountability for Mandeecees was beyond clear for him and he deserves the full sentence, if found guilty.

          • jmellow

            Im not confused but thanks for rehashing your same point without processing mine. You’re conflating my general comment on the law recognizing the culpability of minors in certain crimes with my general feelings on this case. I said I agree with you. How is that victim blaming? I never took blame from mendeecees if you comprehended what I wrote. My comment was more a critique of her mother’s poor parenting and how it will affect young woman for life. It is a proven fact in the study of psychology that victims tend to perpetuate the abuse cycle in their own lives, against their loved ones. That’s not victim blaming again? Since you love hurling that teem, it’s simply an unfortunate fact. Anyway, this case is over and he was acquitted so I guess I was right.

            • hollyw

              Oh, okay.

    • Anomimous

      A 15 year old minor cannot give consent to sex according to the law. He was the adult of the relationship and he too advantage of this. And this was probably reported way before she saw him on tv. It takes a long time for cases to go to trial

    • mac

      Somehow everyone “knows what they would have done in the situation”, when they hear stories like this. You may have known better at 14, but did you face her same circumstances? Her family was living in his house, don’t you suppose that could have added to the pressure she felt to give in to him? Don’t you suppose she was afraid he WOULD forcibly rape her if she didn’t give in? Especially having already been a victim previously. That’s not having a “choice in the matter”. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself for suggesting any different.

      And to be quite honest, if I saw my abuser on television, that would enrage me and prompt me to act also. She’s not asking for money, she’s asking for justice. If that’s opportunistic or “convenient”, so be it. Let the girl have her closure.

    • EW

      People like you love to make children responsible so that the men in the family don’t have to take the blame. I suppose you are fine with fathers and uncles molesting children too because the “act grown” or “look grown”. Children know they can’t say no to the man who is paying the bills and calling the shots. She also had a strained relationship with her mother, so he used that to manipulate her and take advantage of her. He used her brothers to pimp her, and they also need counseling – It will ruin their relationships with women and their daughters for life. I suppose you also think that teens sold into sex trafficking are to blame as well. I don’t care what the child says about spiting her mother, she is a child. Kids say and do all kinds of things. As adults, we are responsible. No matter how grown she may look or what she thinks she knows, a 15 year old child is not a mental match for a grown man. He will manipulate her and he holds all the power. This is molestation, and if this is your attitude, you better keep a close watch on your family and your children, because that attitude is what breeds abuse. Morgan Freeman is running around with his granddaughter and some of y’all think that’s cool. You would probably be fine with that. Football coaches, “gods” in their community, molesting teenagers. I guess because they are teens, and Sandusky didn’t throw them down to rape them, that’s fine too, right? Disgusting. I wouldn’t leave my *dog* alone in your house.

      • olivia

        You said it all…Thanks

      • Denise Tett

        What does Morgan Freeman has to do with this, and what is he doing with his granddaughter that would make you put him into this conversation? State facts, because unwarranted speculation is the same as raping someone character, and that should be punished by law as well. People get hurt behind assumptions about rape and incest, as please clarify your statement. Ty

    • I heard about this before he even got on the show… before the public even saw his face… remember last season of LHHNY, everybody was getting on Yandy for supposedly “screwing” Jim, because she was so butt hurt about him and Chrissy, but she was saying she had a man all along. Nobody knew who he was until pics of them at their baby shower popped up, but I heard folks talking about this way back then… saying Yandy’s dude was a supposed child molester. Either way, while I’m sure she knew right from wrong, her young 14 year old mind couldn’t have began to process what was happening to her, which was this grown man taking advantage of her. All she knew was that her feelings were hurt over what her mother said, and she did what any child would do, which was react out of spite. By no means did that give him the right though. And saying things like this is what makes a lot of these young girls feel like they have no voice, and is the reason why a lot of them won’t ever speak out when things like this happen to them! Shame!

      • hollyw

        Please speak on this! Some people w/ half a mind want to speak out and judge from the little they see on their screen w/o even putting two and two together!

    • What does it matter what she did or did not do she was child. He was an adult who had sex with a child. What would you say if it was your 14 year child he was having sex with?

    • Gye Nyame

      You’re an idiot, and so is everyone that agreed with you. THAT’S WHAT TEENAGERS DO….MAKE STUPID DECISIONS! That’s because the part of the brain that deals with judgment and consequences is not fully developed. How dare any of you judge this girl, he is a predator…end of story. I pray none of your children are ever preyed upon by an older man that knows just what to say to get what he wants. In this case he used the mother’s betrayal against her…another girl it might be something different like that absence of a father’s love. SMDH!

    • Kim

      Your right. She was a teenager. A child. And at that she kids sometimes lack the mental capabilities of making good decisions. She may have been aware of some of the things she was doing but her immaturity and lack of guidance was clearly taken advantage of.

  • pretty1908

    her mother needs to go jail too for being a wack mother, how do you give that much information to some man… tha’ts private he was’t her husband. mandentures is disgusting to the core…. who uses to deep family secrets and mother daughter resentment to molest and abuse someone

  • Kelsey

    Wow just wow.. Yandy I am sure could have done so much better than this man. All the secrets are coming out and its a shame its playing out for the public to pass judgements. And I only say that for the sake of the children..

  • Youngin

    SMH at Yandy, Menedecees and that girls mother for telling her boyfriend her daughter’s secret. I don’t care how long they’ve been dating, she just shouldn’t have told him that and I hope she (mom) feels like sheet right now. Yandy needs to seriously call off their engagement or whatever shes doing with Mendeecees because after something like this I wouldn’t even want to speak to him again (even though thats her baby’s father) and God forbid she has another child with him, especially if this next child will be a girl. I also feel very bad for this young lady but praise her for speaking up and taking this disease Mendeecees to court.

    • JaneDoe

      Right, at 8 yrs old her mom should have been all up in her kids life for her not to get raped. Then have the nerve to run tell that to the next man. I am sure it was prob one of her mothers male friends she had around her child. No child shoud be put in a situation to be raped.. Shame on her. Women like that make me sick but I am sure be all up in the next mans face

  • Kitty

    What the Hell is wrong with Yandy?!? I hope she didn’t know about this before she got pregnant. This man is gross.

    • Melissa

      She had to know, there’s no way he didn’t. She may not have known the specifics but his isn’t the first she heard of it. She also knew he was selling drugs. Yandy shocked me thought she was smarter than this

    • Forget Yandy, what was wrong with that girls MOTHER? How do you put your daughter out and yet and still plan to marry her molester!!! Sista’s need to do better!!!!

      • Where was her daddy though? If her mom put her out why wasn’t she able to go to her dad’s house? That’s half the problem right there.

      • Nishy

        She said her mom and him were going to get married, which is past tense. She also stated that after being put out and hearing the argument that her mother n deeces split and she thought it was her fault.. Only wrong I give the mother is not filing anything about it then and now all of a sudden he’s on love & hip and a case is brought forward! #IJS she’s shocked he’s on a reality show then files a charges.. I just can’t feel sorry for people who know right from wrong and aren’t physically forced to do these acts.. There is too many free will to seek help when things like this happens. Yet she continue to accept the money and gifts for the favors.. Let not at like “some” these 15yr olds in the US aren’t acting more woman than their mothers before 14yrs old.. She could of reached out for help and go to the police but chose not too!

        • Nakita NewMe Hughes

          Me personally I don’t believe it here why…he probably had money from the started od him in yandy….but dis not he’s first time in dis not his first season there why not bring it up then why wait until he Married yandy…it a a hidden agenda here there no way around it

          • SheRah Louisuis Bey

            This came out in 2013 so what are you talking?

        • LaShon87

          This is from 2013 and he was acquitted, found not guilty.

      • jmellow

        Which leads me to believe there are a few holes in this story. ..not that the mother wasn’t sick and twisted, I’ve seen mothers blame daughters for their own molestation, but how did the mom see texts but not know what was going on? How did Mendeecees know where she went when she left home but the mom didn’t? Did she contacted him?? Somrtimes, young girls who were molested at a young age become very precocious at a young age also. I’m not excusing mendeecees for allegedly taking advantage of her, if he did, he is dead wrong and should be punished, but it is very possible that Due to her forced sexual maturity she also played a complicit role in their relationship.

        • LaShon87

          This is from 2013 and he was acquitted, he was found not guilty.

  • Meyaka

    Welp,that’s ya baby daddy yandy,obviously mama did raise a fool…

  • KIR12

    Black women keep saying that they’re are no good black men. Shows like this and Atlanta housewives really expose this lie. Are you all telling me Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra and Kenya Moore from Atlanta House Wives and Yandy and Chrissy from LHH couldn’t have found and married a “good” black man when they were in their 20’s? And, I’m not talking about some Fat Albert, Urkcle type brothers either. These women are beautiful and most if them were at the top of their game networking meeting hundreds of eligible men of all races in their 20’s.

    Black women make horrible, horrific choices in men while in their 20’s and spend a the rest of their 30’s & 40’s trying to recover from those mistakes. A lot of them are never able to recover and are pretty much screwed, as far as finding a good man, for the rest of their life. Waiting until you’re middle age with kids is not when you should start looking for a decent “good” husband.

    ATL HW’s helped Cynthia and now Kandi and LHH helped Chrissy get a ring. I guess it might even help Kenya and also Yandy. We’ll see.

    • Sheena

      Were you commenting on a different article?

      • rzakia

        Obviously he just wanted to bring up the topic so he figured why not here. This fellow obviously thinks his comment is thought provoking and insightful, and didn’t realize he missed the mark greatly. If anything is argument falls in on itself when his examples include the notion that good men are indeed on the RHOA or LHH. If an outsider were to look at the caliber of men that are on LHH either NY or Atl they would assume all black men are bad. Even RHOA wouldn’t be the best example. So this KIR12 I think you need to examine your argument and try again.

      • KIR12

        No, not at all. I’m talking about the bad choices black women make in their 20’s and then blame it on there not being any “good” black men. I think it’s relevant. Oh, well. lol

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      Any man that marries Kenya needs help.only a crazy man would marry her

    • @KIR12
      What the hell does some reality show hijinks have to do with this young woman’s case? NOTHING. BTW, some women do manage to come to terms with the bad choices they made, but damn, not all of us spend the rest of our damn lives doing it. You could say the same for men who make the wrong choices in women when they’re young. Also, marriage isn’t the be-all end-all of a black woman’s life, or ANY woman’s life anymore,for that matter, some of us no longer define our lives by it or with it. Anyway, who the hell cares about some reality show shenanigans—-that’s not even real life to begin with!

    • danybx

      Twenties are not the best time to find a husband…women and men should be finding themselves, getting established so in their 30 and 40 they cn make the best decisions. ..people make a lot of mistakes in their twenties. ..

      • KIR12

        The average age of first time birth for b black mothers is 22, 80% of Black births are to black women under 30 and 44% almost half of single black parents live in poverty.

        • danybx

          Thats my point. .not a time to find a husband…should be college , traveling the world, or working. Not making babies or finding husbands…but in this case …making babies since black men arent marrying their baby mamas

          • KIR12

            No, you don’t get it! That’s fantasy nonsense. Only 24% of black women have degrees and most of those are in low paying liberal arts fields. The real world is these YOUNG black women are going to have a baby with or without a husband. I don’t understand it but it’s material instincts and part of the customs and traditions of their black mother grandmother and female black ancestors since the beginning of time.

            The black Feminist ideology only works for a small subset of black women multiple degrees, working corporate job 60+ hours with minimal interest in having kids and getting married and have income to support themselves financially alone or with kids alone. 30% of blacks are on welfare, 30% are working poor and 30% middle class, 10% upper class. Feminist Ideology has a bunch of welfare, low skill/low income black women having babies they can’t afford. Then trying to find a husband in their 30’s who can’t find a decent man of any race interested.

      • folamix

        At one time, 20s was the ideal time to find a husband, especially if you want a family. However, times have changed and most people aren’t really ready to settle down until their 30s or even 40s.

        • sorry but that’s liberal bull crap that a young girl mother should have warn her about that’s what they say but in reality times have not changed that much one logical question what quality young women or quality young man who have finish college started his career and is looking for a mate [that’s why you date] why would they settle for someone who is now tired, have been running all over the would being used up by only god knows who now he is suppose to think he has quality and settle down with what everybody has had fun with and discarded like a old toy, now the reality of this world is if you don’t fine your husband/wife while in college or when you are in your prime 20 something by the time you are in your 30s most of the quality potential mates will have already been taken and for men they will reach back and marry a younger 20 something young lady over a older 30 or 40 something years old older women because he feels the 20 something young lady comes with less physical and mental baggage than the older women who have travel the world and dated all sorts of men and some times women and everybody have played with and discarded. This makes no sense it just don’t work like that.

      • the best time to fine a husband/wife is when you are in college, buy the time you are in your 30 and 40s your chance of meeting quality mate without baggage is almost neal, if you wait until you are in your 30s and 40s to meet a good mate it’s a good chance you are going to have to pick off somebody “cull pile” take left overs, others human dumpster something everybody done used up broke down and discarded.

  • DRA

    Wow, the worse kind of predator…..

    • Guest

      He is a sick twisted piece of sh!t. I would have never put my child out i’m sorry but I probably would have killed him if it was my daughter. I would have gladly went to prison to make sure he never did it again to somebody else’s child.

  • JaneDoe

    And the worst week ever award goes to Mandeville.. I mean Manfecess