“Oh-Hay, Have You Sheen?” 10 Of The Best, WORST And Most Head-Scratch Worthy National Anthem Performances EVER

February 5, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Star Spangled Banners

It’s not an easy feat to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” for big games and events. For years, the top singers and performers have been trying their best at it, and while many have been amazing, others…? Not so much. And after watching Alicia Keys try something different with her rendition of the national anthem this past Sunday, we thought we’d go through some of the best of the best, the hottest of the messes and the performances that piqued our interest for different unique reasons. And boy was it fun! Check out these 10 takes on the national anthem and decide if you agree with us about who killed it, who should have sat down somewhere, and who made us think a stepper’s jam version of the “Star Spangled Banner” wouldn’t be so bad…

And no, Roseanne Barr is not on this list because she HAD to be joking…

Mariah Carey

One Of The Best

In 2002, with her long blonde hair and tiny frame, Mimi stepped on the stage and killed the national anthem (in a good way of course). Her notes were on point (especially the very high one she did when she sang “freeeeeeeeee”), and with the dramatic music done in the background by the band, it was just perfect. And it wouldn’t be a Mariah Carey performance without her signature hand movements. It’s one of the few renditions of the “Star Spangled Banner” that I can listen to as if it’s an actual top 10 hit on the radio.

MadameNoire Video

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  • How can you call yourself a professional and NOT practice and memorize the words…Its not because the song is the national anthem, its because you’re supposed to perform it correctly…Its not like you were asked at the last minute; its not like you haven’t performed in front of crowds before!!! Would you be that careless at your own concert??

  • stepinthename

    That R Kelly is a fool. They was seriously stepping in the ring… tears

  • Lindalabelle

    Whitney!!! The best singer to ever live! Gosh I miss her :-(.

  • mdoubs

    Whithney… <3

  • tallyetsexxi

    Was I the only one get hot to Marvin’s take on the song….don’tjudgeme!!!LOL

    • Child_Puhleez

      *hollering!* LOL!!!

      You’re a mess!!! LOL!!!!

  • Beejcee

    The Jackson Five 1970. They didn’t know the words (not sure if it was as bad as the movie “an American Dream” protrayed it), but they rocked it Acapella and jammed! Yes I’m a fan!!

  • yep

    Yes. And little known fact, Whitney lip synced! That was not a live performance and everyone wants to jump down Bet’s throat.

  • IAJS

    Beyonce has wind fans wherever she goes, it is amazing

  • scandalous7

    Yal know yal did this article just for Keyshia, dont play MN

  • keykey

    YouTube Marc Anthony’s rendition from the NBA Finals, he gets my vote

    • Laine

      I just went to check… WOW!!!! You are so right, that was definitely THE BEST EVER!! I was so touched, and I’m not even American… hahah

    • psylocke_2001

      Yeah he did that!

  • Elle

    Whitney, Marvin, Luther & R. Kelly in that order for me!

  • Kendra Hawkins

    Oh, sweet Jesus. Please tell me Keyshia was coked out of her rational mind. That’s the only way I’ll ever be able forgive her for that awful rendition. And outfit. And wig.

  • KO

    Why the hell was keyshia shaking like she had Parkinson’s disease n wig was terrible. She got some nerve comin at Michelle Williams knowing she sounded and looked like that. I tell you this much white ppl don’t like it when u mess with the national anthem. Just sing it without the theatrics and you’ll be fine. And Kat Delunas rendition was the WORST. I had a good laugh though. At their expense of course. LMAO

    • IAJS

      Who cares about what white ppl like exactly?

  • msgeegee

    Am I the only one having problems getting these videos to play?

    • msgeegee

      i give up

  • OOOH KERI HILSON!!! And the crowd just went extra sour. Bless her heart.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I almost passed out watching Kat Deluna and Keyshia. And Marvin? Smh, he wanted me to go do some thangs lol . . .

  • CB3

    Whitney actually should have been charged with homicide the way she killed it, Mariah and DC3 did the dang thing,Luther V just plain talent, R Kelly made me want to get on my steppin shoes Marvin just made me want to get it on lol, didn’t know that song could have that effect on a person.

    • I ain’t even gonna pretend like I didn’t get up and step for R. Kelly, LOL.

    • *Spins and dips and brings it back up… Puts right hand back over heart* LOL!

  • choc

    Whitney yessssssssssss…….she did that