5 Things We Wish Beyonce Would’ve Done During Her Super Bowl Performance

February 5, 2013  |  

We all know King, Queen, or whatever she’s calling herself these days, Bey killed the Halftime Show during the Super Bowl Sunday night, but are we the only ones who were expecting a little something…different? Expectations are always super high whenever Beyonce hits the stage, so we may have gotten just a bit carried away with ourselves, but here are five things we wish Baddie Bey would’ve done during her show.

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  • I swear, you can never satisfy anyone. If Beyonce had done all of the 5 things that they listed in the video during her performance, yall would have posted a video saying why she shouldnt have done those things. Are yall desperate for impressions or what?

  • trooper1953

    There are no more real diva’s left, just grown women out there wiggling half naked , with bubble gum little girl music…….No real growth in their music and no real message …..The only thing left is to constantly write evry little thing….The strw that broike the back , she just had a baby , and what I see , Her dancing on a stage with her legs gapped…There is NO DIGNITY in that….No wonder so many young African American girls lack self esteem

  • KeshaB623

    This was the dumbest video ever! Beyonce did a great job and for the record NO ONE performs any new material at the Superbowl half time show! Why would she? It was the Superbowl half time show not a show from her upcoming tour. MN really needs to stop with the foolishness. And why in the world would she bring out her 1 year old baby in the midst of all the noise and pyrotechnics? Is that even safe? Would you bring your year old baby to a live concert, much less have that same baby on stage right in the midst of everything? Come on, people. She did her half time show the way she wanted to do it, by singing her hits and performing the choreography that people knew so that her fans could join along.

    • NVAdamzz

      One thing I wish would’ve happened: Choose another commentator for this video.

  • Guest

    Lies, it was great to see Kelly, she held her own next to Beyonce!

  • I wish this ugly retarded Ga caught on fire from her thunder thighs rubbbing together.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Same dancing, same wig dramatically blowing in the wind, same leotard….of all songs she could have done besides Halo and Baby Boy…She could have done get me bodied, Diva, Run The World, something.

    • Sepulveda

      Same million dollar check too….

    • Not run the world! I hate that song! I have to disagree about the dancing, because I’ve always just thought that she wiggled on stage. I can’t call what she does dancing.

      • Chile Cheese

        What can we call what you do???

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    My video wouldn’t play. Can someone please list the 5 things for me?

    • NVAdamzz

      5. Perform new songs
      4. More choreography
      3. Bring out Jay/Blue Ivy
      4. Sing Acapella
      1. Leave Kelly and Michelle at home

      • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

        LOL dayum @the last one. Thanks!

        • NVAdamzz

          I know right! I think Kelly did a great job. Michelle…Not so much. But I grew up listening to them and it was nice seeing how they all have grown!

  • liz

    Beyonce AND Destiny’s Child did a great job. STOP HATIN’! DANG!

  • CB3

    I would have loved for her to drop the mic do a kanye shrug and walked off the stage!

  • Chontae

    You need to shut it. Don’t be hating on Kelly and Michelle. All the ladies were fantastic. I loved seeing them together. I would have loved to hear, “I say a No, No, No, No.” Remember, that one, by Destiny’s Child. JayZ coming out and putting a ring on it would have been fabulous though. All that noise is too much for the baby’s ears though.

    • “Dont’ be hating on” ROFL you ignorant Ga. Put a ring on “It” is correct, Beyonce is just a thing, not a human.

  • Kris

    I think she did an excellent job. Why would she perform new songs as that was the Superbowl half time show which was broadcast to more than just her typical fanbase? She performed songs that were well- known hits and rocked the hell out of it. She says she is a perfectionist, so she perfected the hell out of those routines that we all know very well. At the end of the day, she killed it and that was that. When is the last time you have said that about any Superbowl performance in recent years?

    • Personally, I believe Prince Superbowl performance was better than Beyonce… IMO I love them both but I think the Superbowl halftime performance with Bey was overhyped and I did expect more such as a better musical selection… I wouldve loved to hear DIVA….

      • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

        It was mam! No one touches Prince’s performance except Michael of course.

      • I’ve never been a huge fan of Beyonce, so I’ve never thought that she killed a performance, but I would’ve loved to hear Party. And I kind of wished that Jay-Z would’ve came out. Oh well.

        • WHY! Everyone is on this bring out Jay-Z/Blue mess. This was Bey’s moment, and she brings out who she wanted to. Also why bring a baby out? Y’all forget that she is just a baby. If you want to see Blue, go to Bey’s website.

          • I had just wanted to see Jay-Z perform. It’s not that big of a deal. Jeez.

    • agreed. the SB was not the right time to introduce something new. Why should she give something else for MN to talk about. What I cannot get is why MN is still on the Inauguration? That was so three weeks ago. She does not need to prove that fact. The woman can sing. Please do not have anything about how Bey performed at the Grammys. There will be other artists there so report on them instead.

  • LOL Madame Noir found a new way to make people watch the commercials we so try to ignore. Anyway, I think she should have brought the Original DC on stage and performed “No, No, No”.or “Say My Name” They all have moved on and are good with each other. And I bet La Tavia would have sung and danced for her LIFE!

  • Here is one thing I wish ya’ll would do: get up off Beyonce. Damn. “Can she live?”

  • Hillary

    Really MN??? I think she did a great job.

  • Truly disappointed…

    You could be spending this time bringing back “She’s the Boss”! You can’t say anything about her doing old moves and old songs when your only new content is about gossip, celebrities, and reality shows.

  • I just love the way BaddieBey keeps y’all talking. Of course we expected more because she is BaddieBey, however with everyone, more is never enough. I am proud of her, as a black woman and a mother. She was excellent. Leave her the hell alone. If you don’t like what she does, keep it to your damn self. How bout that?!!!

  • YES gAWD

    How long are yall going to dissect this 12 minute A33 SHOW!?!?!! YALL ACT LIKE THIS WAS A 3 HOUR WORLD TOUR CONCERT….It was a dam mash up of songs with time constraints!! JESUS CHRIST!
    Yall still on this dead horse….Yall could have stop beating it yesterday. Dont do another story on this CRAP for clicks, Its getting annoying to me at this point and Im the biggest fan there is. DONT BECOME LIKE MEDIA TAKE OUT PLEASE REPORTING ON FLYS ON PEOPLE SHIRT…YOU HEADED IN THAT DIRECTION WITH THIS.

  • Anonymous

    Damn if it isn’t an article about Beyonce, it’s an article about that crazy Kenya Moore. You there are other artists, actresses and reality people out there. For the love of all things holy quit with all the Beyonce articles.

  • Lola

    OMG, I am sooooooo tired of the Beyonce overload that the media (including this website) keeps shoving down our throats. One would think that no other female artist exists outside of her. Please, knock it off!! You are contributing to the Beyonce overexposure that you were just writing about a few days ago. Don’t you all communicate with each other?

  • Just saying!!

    I completely agree. I felt like I seen it before and was hoping for something new. However I DID enjoy DC coming out….thy was like my favorite part. But their mics were turned down…it’s not that they weren’t singing loud lol. I think Michelle was the one that was messing up, Kelly did fine I thought. But at least she put on a good show.

    • Yeah, Destiny’s Child coming out was the best part. I like her guitarist as well.

  • MN sucks ballzy

    I swear MN yall getting really annoying you have become like a gossip site, just like week one of your ‘journalists’ was complaining about the over saturation of Beyoncé but yall first to do 1000 posts about one damn thing. yall could have just posted the SB show and leave it at that but NO you had to do another one and another one and then you complain about how she’s everywhere. Yall put her everywhere and degrading her at the same damn time for a site that caters to black women yall shyte and I think this is my last time here. I hope that one of your so called journalist won’t write another annoying rant about her over saturation when yall just as obsessed with her as her stans.

    • bluekissess

      Thank You! I was afraid to say something because they have deleted my comment. The super bowl is officially OVER. Why can’t Brande take it for what it was and leave it alone. What Beyonce showed was five months of hard work and preparation. I think a good story would’ve been Ray Lewis love for God and the criticism he’s gotten over the past week. Somehow sports and religion aren’t allowed to mix. Idk anything other the Beyonce talk.

      • Hoti

        Yes!!!! I know right … their quality has gone done.

    • Cassie

      I agree too. I thought this website was to uplift black women.

    • mac

      This is nothing but a money making ploy. They know Beyonce articles bring traffic to the site. So they’ll find any reason to write about her no matter how far they have to reach.

      We gotta stop falling for the okie doke.

    • Keisha Samoht

      I had completely forgot this site was meant to uplift black women. Lately i have been coming on here for the the recent drama and gossip… I been on here to hear about the drama from the Grammys cause i purposely didn’t watch it…

  • the only thing I wish would of happened? Jay coming out with Blue walking (or on his hip), gaze at the crowd for a minute…throw up the Roc sign, and walk thee f*ck out like aint nothing happen, not THAT would of been awesome lol overall I dont really agree with the video except with the choreo, she was practicing for this performance so tough….just to do the SAME choreo that was in the I Am…Sasha Fierce DVD -___- she could of kept that

    • Melyssa

      “Jay coming out with Blue walking (or on his hip), gaze at the crowd for a minute…throw up the Roc sign, and walk thee f*ck out like aint nothing happen,”

      Yasssss. LOL…

      even better; Bey holding Blu while she is rising up from the floor, gives her a kiss tell her to wave bye bye to the crowd and then hands her off to Jay…. Her Stans would’ve gotten their wings that night… LOL

      • gohina jones

        Y’all should be thinking is it healthy for the baby? Is it safe?. I agree with Kelly and michell microphones looked like it was too low. Hardly hear their voices. And too short for them. But they shouldv’e make a good short impression for ppl to say yup they are still there and better than before

    • Trisha_B

      I can’t even lie, i was waiting for Blue to come out from the back throwing up the ROC lol

      But enough w/ the Bey post

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Lol that would have been epic for the Stans lol.

  • jjac401

    Beyonce’s show was fine the way she did it!

    • she could have let the other girls have the same MIC VOLume as she had ,clearly their MIC ‘s had very low volume ,but when have they not

      • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

        I was thinking the same thing. Kelly and Michelle mic was low purposely. Kelly was keeping up with her though. Heffa know she can dance…