Drama On The Set: Latest Episode Of “Tiny Tonight” Sparks Twitter Beef Between Tamar Braxton And Claudia Jordan

February 5, 2013  |  

Source: VH1

If you were able to catch the special Valentine’s Day episode of VH1’s “Tiny Tonight”, you probably noticed the undeniable tension between co-hosts Tamar Braxton and Claudia Jordan, especially when the ladies began to discuss dating with standards and considering a man’s financial situation. Claudia expressed that the extravagance of a first date isn’t indicative of the success of a relationship.

“I had a very amazing date with someone at a very low-end restaurant, who was on the Forbes List and it ended up being a really nice relationship,” said Claudia.

“But he ain’t put a ring on it!” Tamar obnoxiously interjected.

As you can probably guess, this is where things got ugly. The ladies proceeded to go back and forth with Tamar taunting Claudia for not having a ring yet and Claudia expressing that love isn’t all about money, which is where Tamar quickly got defensive and began stating that she isn’t a gold digger. Tiny quickly diffused the situation, but of course, it didn’t end there.

Although previously taped, it seems that the episode airing last night stirred up some old feelings in the two co-hosts because they almost immediately began going at it via their Twitter pages the moment the episode aired.

Claudia does have a point. Tamar could’ve handled the disagreement a bit more professionally and didn’t have to personally attack her co-star for having different views.

Check out the video clip of the conversation that initiated the tension between Tamar and Claudia on the next page. What do you make of all of this? Is this a ploy to boost ratings? 

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  • Honey

    I like tamar but sometimes she does not think before she speaks. Not a good look.

  • 2cents

    I hate when people try to use being single OR not engaged/married against other people. This has become the new low blow that both men AND women are quick to throw out in attempt to make someone (usually another woman) feel inadequate. I see this every day on twitter, for example: “Most of yall aint ever getting proposed to”…..”You don’t have a man, why do you have an opinion?”

    Being in a relationship that leads to a marriage is a combination of right person/right time. A man chooses to propose to a woman (if you have to force him then I’m sorry for you). It’s not within your control. And sometimes things just don’t work out no matter how “great” you are or how “high you set the standard” (as Tamar said) and you have to walk away because its BEST.

    These types of comments say a lot more about the person who is saying them than the other individual sometimes. Tamar places an extremely high value on the fact that she “got chose”. Love and marriage should be celebrated but if you have to use your chose factor to beat someone else over the head, I think something is missing from your own equation….. Or you’re just a B. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  • I can’t even look at Tamar…she just looks scary to me and every time she opens her mouth she says something stupid!!! She’s just trying to stay relevant and it shows! Being thirsty, desperate and rude is not a good look! Why doesn’t she just go away already???

  • bullheadedtaurus

    My biggest issue was when ALL the girls on the stage said they ‘waited’ to have sex. boo…Boo…and BOO!! We talking about Trina who rapped about doing “5 or 6 best friends”. Girl bye.

  • McChesney Simon

    Tamar’s attitude is disguisting.

  • adanie12

    I don’t have anything against Tamar, but she is so ignorant and her stupidity makes my head hurt. Claudia was right. These woman are so idiotic chasing rappers, ball players, actors, etc. because they have money. All they do is toss you like a salad and yesterdays trash once they see another attractive face, (woman OR MAN sometimes ummmhmm). I’m a grad student and I’d rather date another BROKE grad student than end up looking like a walking STD or wretch from Love & HipHop Hoes of where ever, or Basketball Hoes of where ever. They have to have sex with everything just for some dollars and basically be demoralized, as well as degraded down to nothing but sex toys. Theyre not even human beings anymore, but soul-less money slaves. No thanks hun!

  • I think Tamar is entertaining but she is dumb for this one…like come on a ring don’t mean sh*t not too mention Trina your WIG needs to have a seat before it gets on someones plane…eye roll

  • So because Vincent isn’t attractive to most means he can’t be loved by someone who is smh wow if money shouldn’t be a priority than looks shouldn’t be either

  • Mrs. A

    Once again Smh* loud mouth Tamar putting her hoof in her mouth.Why must you have a ring to be validated as a woman? Her marriage is hardly anything to brag about- based on what is shown to the public. Money ain’t everything. Who keeps employing this child *enough.

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  • NikkitaMichelle

    I haven’t seen the show yet. But everyone knows that Tamar is extra and that’s why they have her on the show. People assume all the time that she is only with Vince for the money because he’s so overweight. But I heard she’s always been a bit of a chubby chaser. With her sister being Toni Braxton and her former brother-in law being in Mint Condition she’s had plenty of ties to just find some rich dude if that’s what she wanted to do. If you’ve seen her interact with her husband it’s obvious that they truly care about each other.

    • Yvette

      I truly believe that Tamar loves Vincent too but she also makes no bones about what he can do for her as well that is why folks tend to think she is only with him for his money.

  • Sunny

    I hate when women throw that “you don’t have a man/ring” stuff around like that’s some grand insult. Tiny is one to talk. Wasn’t she with TI for a good 10 years before he married her? Have an entire row of seats.

    • pretty1908

      girl people forgret …. having a ring or a man doesn’t make you whole

      • Yvette

        It sure doesn’t. I know a few women who are married and just as broken as ever. Folks don’t think a person can be married but lonely. I believe it, because I’ve seen it….and lived it!

    • Dee

      if having a man/ring doesn’t matter then why does it hit to the core of most women? I don’t agree with the statement but lets call a spade, a spade. Having a ring in this society is some sort of trump card

  • Nneka

    Tamar’s comments were classless and mean spirited. wow

  • Trisha_B

    Once again, why is Tamar the only one getting called out when Trina had the same views as Tamar & Claudia was going back & forth w/ her too? Yes Tamar is a loud mouth, but the point of this show is to voice your opinions. Tamar didn’t have to go there w/ the ‘no man’ line but the disagreement wasn’t that serious to be brought over from Twitter. You don’t see the women from The View jumping on twitter talking about each other & they argue & go back-forth w/ each other everyday. I like the show, its funny & it’s a good sit down conversation show but they need to realize what comes out their mouth isn’t always the right way & everybody will have different opinons

    • Yvette

      It’s not that Tamar is getting called out. It’s about the fact that she took to twitter like always and threw subliminal shade at Claudia. I don’t agree with anything Trina had to say either, but at least she is smart enough to stay off of twitter with unneccessary foolishness. One would think that Tamar had enough of saying off cuff crap on twitter when Joseline threated to whoop that a@@ when she see’s her. Tamar needs to learn that everything that pops into your head should not come out of her mouth! When you look up the word extra in the dictionary you will see Tamar’s picture front and center!

  • Lana

    Seriously though?! Not sure why they were giving Claudia the side eye but she had a point. You would think with their target audience they would realize who they are talking to. How many women are able to meet men who can take them to a private island on the first date hire a chef or etc. And just because a man does that on the first date doesn’t mean he’s serious um we’ve all heard the phrase ‘it ain’t trickin if u…. ‘ you know the rest people. Women should def have standards but on a first date you are just getting to know that person and I would be a little leery of a man who would invest a lot of money on a first date and all he wants is a date … Even though I know I’m worth it lol

    • Ladydi82

      U are right on point!

  • York

    Tamar seems like such a drag queen, just watching clips of her is exhausting…

  • NeaJ

    1 D-list celeb + 1 Z-list celeb = me snoring!!

  • tikkit30

    I caught the show and Tamar’s comment was very inappropiate, i think she got her feathers ruffled because Claudia said its not all about the money, Tamar came right back with, I ain’t no gold digga.Child please, what other reason you with Vince cause you could get on faster or because he have all that money.(let him lose it and see what happens) Claudia date idea lastnight was dead on, you can’t put all your hopes and dreams on the first date, it should be fun, to where you can try to get to know the person and not have so much pressure on it, Tamar getting a ring, doesn’t neccessarily mean anything, especially in Hollywood,marriage shouldn’t be about “the ring” it’s about the 2 people joining a union under God and sometimes that mean no extravagant things, so Tamar sit your “rich” butt down!!!

    • Yay!

      Co-sign! Trina really just showed her tired, brokedown, prostiute azz.. Her idea of a first date is basically for a man to trick off her…lol…If she has any friends I hope they point that out too her. I’m done with delusional hoes.

    • tikkit30

      this was a mistake York didn’t post this comment,tikkit30 posted this comment!

  • jumelle12

    Kudos to Claudia for handling herself like a lady and getting her point across so eloquently. Tamar is a ratchet muppet baby- If it weren’t for her sister being Toni Braxton, she would be a bigger nobody than what she is, and her fairytale lifestyle wouldn’t exist.. Tamar will never go far because she is reckless- she’s talented but that’s as far as it goes..

    This disagreement didn’t warrant such juvenile behavior from Tamar on Twitter. Claudia was right on the money- Tamar is no professional- she is a spoiled, plastic brat, and will never flourish in this industry.

    • Kenedy

      Yesss! & i’d like to do a poll…if anyone here thinks that Tamar would have married Vince if he was broke as hell, thumb me down

      • Suchalady

        Agreed and agreed.

      • Jeronica Moniquebadd Watson


    • who the heck is claudia and tamar, idk either of them..