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February 5, 2013  |  

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If you jumped on Twitter last night and wondered why “I’m white” was trending, you can thank Love & Hip-Hop. During Monday’s episode, a heated exchange took place between Raqi Thunda and Jen the Pen after the ladies realized it wasn’t going to work for them to do a radio show together. Jen essentially tried to tell Raqi she didn’t want to work with her because “internet p***y” seems to be less of a nickname for her and more of a way of life, as exemplified by her overly flirtatious behavior during their trial Hot 97 interview. As expected, Raqi didn’t take that feedback too well and subsequently tried to belittle Jen’s whole life, claiming that Consequence, Jen’s man and the father of her child, tried to sleep with her, and adding that she was the one who put Jen on and the chances of her getting another shot at radio were slim to none.  At this point, Jen decided to do Raqi even one lower and remind her, “I’m White. It will get done.”

Excuse me?

Immediately my mind went back to our “I Always Wanted to Ask” series in which we posed the question,”Do White people understand White privilege?” The consensus seems to be that though there may be plenty who would try to deny it’s existence, I can only suffice that that very denial, like Jen’s statement, is proof that White people are quite aware of how the system works, most times they just don’t want us to know — except, of course, for when they want to remind us of our place. Though Jen’s comment rubbed me all types of the wrong way, it’s not because I think she’s racist like so many viewers have accused her of being, it’s because she’s absolutely right — and her boldness is making that statement was further more proof of that privilege. What’s most unfortunate, though, is she’s not talking about Jen Bayer and Antonique Jenkins vying for the same spot in the Senate. She’s talking about another urban radio station jumping at the chance to employ a white woman, who doesn’t appear to be too enthralled in the rap game, to disseminate information to a predominately Black audience, over another Black person.

In all honesty, Jen wasn’t telling Raqi anything she didn’t know. After all, Raqi was the one who pointed out Jen’s marketability to “white her wrong.” She picked Jen to be her co-host for a particular reason — because she’s White — and now that racial reality is probably going to bite her in the butt even harder than Ebro probably got in it when she practically tried to bounce up on Vado when he was on their audition show. For that reason, I’m mad at Jen, but I’m not mad. What she said during her spat with Raqi was about the equivalent of  another girl calling her friend the b-word when things get a little too real during a heated argument. It was said out of frustration that Raqi might be right about Consequence trying to get on, anger that their opportunity at Hot 97 was now blown, and ego because Raqi tried to blow up her unemployed spot. It was wrong, but not racist. I just wonder what Jen is going to tell her biracial son when he’s passed over for a job because it went to someone as lily White as his mom is?

Check out the clip to see the drama that went down last night. Who do you think was in the wrong?

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  • dsamai

    did jen get her radio show?

  • Anastasia

    Screw Jen because YES that was racist. You don’t “accidentally” say a whole statement like that. A word maybe but not a statement.Screw Consequence.He’s a sell out and his not checking her is wrong. Screw Jen’s supporters because be honest, she was mad because Raqi out shined her. Not her fault she’s a better personality. Z list, big nose, racist little white girl. ANY black woman would have reacted like Raqi did no matter what you may say now.

  • true

    BS..she is racist…u dont play the race card unless u are racist….thats the meaning of the word..holding back intimidating or offending someone cause of their race..could it be any more blatant…

  • roxanne watson

    Someone said Yandy is holdng it down for blk women. I believe they said Yandy’s mother is Jamacian, dont know about her dad. People are so preoccupied with race nowadays you can be any ethnic/racially background you want to be. But its sad lots of ppl wld rather be anything then blk. However, I cant take anything away from Yandy, her grind is mad crazy. I love her she the only one doing her thang. All around hands down she golden.

  • UdonNo

    Its easy for jen to be arrogant because At the end of the day, white and latina women know that black men in entertainment and sports will pick them over darker women.

  • Age

    Here is a perfect example of double standard- Throughout that whole episode, Raqi was referring to her “whiteness”. She was basically trying to capitalize, wait… to objectify her, purely for radio ratings which seemed to be accepted by everyone, including Jen, and the producers who left it to show. How then when Jen, flips the script based on what had already been said is this an issue?? What Jen said was taken out of context, by Raqi, (being the wrong person in the argument imo)- and at no point did I believe she meant it it a Supremacist fashion.

  • I was with Jen up until she said that white line. While she was justified in her reaction to how Raqi was doing exactly what the guy from hot 97 said NOT to do. The whole “I’m white” line did not sit well with me. I was with Jen when she wasn’t feeling how Raqi was messing up their chances on getting the show picked up, but she sure voided everything she was saying that was right, when she said “white”

    • thatgirl

      I understand how u could feel like that, but i think what Jen was saying made a lot of sense. Jen, is right, not just in saying that shes white, but i think what she was saying is that she wouldnt shake things up, she would go with what she was told, which is why she will get it done. She knows how to act, and Rocki has so much to learn. and earlier inthe episode rocki used Jen’s whiteness in her sell to her friend on why they should have show, so it cant be okay cuz rocki said and and not okay when jen says it

      • I agree with “thatgirl.” I believe the only reason she brought up her Whiteness is because Raqi was all too comfortable to use it for her own advantage by bringing in someone who has less of a negative reputation. It was like “I’m White remember?” to me. I don’t believe Jen is a racist, but she is bold. This isn’t the first time her privileged way of thinking has been exposed, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Overall this season has been the most troubling of them all it seems.

      • You know what I didn’t even think about that because Raqi did talk about a white girl that speaks her mind and Jen sure did speak her mind to Raqi lol. It still doesn’t sit well because I think she should have taken the higher road and not have said it, but I can understand because in the heat of the moment when you’re getting into it with someone you say the one thing that you know is going to piss them off. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • scandalous7

    well she did not have to say it , but shes right nevertheless

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Did the author really try to defend that Jen wasn’t racist? That was a racist comment she made that stemmed from somewhere in the back of her head in a place that has “always” been there. Raqui just happened to get her fired up enough to bring it out of its hiding place. Jen you are wack as a person. Go cry over a burger your pimp, I mean your man wont allow you to eat

    • CarlaKah

      Your name has me LOL!!!!

  • MsTea67

    Disgusted with what they call hip hop today. I won’t watch or co-sign the shows any longer. Yes, I was guilty but when I continuously see women who would jump ship if hip hop ever loses its shiny lifestyle and the privilege that goes with it, I decided to close that door. Hip hop has been dead. We sold it out. No more self empowerment, respect for our women or men. My sons do not listen to any new hip hop (they are disgusted) and they definitely appreciate and respect all people but they do not identify with these “brothers.” Jen or whatever her name is may be right but her man and all the sell outs are wrong.

  • kierah

    Jen wasn’t lying. In media, they’ll take the worst of the whites over the best of the blacks any day of the week.

    • chanela

      example? charlie sheen and lindsay lohan. people say NOTHING about them. people don’t continuously bash and belittle them and hope that their career ends the way that they do chris brown. there are TONS of white celebrities that are woman beaters and WORSE but nobody bats an eyelash, they just come for chris brown. i don’t even like chris brown like that but i notice the difference.

  • Smiley

    Mona Scott has everyone going crazy… A bunch of black ppl going crazy over this ratchet television show. This is the LAST place where white privilege should be discussed. Are we going to turn love and hip hop into a discussion on how one woman orchestrates fights and disagreements among other women…it’s just reality tv. Or exploits women having abortions? How about we look at social issues in a more intelligent and critical manner..

  • PoeticJustice


    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Now that is an article I would click through 50 pages for

      • scandalous7

        u can say that again

  • BAP

    did someone not inform miss thang that her child is,according to the 1 drop rule,BLACK…she should watch the ignorance she puts out into the world while having a biracial child,and we know yu white folks SEE the white privileged but yu should not speak on it/acknowledge it like that,SO IGNORANT! ugh #GirlBYE !

    • Actually, as a white person, it’s been my experience that white privilege in its fullest sense is largely invisible to most white people unless they take some sociology courses and have it vividly pointed out to them. This is exactly why you find so many white people saying things like “slavery is over and they’ve had equal rights for decades now so what are they still upset about? They should get over it and stop playing the victim” and “oh so they can have a ‘black congressional congress’ but if we had a ‘white congressional caucus’ it would be ‘racist’… who’s racist now?” and other naive statements reflecting that they think that because we’ve progressed to a point when black people have finally started ascending to positions of power in this country that this means racism is dead and everyone has equal opportunities… These people really believe this because they have almost no idea how little we white people have to think about our race on a daily basis and how it shapes our lives. I encounter this invisibility with other white people all the time when talking and trying to enlighten them as to their short-sighted, naive POV re: the above-mentioned statements, but it’s very difficult to get through to people who have been formally educated on the topic.

      • Wow just realized that this convo is 2 months old lol. Probably no one will even see this. Oh well.

  • Black and proud

    Just read this article and wow it explained in depth in such an elegant way yet direct you explained this down to a tee and hit the spot right i love this was spoken about in such a mature manner instead of just typical name calling and throwing around “shes racist” like many people of ethnic origin did, frustrates me when i see my fellow black people always lookin for an excuse to blame another white person for something or a reason to accuse someone of being a racist and if you havent realised already i am a black male with an opinion

    • Instead of being frustrated by black folks, you need to be embarrassed by how poorly you write.

  • Yay!

    Consequence should be beyond embarrassed! She put him and thier son down too with that comment. Of all the ignorant white chicks to knock-up, he found one willing to talk greasy heck on national T.V. A shame. Dare I say, not even Kim K with all the black peen she’s seen has even ventured even close to talkin like Jen…

    • scandalous7

      but she probably thinking the exact same thing


    Vado, Raqi Thunda, Consequence? Such strange names.

  • clove8canela

    Agreed, agreed, agreed. What I didn’t like about that comment was that it seemed to implicate that BECAUSE she was white, she can “get things done.” It made it quite clear that she definitely has a superiority complex, inspite of the fact that she comes home to a black man and (what will be considered) a black child every night. Though I do understand white privilege is a very real thing, the way she put that out there totally put me off.

    • Nicole Brooks

      She’s right though to implicate that BECAUSE she’s white she can get things done. It’s the truth. She’s a White woman surrounded by Black people trying to make it in a “Black” industry. She has to know that she is viewed on some sort of pedestal and just being a White woman will open doors for her.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Jen knows it because she’s a white girl surrounded around black people and she’s figured it all out. . .

  • Why would someone reaping the benefits from their privileged go against it? Ask yourselves this question. We live in white MAJORITY! <.< Doesn't take a genius to see this but they will deny. No one wants to be seen as racist.

    • Lauren Love

      White majority for now but not for long. Our brown brother/cousin is taking over and ideally we would all be united but I don’t feel like that’s the majority either. But we could work on it and make it happen and folks saying something like this will be something to laugh about

      • chanela

        yes! unfortunately hispanic people are starting to get just as bad as white people. they are so damn quick to point out “at least i’m not black”.

        i see hispanic girls beaming ear to ear as they tell me that their black boyfriend doesn’t date black women because we all supposedly wear weaves and hispanic women don’t (not true). as soon as a black person makes them mad then they immediately start spewing racial slurs and other bs because they feel like they are superior and closer to their white angels.

        it’s so disturbing how much hispanics worship white people.

        • Lauren Love

          That’s crazy! Look at me trying to be all hopefully. And we all, all, all women period no matter what color wear fake hair! So true…and why not?

  • helado31

    I wrote a comment that went into moderation and never showed up just because it was over 200 words or because I didn’t agree with the author’s opinion? Smh.


      Comments go into moderation when you use certain words and then have to be approved by someone.

    • ….>.> Sit down.

    • Lauren Love

      Big brother

  • thatonegirl

    I think before she made that comment that white privilege would of worked in her favor but now I doubt any urban radio station would take her on. Lets try not to act like white privilege isn’t real.

  • CB3

    I’m sorry, I have NO problem with what Jen said. It’s simple uncomfortable truth. I love that she said what the f*** it was. Raqi who was trying to act as if she gave this women the breath of life it’s self got told the realist statement. Basically she don’t need Raqi, she’s white someone will give her a chance!! On top of the fact that Jen has already done radio. And it’s not Love and Hip Hop for Black People it’s Love and Hip Hop and peolpe of every race, tribe, tongue, creed, nationality and skin color can and do relate to it. It’s funny to me people love to “keep it real” but hate when it’s kept real with them.

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Exactly! The truth is what it is. . .

    • scandalous7

      she said “gave the women the breath of life its self”…dead!

  • All she did was speak what they all think and what we black folks been knowing !!! Now guess what when YOUR BLACK muslim son grows up remember to tell him why he cant find work and cant get things done !!!! OH Jen dont trip when or if he brings a black girl home.

    • SunshineBlossom

      And that’s the other side of the coin. While I agree with the others, there is the fact that she has a BLACK son… no matter how much he is mixed with her genes, he will always be black, and you are right that she will have to explain to him one day why she can get preferential treatment and he can’t (and it definitely still happens today).

  • UdonNo

    u need to write an article on HOW hip hop and black urban media has created an enviornment of glorifying white and light latina girls, so much so they now feel comfortable saying ish like this–with confidence! be sure that the Kims, the Coco’s, the Ambers, even the Evelyn’s are thinking the same thing–essentially– black men will pick them over black women.

    • nick

      i”d pay to see this get done! Its sad but TRUE

    • SunshineBlossom

      I thought Amber was of mixed heritage? The others I will agree with though. I dare say it all harks back to the 50s-70s, when the beauty definition was a “Marilyn Monroe.” Black men couldn’t even look at white women without getting lynched. And now they can look and go through them more times than a mcdonald’s drive through. I have a slogan for them… OVER 1 BILLION SERVED–AND COUNTING.

      • She is mostly white from Cape Verdean. Her mother is of mixed heritage like the Latinos-Brazilians.

        • MLS2698

          So she is another Amber Rose?

          • Roxie

            I don’t care what anyone says, Amber is a white girl with plastic surgery. Just because they lie doesn’t make it true.

        • CarlaKah

          It is called Cape Verde.

    • Me

      Dayum, too real!

    • scandalous7

      you speak that truth!

    • MLS2698

      She looks middle-eastern to me. And with the burka on, she would get treated worst than blacks by America as a whole.

      • UdonNo

        her last name is Bayer–so its safe to say she’s jewish. And it doesnt matter if she was muslim–the point im trying to make is that in the hip hop industry, black men will promote any white or light girl over a darkskin sister. Jen is smart enough to understand this and use it to her advantage over the years as she infiltrated the rap media…

        • MLS2698


        • SheDevilsRule

          Yes she is Jewish…All you got to do is look at her nose.

      • UdonNo

        her last name is Bayer–so its safe to say she’s jewish. And it doesnt matter if she was muslim–the point im trying to make is that in the hip hop industry, black men will promote any white or light girl over a darkskin sister. Jen is smart enough to understand this and use it to her advantage over the years as she infiltrated the rap media…

    • Anastasia

      What’s wrong with Latinas? I am Latina myself but we are still minorities who have felt hardships from racism. Don’t turn on people in the same boat as you are. Whites started slavery and got the big ball rolling on racism, not Latinos. If anything, they have it just as hard and can understand a black man’s point of view with racism better than a white girl

      • UdonNo

        nothing is wrong with latinas. I just feel that the black media accepts and promotes them WAYY to much, and get their heads gassed up. And then when they make it–they forget about the black base that got them started–like Rosie perez, Jennifer Lopez and a hundreds of video girls. They use black and hip hop to get where they gotta go. I would be cool with this if we saw the Latino media supporting black women –hahaha–and you know that will never EVER happen.

  • It was wrong, but it’s the truth… this is a white world that we live in! Look at how easy it is to kill a black man and not have to do jail time unless a petition gets started!

    • She just said what is so true, people will say things are better. Not so for a few for most of us it is the same.

  • bluekissess

    Jen is correct. Look at the Unemployment rate

  • IllyPhilly

    As you said it’s not a lie. Look at the show Yandy is the only Black chick on a” hip-hop” show created by a Black woman.

    • UdonNo

      it should be called LOVE AND LATINAS ! (watch as brothers scramble to put on the next J-Lo)

    • scandalous7

      Yandi holdin it down for our sistas

  • pretty1908

    LOL twitter said she jen looks like all five of the backstreet boys, they said she lost her white girl priviledges when she had a child by black big toothed muslim, and i was in tears

    • Drew Smith

      LMAO!!! Not a “black big toothed muslim,” though?!?! Yeppers, that white privilege is OUTTA THERE!!!

    • Tamz

      Bahahahahahahahahaa!!!! *rolling*

    • MLS2698

      Yup, that card got shuffled to the bottom of the deck.