Let Me School You On How To Make It Last Forever: Keith Sweat Launches Dating Site And Pens Relationships Book

February 5, 2013  |  

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 It seems like you can find people peddling relationship advice just about everywhere you turn during this time of year. Just last week we told you about the upcoming release of Manology, a collaborative book that offers women insight into the mind’s of men, written by Rev. Run and Tyrese Gibson. It appears that WBLS “Quiet Storm” host, Keith Sweat has a heart to help all of the lovers in the land also, as he is gearing up for a relationship oriented book release as well. Make It Last Forever: The Do’s And Don’ts, which is actually presented by literary trailblazer Zane, is said to offer advice for couples seeking to keep their relationships fresh and engaging, reports Eur Web. I know you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to accept love and relationship advice from Keith Sweat, considering his failed relationship history. But, before you go that route, the singer acknowledges that he has had some failed relationships and even suggests that those experiences make him even more qualified for the job because he’s learned from trial and error.

“I have had girlfriends, been married, been divorced, cheated on women, been cheated on by women, been in love when it really wasn’t love and been in love when it was true love,” said the radio personality.

In addition to his new book, which is scheduled to hit shelves February 12th, a mere two days before Valentine’s Day, he has also joined forces with his daughter Kesha to launch online dating site, Truelovemeets.com, reports The Jasmine Brand. As with his book, the site is also endorsed by Zane. Relationships books and dating advice may be a fairly new arena for Sweat, but to be technical, this guy has been dishing out love advice and bringing couples together for years, just in a different way. He also does a pretty decent job of hosting the “Quiet Storm” on WBLS, which is a pretty relationship oriented program . So maybe, just maybe the “Nobody” singer has some helpful advice to offer. Maybe.


What do you think of Keith’s latest endeavor? Are you the least bit interested in taking a little peak at his book?


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  • Ladygodiva

    oh plsss…let me write my book too…I have a raised eyebrow on these “self made relationship experts”. Cheating, Lying, Whining(the ones who sang), having multiple baby mama’s and being married numerous times, does not make you an expert……Aint nobody got time for that!!!

  • Ann

    These book publishers and up coming publishers must be desperate for money. It is ashame it is to the point where they give anybody, a book deal to write on marriage and relationships when their house is no where close to being in order and like the person below just to make money that’s all. Sweat acknowledges that he has made his share of mistakes, being in mulitple relationships and now he thinks he can help others who are having challenges in their relationship. As well as somebody who has been married and divorced mulitple times want to try to give somebody advice? I go to people who marriage stood the test of time and challenges. These celebrities have the amigated gaul to write a book on relationships as if they are licensed marriage counselors and relationship counselors and they don’t even have their game plan together. Hill Harper for example, he wrote a book on a relationships and he is not a lincensed relationship counselor. Please, I need some marital or relationship advice, I will seek people who’s marital relationship has stood the test of time as well as the ones who wrote a book on how their marriage stood the test of time. I will not be buying this book.

  • Taj

    How about one of these so-called relation gurus work on making a relationship last for at least 20-30 years and then get back to me. Until then, leave the relationship advice to “trained” psychologists. We all have different personalities, dispositions, and values. I think it is a tad pretentious for a person to think they can give advice solely on his/her life experience. Who cares if he was cheated on. If you cheat or have had a habit of cheating, then more than likely someone will cheat on you. Let’s stop giving people credit for things that are not necessarily profound.

  • Girl Please…

    SMH…… #THATS ALL I GOT Wait no its not. Who is going to buy a relationship book written by Keith FKN Sweats…. *takes deep breath* I just dont know what this world is coming to. I dont know Keith sweats, I dont know anything about his personal life and what he does. So Im sorry I will not be taking advice from anyone who can write some sweet words down in a book….never have and never will. Ill stick with people who are close to me who I can talk to and see the inner workings of their life for what is real and what is not. I dont believe all these celebrities that have an epiphany about life/love and try to make millions off of the public because they are a well known figure…WHO KNOWS ABOUT KEITH SWEATS LIFE LIKE THAT???…HE COULD BE A DRUGGIE THROWIN WOMEN AGAINST THE WALL EVERY NIGHT….im not down with this trend. Sorry. That also goes for Tyrese

  • Jean

    I am going there, people always want to write so called “relationships book” but they seem to can’t make it last forever them selves. Been in involved with multiple people, been married 3,4, 5 times and try to give somebody advice. That is great for him to admit that he has missed the mark several times. Now, I know people are “human” and makes bad choices, I like to listen to people who have been married for years and still married and managed to make their relationship work when challenges rises, verses somebody who has been in multiples relationships. I do give him props for his songs about relationships. Like the saying people need to practice what they preach.

  • Kitsy