Michael Jackson vs. Beyonce: Who Had The Better Halftime Show?

February 4, 2013  |  
Credit: WENN

After Beyonce’s epic Superbowl Halftime show, people were calling it one of the best, if not the best halftime performance ever. Well, Michael Jackson fans didn’t take to kindly to that claim, since minutes after her show, his 1993 performance on YouTube was flooded with shade against Beyonce. Reminisce on both their performances and let us know what you think. Is Bey the second coming of MJ or did he have the better show?

Michael Jackson


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  • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    This is a stupid topic. When Michael did his half time show, it was in experimental. Now, the NFL goes even more all out. MJ started the trend. Really, there in no comparison. Michael Jackson is in a class all by himself. Even Beyonce would tell you that. Look at her show, She paid homage to HIM and he inspired her. No comparison.

  • PB Queen

    This is a no-brainer! MJ is the best there was and ever will be. Bey is an outstanding entertainer, but comparing her to MJ is an insult to MJ. An MJ v. Beyonce show comparison is as ridiculous as a Beyonce v. Whitney voice comparision.

  • This question is blasphemy

    People liked Beyonces performance because of the lights, the big band and destiny’s child. Take these out and its blah… Mike stood on stage for like 2 minutes and the people went crazy… No crazy lights, his band he had on the tour that time and thats pretty much it. And if you look at Beyonces performance… it was SO MICHAEL JACKSON inspired… I mean… pyro coming out of the guitar… the shadows… I saw Mike’s influence with the lighting… Just bow down to the greatness that was MJ… Bey was good… but shes no MJ… Even on her best day and his worst day… Sorry…

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Michael duh!

  • MJs Defender

    I love Beyonce, but to compare her to the REAL K.O.P?
    That’s just ridiculous.
    Michael loved Beyonce too but her booty shaking was just that bootie shaking

    Michael could dance and sing and wrote most of his songs.
    Michael is still the True King Of Pop 4 Ever and NOBODY will ever take his crown they can try but it’s not going to happen..

  • Teefer

    Aye aye aye Madame Noire you back up there..MJ will forever be timeless, my 13 year old daughter be singing and bopping to his tunes and we are still in awe at his dancing skills even now. Beyonce is a great entertainer I will give her that and girl got a lot of energy but you cannot compare the two. He is in a whole different league of his own. I mean seriously bootylicious rump shaking compared to the moonwalk? Are you nuts?

  • Ms. Bee

    Hoooooooooooooooooowever, I still fancy Janet’s nip slip as the greatest show I’VE personally ever seen.

  • Ms. Bee

    The fact that MJ stood there frozen for 20 whole minutes just looking into my soul like madame toussaud’s house of wax is baffling. Beyonce went out there and got right the hell to it.
    MJ’s ‘Beat It’ pelvic thrust is beyond great, and Beyonce’s ‘Uh Oh’ booty pop is infamous.
    MJ’s show was amazing. He will always be the King.

    Beyonce is THE KING, THE QUEEN, AND THE WHOLE ROYAL COURT, and her show was immaculate.
    Hooooow…. jk.

    • MLS2698

      Lol! MJ was trying to see just how crazy people were about him. Every time he moved a finger they screamed. SMH at stans.

  • scandalous7

    people are going to say MJ cuz he’s MJ, but um Beyonce completely shut it down last night …im not even going to lie. That was a production. I liked hers better than MJ’s…sorry, shoot me.

  • honest

    all i can say is thank God i grew up in the 90s because this generation is so lost and sad…i grew up with real music and artists….coochie poppin is not great performing and did you guys notice how the other 2 girls mics were turned dwn low….smh…

  • I thought about the comments that everyone has said, which is true. There is no compassion to the two performers. Let’s look at something else…age. You are going to compare a person who would have been close to 55 years of age if he had lived to a 30 or 31 year old who could have been his daughter?. Oh give me a break. Not only that, Bey still have to experience at least half the things MJ have experienced in order to compare the two together. Now if you done this comparison with Bey and Janet, that would have been a different story, but still you would have been wrong to do the this to Bey. I like Bey’s music in all, but she has yet to create a song that talks about humanity. Halo is a beautiful song, and I love it, but it is not about Humanity and the problems she feels this world is facing.

  • roo08

    Please stop. Stop the madness and Beyonce worship. It’s getting scary now (and not just on here).

  • Shay

    Beyonce is great, but no one compares to MJ. People forget that most of Beyonce’s fans weren’t even alive in 1993, so of course she’s the best they’ve ever seen.

  • jjac401

    Bey gave a beautiful performance, but she ain’t no Michael Jackson or Prince. That should not even be up for discussion!

    • YES gAWD

      But she is Beyonce…..what is the deal with people saying that an artist is another anybody. Thats crazy to me when that person has worked hard to be them.

  • tallyetsexxi

    In a nutshell! OF COURSE MJ IS KING!!!! With that been said…I have to say Bey was better because it was more entertaining, I not compare MJ life’s work. But one isolated performance of the super bowl. I have to admit that she rocked it…and I not a super fan, stan or any of those things. But just like “We” (my generation had MJ, I was born late 70’s) our kids generation will one day have still same arguement about (Insert name) and Beyonce was the greatest entertainer…Love her or hate her she is a showmanship, and entertain!

  • Just saying!!

    What kind of question is that? MJ is revolutionary. As someone who likes to put messages in my songs, I can say it’s one thing to make popular songs, but another thing to inspire people to change or COME TOGETHER because of those songs. MJ is a movement. …and he didn’t even have half the theatrics and animations Bey had. I love Bey but ummm #next

  • Thatgirl13

    Man I miss Mike!! Damn, damn, damn!!!!!!!

  • FromUR2UB

    The woman is good at what she does, just like Michael Jackson was. That people don’t want to acknowledge that talent as a singer and entertainer just because they despise her, doesn’t diminish her talent. I don’t get these comparisons anyway. People get into these useless debates over whether Michael Jackson or Prince is better, Prince or Rick James, now Beyonce or Michael Jackson. The universe is big enough for more than one talent. Is there only one opening now?

    • Just saying!!

      Thank you! All these debates about who is better subtracts from the craft itself. No one is taking time to appreciate the art itself. The only sport playing yesterday was football, she was entering into a game herself!

  • M

    Second coming of MJ??? Really??? I have watched all of the Super Bowl Performances. If you look closely she took inspiration from MJ, Prince, & Madonna from how her songs sequenced and artistic choices of her stage and fan participation. Beyonce is a POWERHOUSE no doubt about it. She has raised the bar a lot higher for female artist. She has set the stage for marathon singing and stage performance to be more of a standard in the business. She rivals many of the greats and her work ethic is beast, but she has more work to do. There should not be a comparison to MJ’s Super Bowl performance at all. It was just TOO GREAT!!!

    • honest

      huh Tina Turner was the ORIGINATOR of what you see Bey doing today…and honestly i dont understand the hype over her Janet Jackson was the TRUE definition of an ICON…Janet reinvented her image and music countless time…Bey looks EXACTLY the same…and does the same exact stuff since going solo


    These two just cannot be compared.


    These two just cannot be compared.

  • JaneJane

    No competition…Sorry Mike, but chick had the stage made to look like her profile and flowin’ weave. Now that’s showmanship!

  • JaneJane

    No competition…Sorry Mike, but chick had the stage made to look like her profile and flowin’ weave. Now that’s showmanship!


      Wheres your stage????

      • JaneJane

        Don’t understand your comment, doubtful that you do either! Ummm, it’s an internet forum—take several seats hun. I am entitled to my opinion. Both are great but I chose one.

  • Lola

    I actually wasn’t that impressed with B’s performance. From the first closeup, she looked a little tired and old and I just could never really get into the show. When Kelly poppep up with that body, was the best part.

    • Just saying!!

      I agree…I felt bad because everyone was so psyched about it that saying I wasn’t impressed seemed horrible. But I just saw a bunch of random theatrics and I didn’t get excited until DC came out (I LOVE ME SOME DC!!). Her energy and performance was great though but the show itself wasn’t that impressive to me…

  • MAY


  • Nikki

    Is this a serious question? His was/is clearly better. I wouldn’t even call her performance “epic”. I liked it, but…epic? That is a bit much.

  • trutheye

    I am a beyonce fan, but I just have to say this: THERE CAN BE NO COMPARISON BETWEEN BEY AND MICHEAL. Period. Micheal internalized his craft. He was awesome because of this fact. he had star power. hell, he could make people faint from excitement.
    Now, bey was great at the SB, but not Micheal kinda Great. personally, I was not so very much impressed by her performance. it contained nothing really new. or maybe the hype was just too much.
    let me add tho, that I don’t know any other female artist who could have done better than Bey did. but to compare her SBHTS with that of Micheal? Heck no!

  • Guest360

    Come on. Her performance was good. I’m not a fan but I can give credit where credit is due. But let’s get ahead of ourselves here. MJ is the King. He was doing this thing straight out the womb and worked for damn near 50 years straight perfecting his craft. Perfectionist doesn’t even begin to describe exactly what he was and what he did. When Beyonce hits 50 and is still doing what she’s doing now, then we’ll talk about comparisons to MJ. She had an amazing performance but MJ is on another level altogether. No one compares to him

  • Nope

    Just like the hate Kobe Bryant gets when compared with Michael Jordan (BY OTHERS, not from his own mouth…… same with Beyonce), why wouldn’t someone striving to be best have others be their bar?

  • Say What?

    Does it matter?

  • Even if beyonce was better. No one will admit to it because people like to hate on her and people have a sense of weird loyalty to mj. People won’t give credit where it’s due.

    • TRUTH IS

      Who ever said they hate her?? Hate is a strong word

    • TRUTH IS

      Hater = dopey term being used these days by people who don’t agree with the criticism leveled toward someone that they blindly admire.

      • Suchalady


      • Just saying!!

        AMENNN!!! Not to mention can’t you say the SAME EXACT THING about blind Beyonce fans who cling to her every word like she’s Jesus (especially since people are now calling her BEYSUS)?

        • NiceNasty

          Wait are you serious? People are really calling her that?

  • lolo

    Yes MJ needed to renuite with Jackson five to make it all the more spectacular. Please. You cannot go back in time to people who come before you and have inspired your moves, dress and marketing tactics and then say they are better. Legends are legendary meaning there is no one on their plane. The opportunity for anyone to beat MJ is gone and dead. Now her performance was good but say it topped Prince, Rolling Stones, and MJ are you kidding? Beyonce gets people caught in the moment and alot of people who get so emotional about her are bandwagon fans. She definitely showed up and showed out. Her performance was better than more recent ones she can make the list but to say she beat out MJ is like saying Dr. Cornell West shuts down Malcom X and Martin Luther King as far as black leaders…. Really? because that is who he pulls inspiration from and looks up …. they came before him. Done.

    • Meyaka

      Thank you.


    MJ reinvented himself. None on his level!!!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I saw MJ slick throw that Stanky leg in there. . .

  • Just sayin

    Beyonce is the best performer from HER generation. I did read that she had the most watched performance in the history of the Super Bowl, beating out Madonna, Janet and Prince. She deserves some kind of credit.

  • Guest

    I don’t even understand why there is even a comparison. (Including Prince of course) MJ is the greatest performer of all time. I have yet and probably will not ever see someone who worked as hard as he did to PERFECT his craft. Beyonce says she’s a perfectionist but she does not hold even a fireworks sparkler to MJ. These beyhive fans have gotten ridiculous as to even insenuate such a thing *deep sigh* Is she one of the best performers ALIVE…no Prince holds the crown but she is dominating in her field (even with old songs) and I can commend her efforts and achievments

    • Chile Cheese

      You consider OLD songs…songs that came out LAST year from Beyonce, but prince sang a song that is 20+ years old…yet he was a best and had no NEW MUSIC…. to perform. Since apparently new music is your gauge on what is hot and not. Beyonce was loved by MJ and is Loved by Prince…if they dont shade her for her efforts…then why do people who cant do what EITHER OF THEM CAN DO….ill wait.

      • Cookie


  • Just Saying

    This is stupid.

  • Zettai

    PRINCE. To this DAY I am still blown away by that halftime show with the purple rain.

  • C’mon son

    No, never that. It was a good performance but, honestly, Prince’s halftime performance was the next best after MJ. Let’s not go overboard with these MJ comparisons. I remember when people tried to say that about Chris Brown and…look-at-him-now.

  • pretty1908

    She did great, but to compare her to MJ isn’t fair. Michael was a writer, visionary, and a lover of music. Bey did awesome, but it was noting new that we have never seen. I enjoyed seeing her command the stage, but I am also over the hairslinging and gyrating. She has the voice and star quality…take it to the next level bey, don’t box yourself in .

    • pretty1908


    • Nikki


  • Meyaka

    Wow,really? MJ vs beyonce? That’s where we at? Why do you people do this to beyonce,it’s bad enough that her pelvis rotation and but shaking is being begrungindly accepted as dance but now you are comparing her to Michael Jackson? Gtfoh with this bullsh@t Madame noire,get your life!

    • JaneDoe

      LMAO.. Your so wrong yet so right

    • SheBe

      Get your feelings out! Lol!

    • Kenedy

      Right? Beyonce does her thing, no doubt, but no artist alive today can do & has done what MJ did. MJ was the kind of artist that my little cousin who was born after he died, loves & listens to…and a 59 yr old redneck from Texas loves & listens to….Beyonce only has a certain demographic for fans…so the comparison needs to stop! Stop! Stop!!!!!!!

    • Robin

      I can’t believe this is even a question. Beyonce vs Micheal Jackson????????? Seriously? Beyonce is good, great even, but Micheal Jackson is the best that has ever lived. Next they will be asking who performed a better national anthem, Alicia Keys or Whitney Houston!!

      • Meyaka

        Girl Rihanna vs Diana Ross…

      • juvrelle

        girl, Elvis Presley Vs. Justin Beiber

    • MLS2698

      I didn’t see the show, but caught some clips on ET. Nothing NEW to see here, folks. Just the same old gyrating.

      • Taj

        But she added visual graphics of herself from the backdrop and on the stage. Surely, you had to be amazed -_-.

        • Suchalady


        • MLS2698

          Of herself………..I agree!

    • MLS2698

      I didn’t see the show, but caught some clips on ET. Nothing NEW to see here, folks. Just the same old gyrating.

    • Taj

      Thanks for saying it, so I don’t have to. Even Prince was better.

    • Suchalady

      Thank you! Beyonce could never, EVER!

    • honest

      beyonce isnt even better then Janet Jackson…this beyhive is a mess this generation actually thinks coochie pooping is real dancing…she got up there and performed songs from 2004…smh

  • Crazyco

    I’m a minute and 20 seconds in and the answer is crystal clear already ! At the end of the day Beyonce did a good job and that’s it. I thought Madonna Nicky and them s u c k e d but when you compare it to Beyonce it look like they put a lot into it, and really tried to bring it. Beyonce on the other hand did a mini concert good and that’s it ! Super bowl can’t compare to most of the artist stage/concert performances but Beyonce on the other hand again had better concerts & performances than her SBP !

    • yeppers

      Beyonce had 12 minutes and couldnt do whole songs…only a mashup which she didnt have the time to give FULL COREOGRAPHED DANCES and costume changes. The same as ANY superbowl performer. TO me she put more effort into it than ive seen from ANY OTHER SUPERBOWL PERFORMANCE…from staging to dancers. She did an amazng job considering the time and production restraints of the superbowl. I know it was joked about all week long but this really wasnt a BEYONCE CONCERT it was just a halftime performance. leave it at that.

  • Nah Michael’s was epic.

  • realadulttalk

    Let’s not do this to Beyonce…there is no comparison. MJ was killing it since he was knee high to a grasshopper. MJ is and will always be an icon…she’s not there yet.

    • Sepulveda

      But who says she is trying to be there…Michael Loved Beyonces talent/showmanship so this imaginary beef of her coming for him is so ignorant. When they both loved what eachother brought to the table….let her shine on her own. no one is dimming anothers light in my opinion.

      • RAVENS GANG!

        You seem to be the one imagining the ‘beef’.

        • Sepulveda

          um no one is imagining anything when PEOPLE LIKE YOU…get all caught up in your feelings when people say Beyonce and MJ name in the same sentence….this whole post is filled with people tearing her down because of a comparison to MJ….and if you read my comment instead of trying to come at every Bey fan with ignorance. I said that they liked eachothers talent…so why the comparisons and hate for one in support of the other. Morons.

          • RAVENS GANG!

            People like me? How was I ‘trying to come at every Bey fan with ignorance’ when I have only made TWO comments on this post? I made one comment to you, and my other comment was, “These two just cannot be compared.” Yea, that comment sure seems like someone who is ‘caught up in their feelings’. You’re not even using the definition of ‘ignorant’ correctly. That would make you the moron. PAY ATTENTION!

          • i do not think that anyone here is trying to tear down her performance. I do not see it that way. So I do not know why you are getting so upset about the comments. I agree with Raven’s Gang, there is no comparison to both performances. Next time, try reading comments before tearing other people down like you are accusing Raven’s Gang of doing.

            • RAVENS GANG!

              Thank you!

      • RAVENS GANG!

        You seem to be the one imagining the ‘beef’.

      • Darslow

        What imaginary beef? They hardly ever talked or interacted. I think MJ respected her just like he respected Usher and JT, but I doubt that he thought that she was even a fraction of his talent.

  • Ashley B

    Why do we even have to do this?! MJ is a legend and Beyonce put on a great performance also. Why can’t we appreciate both artists without making it a competition? Respect for both.

    • YES gAWD

      Thank you.. people act like by performing and DOING HER JOB….She went and spit on his grave afterwards..Another try to come up with an imaginary reason to hate Beyonce. I blame the media for feeding this crap to consumers. Beyonce never says she wants to replace MJ…so why do some people HATE her like those words come out of HER MOUTH.

      And anytime someone says that to her she always politely declines the comparison…so tell me haters….WHAT YALL MAD AT BEY FOR???

  • DTJ

    I don’t even understand why there is even a comparison. (Including Prince of course) MJ is the greatest performer of all time. I have yet and probably will not ever see someone who worked as hard as he did to PERFECT his craft. Beyonce says she’s a perfectionist but she does not hold even a fireworks sparkler to MJ. These beyhive fans have gotten ridiculous as to even insenuate such a thing *deep sigh* Is she one of the best performers ALIVE…no Prince holds the crown but she is dominating in her field (even with old songs) and I can commend her efforts and achievments