Here We Go: 7 Slave Movies Expected To Begin Production in 2013

February 4, 2013  |  

From EurWeb

Quentin Tarantino sparked something quite interesting or just beat all other filmmakers to the punch.

Seven more ‘slave’ themed films are scheduled to premiere this year. One writer speculates Hollywood is on a celebratory kick, commemorating the 150-year anniversary of the Civil War.


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  • JewelThompson

    It’s really up to US to tell OUR stories, the way WE want to tell them. Hollywood is a community that was not created with people of color in mind. Instead of us spending so much energy trying to become a part of that community, we need to think beyond going straight to Tinseltown to launch anything. Many people can’t stand Tyler Perry’s works, but he was pretty much doing his thing on his own terms and Hollywood called him! What other black person today owns their own media production house? People need to follow his example in terms of entrepreneurship by having a vision, nurturing it with hard work and passion and then watch it grow. Shonda Rhimes is another excellent example – the woman is incredible.

  • get real

    As long as you black folks support movies like Django, don’t complain now. See when people like Spike Lee talked about Django, it had nothing to do with the movie, more so about Hollywood’s love affair with black inferiority movies and constantly reminding you of slavery. Now they have 7 more in the works for you guys to support and say “but it happened, it’s our history”. Whites have the worst history of anybody, yet you don’t see movies about “whites stealing land, whites killing Native Americans, “whites wiping out Aboriginal people” “whites stealing African culture (Egyptians)” ” whites staking claim to all black inventions’ ” etc. So black folks stop supporting this junk under the umbrella of “it happened”.

    • Love_Sexy


    • chanela

      right! i was JUST gonna ask when the hell they’re gonna come out with a movie about the spanish raping all the aztec and mayan women to make modern day mexicans? that mess wouldn’t fly! hell in the spanish soap operas, mexico is portrayed WAYYY more glamorously than it actually is, they would never allow themselves to look bad in public. smh

    • FromUR2UB

      It IS part of our history, but it’s not our shame. The Holocaust lasted less than a decade, as best I can determine, yet Jewish people don’t try to forget it, and don’t let anyone else forget it. In fact, they’ve managed to make their experience seem more tragic than slavery. So, why should we sweep our experience, our history under the carpet? Anyone who can watch a movie that truthfully depicts slavery and comes away from it believing that it’s flattering to white people but makes blacks seem inferior, is not very observant. Though the statement is credited to George Santayana, I had first heard it in ‘Roots’. So, I’m always mindful of that warning: “Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.” or something similar to that. In many ways, we have forgotten it. Today, slavery manifests itself in more ways than physical bondage. Imprisonment is a form of slavery. Addictions are a form of slavery. Debt and excessive consumerism are forms of slavery. Anything stiflng to a person’s ability to make decisions for their own lives, how they use their money, or be present and have an impact in their children’s lives, is a form a slavery. The difference is that, in some ways, we impose these forms of slavery on ourselves. We have to teach our children the good and bad of our history. If they only learn that we were kings and queens, or that we existed only as slaves, they’ll be like four-legged tables missing a leg. People are defined by how they handle heartbreak, as well as triumphs. Now, I watched Django Unchained, but that doesn’t…shouldn’t mean I want or deserve more, more, more of the same. I watch movies about a variety of topics. Since Spike Lee is a movemaker, what is the next movie he’ll release? He should simply create more of his own…the kind that counter those images that he feels are damning to us.

      • J

        Thank you! The fact is it is our history! We complain when they don’t show us, we complain when they do and then we wonder why our stories don’t get told. The entertainment business is just that, a business. The studios want to make money and they shy away from telling our stories because for the most part we don’t support them which is what happened to Spike Lee’s movie Miracle at St Anna. It doesn’t matter how many people we have in high powered positions if we don’t support these films. What is sad to me is it takes Quentin Tarantino, Django, and George Lucas, Red Tails, for us to pay attention to our stories.

      • monitorette

        There is this poignant masterpiece that Toni Morrison wrote : BELOVED. That could be a great material to work on for Spike Lee.

        • FromUR2UB

          Well, Oprah made it into a movie about 15 years ago, but audiences didn’t love it. You’re right, the book is a masterpiece, but a lot of people hadn’t read the book before seeing the movie. Without understanding the imagery, the movie would have seemed very strange to people.

          • monitorette

            I read it in French in 2007, and I can tell you this is one of the best book I’ve ever read. Once I finished it, I kept it on my shelves, because I knew I would read it again a few years later. But then I realized it was a crime to let the dust cover such a book, so I offered it to a friend of mine, whom I knew was receptive to those kind of storytelling.