Tips for Avoiding An Online Dating Disaster (Like Getting Catfished)

February 22, 2013  |  
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Online dating has taken the relationship world by storm and nowadays it’s rare that you’ll find someone who hasn’t tried it at least once. With so many social media and online dating websites available today, it’s become commonplace for someone to try e-dating. If you’ve decided to take a shot at online dating, there are definitely some things you’ll want to know so that you can avoid an outright dating disaster. Since online dating can be tricky, here are 14 ways to avoid an online dating disaster.


Know what he has to offer

A lot of times guys will have a profile that goes on and on about the type of woman they’re looking for. While you may fit his wants to a T, you’ll want to make sure that you know what he can bring to the table. If he says nothing about what he can bring to a relationship, he may not be looking for anything worthwhile.


Make sure his pictures are real

As sad and desperate as it sounds, there are plenty of guys out there who will use fake pictures in order to draw women to them. If something just doesn’t seem right with a guy’s pics, Google is your friend. Do an image search and if you find this guy’s pictures all over the Internet, chances have it that they aren’t of him.


Beware if all of his pictures are self-portraits

Even though websites like Instagram have done nothing but increase the amount of self-portraits people take, a guy with a profile full of only headshots is a sign of trouble. Either this guy has no social life or he’s extremely narcissistic. Find a guy who has a few self-portraits but also has pictures with friends. This way you know he’s not socially awkward and isn’t wrapped up in himself.


Make sure he likes you inside and out

We all want to find a guy who finds us extremely attractive but you’ll want to take some caution with the guys you talk to. It’s important to find a guy who not only finds you attractive on the outside, but also likes your personality. A guy who is only worried about looks can mean big trouble in the end. Look for a guy who wants an attractive women, but also one who is smart, driven, goal-oriented, and so on.


Make sure he’s not online 24/7

A lot of dating websites will alert you when someone you’re talking to is online. If you notice that this guy is always online searching through profiles and trolling girls, it’s obvious that he has nothing better to do with his time. Clearly he lacks a social life and would rather be online wasting his time away.


Don’t bother if his profile doesn’t scream interesting

You’ll come across some guys who have profiles that are blatantly boring. While boring isn’t always a horrible thing, the whole point of online dating is finding someone who wows you, not someone who bores you to no end. If he seems pretty generic and boring and nothing really draws your attention to him personality wise, he may not be worth while. Find a guy that is passionate about certain things and has plenty of hobbies.


Don’t fall for the cliche profiles

He says he has the body of a 21-year-old and the mind of a 40-year-old and claims he’s young at heart but as wise as they come. While cliches can be plenty attractive, guys who put these in their profiles tend to be completely the opposite. A guy who really is the life of the party or one who has a body of a young hot guy doesn’t need to proclaim it all over his profile.


Ignore anyone with a made-up nickname

In middle school it was cool to give yourself a nickname, but nowadays, in the adult world, it’s a bit silly. Run far away from guys who call themselves “lucky,” “playa,” “danger,” “lil,” and so on. This is a huge sign of a guy trying to be cool and unique, but in the end it just comes across as being quite silly and childish.


Avoid a controlling guy

Even through an online profile, some guys can give off the vibe that they’re extremely controlling. Look for his “must haves” and things he just “won’t stand for” when it comes to dating. If he has specific things he won’t tolerate, don’t waste your time on him. Clearly this guy wants a woman to live by his rules only.


Be suspicious if all of his pictures seem aged

If a guy says he’s 30 but all of his pictures look like they’re from his time in college, there may be a problem. Either he’s older than he really says he is, he’s uncomfortable with how he looks now, or he’s in search for a younger girl. Whatever the case, he obviously isn’t being real with the girls he’s talking to. Stay away from guys with pictures that just don’t fit his age.

Side-eye baggage

We all have some sort of baggage, but a lot of us prefer to leave it at the door. If you come across a guy who talks about his past relationships and ex-girlfriends in his profile, move onto the next one. Clearly he’s not over her, is still dwelling, and is probably on the rebound. On the other hand, if he’s talking trash about his ex, he clearly has no respect for women and lacks maturity.


Pass up on anyone whose profile is really sexual

Shirtless pictures and extremely sexual language in a guy’s profile is a big red flag, especially if you’re looking for a relationship. If you’re simply looking for a fling and some fun, this may be the guy for you, but if you want a relationship, steer clear of the overly sexual profiles. You can easily avoid becoming a booty call when the signs are evident.


Investigate if his pictures look Photoshopped

Any guy who Photoshops his pictures has a lot of time on his hands and it shows that he obviously focuses too much on his looks. If his skin looks like it’s been airbrushed and he looks overly muscular, it may be a product of Photoshop. This is a clear sign of insecurity and desperation. Find a guy who is willing to show you what he looks like au-naturale.


Be a little hesitant contacts you with a generic message

Some guys are guilty of sending out mass messages and emails to girls that they want to talk to. But, you’re worth much more than a guy who won’t take the time to write you a personalized message that shows he’s read your profile and has true interest. Any guy who sends you a generic hello, he’s either lazy or sincerely uncreative.

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