“She Always FawkN The Groove Up” Keyshia Cole Goes In On Michelle Williams

February 4, 2013  |  

Keyshia Cole is quickly becoming the woman who’s known for putting her foot in her mouth. First there was the biracial/Black Girls Rock controversy and last night she had a few choice words for Michelle Williams during the SuperBowl halftime performance. Of course she expressed her grievances on Twitter. This is what she said…

Source: Twitter

Hmm… Now, we’ve all known since 2003, that performing is not Michelle’s forte. It’s clear that she’s not very comfortable on stage. But her voice has always been different, she’s always been maybe a half step off. But was Twitter really the venue to express this opinion, and so rudely especially when Keyshia Cole will probably never find herself on anybody’s Super Bowl stage. For better or worse, people on Twitter were too happy to tell Keyshia about herself. Check out some of the mentions she received after her reckless comment.

That illiterate hood possum comment pretty much put the nail in the coffin. Now maybe the people who had something to say about Keyshia took things a bit too far; but if you put yourself out there, especially among the dozen-playing, shade throwing community that is Black Twitter, you must prepare yourself for the worst.

It’s very clear that Keyshia wrote that in an attempt to be funny. But as a fellow singer and performer, that was something you should have turned and said to your homegirl or husband. Not something you put on Twitter, when the whole nation is watching Michelle from their couch…just like you were. Some are speculating that Keyshia made the comment to get people talking about her again. Well, if that was her intention, then mission accomplished but perhaps not in the way she was expecting.

What do you think of Keyshia Cole’s comment? Why

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  • Mrs. Urban

    Flat line —————- you just killed Keyshia Cole with that comment. I was laughing so hard at your comment.

  • MLS2698

    I think this is the highest votes ever received on this site. Too funny.

  • Keyshia baby…you was on the COUCH watching the superbowl!!!! No matter what you say, you will NEVER have Destinys Child success and making snide a$$ remarks only makes you look more pathetic than you already are. Have several seats girl your irrelevant…..gtfoh!

  • klynn

    Just sounds like a bunch of kettles calling a bunch of pots black. They are all from the same background; maybe they should all try to get along and give us all a break and find something usefull to do with their time and money. Oh why did I even read this!

  • AJ389


  • IAJS

    The only reason people jumped on Keyshia is because she is famous but if ppl were honest with themselves they would admit that they were thinking the same thing… As tacky as it was, it was the truth

    • realadulttalk

      Keyshia threw a stone from within her glass house–THAT is why people jumped on her.

  • guest

    Michelle and keyshia cole r in the same boat. The only way eithet one of them were going to the super bowel was if bey invited them. Since bey doesn’t know who key is michelle won. In the words of lil kim ” am throw shade if I can’t get paid.” Thats exactly what key did.

  • Treetrain

    Lmao She said “like she even got invited to sing at the Walgreens ribbon cutting” Man that did it for me!!!!Hahahahah

  • Treetrain

    Lmao She said “like she even got invited to sing at the Walgreens ribbon cutting” Man that did it for me!!!!Hahahahah

  • annakin

    My goodness that “hood possum” comment was drop dead funny!!!!!

  • She got read.

  • Sagittarius81

    Keyshia has no room to be talking shyt about anybody, I feeling that she’s mad that she wasn’t asked to perform at the SB, not even relevant enough to get that honor. More reason to lose respect for her, UUUUGGGGHHHH!

  • kicks

    ‘illiterate hood possum’……*dead….best statement of the year!

  • Lmfao @ Walgreens ribbon cutting. I’m dyin over here

  • Solo40

    Oh you mean like the one you effed up during VH1 Honors tribute to Teddy Riley Remember The Time? And what was that mess you had on? Girl stop.

  • greentea516

    Keri Hilson’s like “You gon’ learn today” don’t talk about Bey or her crew that’s a nail in the career coffin

  • Candacey Doris

    And this is why she can’t get anywhere. Rule one of being famous: don’t publicly hate on people who were winning when you were still getting knocked up on the street! #BeProfessional

  • Kee

    Come on she was on the superbowl and you can’t even get invited to sing at little league events stop the shade.

  • GalaxyEmpress

    All the shade that is being thrown, I can’t!!! LOL

  • KJ

    KC needs to be ashamed of herself. If you have an issue with Michelle, cool, but don’t start speaking about it via the internet. Especially since you’re not doing anything in the music game right now yourself. It’s amazing how much people HATE Beyonce, and it’s only because she is great at what she does. No matter what “you” think, B is doing her thing. People should take a lesson from her and step out on their own dreams/passions, or try to find what it is they are meant to do no matter what the skill/talent may be. I’m positive that if more people were discovering and living out their “purpose,” there would be no room for insults and ridicule. Has anyone ever noticed how people who are completely focused on doing great things have no time to criticize? It’s because they are to busy being FULFILLED to deal with empty souls.

    • JewelThompson

      Brave comment. Now, brace yourself for the onslaught….

  • Sunny

    Obviously, she’s entitled to her opinion, but given the state of her career, she had to know her comment was going to come off like straight hateration. Whatevs, Keyshia.

  • Melissa

    Yep that sums it up. Lol


    The fact that she got laid into last night on Twitter only goes to show how people feel about her really.

  • Nobody’s Business

    I think she is saying what everyone wants to say but Keyshia said it in a disrespectful way. If you look at past DC performances, Michelle does look off and is not the greatest dancer. She doesnt exude sex appeal the way Beyonce or Kelly does. I believe she is a better gospel singer. But Keyshia could have kept that comment to herself

  • LC

    I still don’t get it…there were a bunch of random, irrelevant-non-celebrities clowning Michelle during the performance “I hope Michelle don’t fall”…”Why is Michelle even there”….”Poor Michelle”…. Then when Keyshia Cole does it, it’s all of a sudden a problem? Why clown her for saying what everyone else was thinking?

    Come on people, really? I don’t care for either ladies, but you’re only continuing to make Keyshia Cole the least bit relevant if you post stories like this. Neither of the ladies are funding my college education or providing me with a job afterwards, so I’m not taking sides, but really….can we talk about the blackout instead or Ray Lewis’ retirement?

  • Michelle looked frail and scared. True enough, however, when you have Keyshia Cole’s banshee screeching shrieking azz making commentary she should have kept between her and her homies it just underlines what a classless insecure broad she is.

  • Keyshia Cole is another Mitt Romney, putting her foot in her mouth and always out of line.

  • Dee

    I’m still laughing my behind off at the “Illiterate hood Possum” comment.. Too freaking funny and so true!!!! Keyshia cole has 0 talent and of course she just proved to me she has 0 class!!!

  • klassyrn

    you all need to quit… there is NO doubt Michelle cant sang… *I said sang*…. perhaps the music and DC was never for her but to help her reach a new platform… and I can say this Beyonce cant sing either… I know people that stand up in church on Sunday and sang better than King Bey… if Beyonce was shorter and had no sex appeal EVERYBODY would be talking a different tune… Beyonce has an okay voice at best she is a performer not a singer and its her performance that gives her reign….. KC can sing her voice is unique… just like Aretha….Mary J ect… you have to have an ear for sound to understand… when I listen to singers I dont listen to the music I listen to the voice and King Bey is not it… she in comparison is like Janet Jackson… Janet is not a good singer but she put on a great show… Jennifer Williams is a GREAT singer although not a great performer thats why she stays relevant…Whitney… Mariah… Tamela Mann… CeCe Winans are GREAT singers not performers thats why they were /are so relevant there are different classes when it comes to singing… KC may have been wrong in the way she delivered the right message but nonetheless its true…. Beyonce performance was sub par…. I’ve seen her do better in an intimate setting over a national televised show… Prince still holds the #1 spot and he didnt need to show his azz to gain rave reviews….

    • JewelThompson

      Prince already sowed his royal oats and showed his azz years ago in his ascent to becoming Mr. Purple Majesty (just sayin’). Beyonce may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she was selected by the NFL because sex still sells, she can perform to a stadium filled crowd and she brought ratings. She has a huge fan base and caused people who don’t even like football to turn to CBS.

      • klassyrn

        you did hear what you wrote right… here we go… The Superbowl in and of itself is a National Treasure on its own and they didnt NEED King Bey for that… They will get the ratings if Molly was performing.. *yeah I dont know her either.. thats was my point*… and thats bc we LOVE football not Beyonce…. and true there were people who tuned in for the performance but ahhh 12 min of a performance does not rating make…lol… *thank you for that one*..The purple majesty owned his title long ago and can still step in ANY arena and still own it to the present day…HE CAN SANG!!! HE CAN PERFORM HANDS DOWN AZZ OUT OR NOT!!!!!….you are speaking of video correct.. ok moving along… I dont have a problem with anyone per se…I could care less.. I’ve never paid for a Beyonce or KC cd ect… as I stated Bey is a performer and yes sex sell and she has found a platform to do that very well which is what people who have no talent do or until they find what works for them as she have… case and point… but no she does not show all women…. did you see the plus size women on stage… bc I can go back and look I saw not one… I believe that was Monique who presented her version of that…. again KC may have been wrong they way she delivered the message but nonetheless its true..

        • JewelThompson

          Well, I guess I’ve been “CHECKED!”. Your angry and blown out of proportion delivery is not much better than KC’s either – UGH.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      I have to disagree. I think Keyshia is a basic singer at best. She is screechy and unpleasant to hear live or studio. I never could stand her ghetto behind

      • klassyrn

        and everyone is entitled to their opinion…. but the fact is still the fact…. Beyonce is a performer not a singer…. and its her sex appeal that sell songs… KC voice is unique and some like it and some dont… which is why she is still out there…

        • realadulttalk

          I will give you that. I’ve said for years that Beyonce can carry a tune quite well–she can even sing. But the woman can’t SANG!! And when I think of vocalists–I think of those people who cause goosebumps…she just isn’t capable of doing that.

    • Nicole Brooks

      Everything you said is true… except for the KC has an nice voice and Beyonce was sub par part. That girl can perform and she did the thing. Other than that I agree 100%

      • realadulttalk

        I didn’t watch–but Keyshia cannot sing…and for that you get a like!!! Lol Girl couldn’t carry a tune if provided a basket.

  • Miya764

    Truthfully speaking, Michelle isnt that great of a singer, (neither is Keyshia), nor is she relevant. If she hadnt been on stage performing with Beyonce as a part of Destiny’s child most people would agree with what Keyshia said. She is entitled to her opinion but I do think that as a singer Keyshia was very unprofessional for talking about her like that on twitter.

    • Dee

      You are so correct on that. Yes, she is entitled to her opinion and that’s fine, however, as a singer in the business, she should have known better to blast this on twitter. So tacky of her!!! SMH..

  • Pam

    Flatline on “you illiterate hood possum.” I can’t even make a comment after that one. I’m just trying not to holler in this office from laughter.

    • GirlSixx

      *Laid out on the gurney next to you*…
      Dayum!!! LMAOHARD…

  • Tamz

    Welp…*walks off thread cause nothing else needs to be said*

    • JewelThompson


      • Tamz

        Chile, this quote was real. Lmao @8f09098bfe7497cf13ea30752e10f752:disqus You need to change your name to tall glass of shade cause you served it today!! Lmao

  • JewelThompson

    And with that, all I can do is copy NeNe’s “BLOOP!” You are too clever 🙂


  • Chassie

    My question is: did they not warn Michelle they were gonna shoot her up out the stage like that? they gave my girl a heart attack I swear

    • Teati

      Girl are u trying to gonto jail for 1st degree homicide. You damn near killed me with that one. Had to spit my drink out to breath. Whew!

      • Chassie

        I thought my girl was gonna fall! The sad thing is, Kelly came out the stage bad as she wanna be… and I didn’t even recognize her. I didn’t realize it was her till they shot Michelle out

  • Nicole Brooks

    I’m one of the 10 people in this world who doesn’t find Michelle horrible. Obviously less talented than Kelley and Bey? Yes. Apparently not a good performer? Yes, but not horrible. As for Cole: it’s fine for her to have an opinion but 1) she expressed it in a ratchet classless way and 2) Cole saying someone else can’t sing/perform is definitely the pot calling the kettle. She solidified her ratchetness with the “run up” comment (are we in 9th grade as some Oakland high school?). I also take issue with her needing to justify what she said by claiming that Williams has shaded her in the past. If you’re gonna shade then do it. Don’t throw out excuses.

    • Chassie

      Ironically enough, I think Michelle is the better singer of the three but if not, Kelly is number 3

    • Candacey Doris

      Michelle has a great voice. But she’s not a performer. She’s one of those people that sounds great in a small club with a small band or on recording. Her voice wasn’t made to sing booty shaking music.

      • I must agree!! I never thought about her voice that way!

      • janice

        I agree, I have their last concert on dvd and Michelle sang a song He is here and she has a very powerful voice, she can do pop but gospel which requires powerful vocals is her thing. She’s not the flashy type but that doesn’t diminish her talent if anything it highlights it.

    • I don’t think Michelle fits the make-up of the group. But Michelle does NOT deserve the treatment people give her.

  • Shanice

    When Keyshia can keep a gig ala Tenitra Michelle Williams, then she can talk.
    When she has a number 1 album in ANY genre ala Michelle Williams in DC or gospel, then she can talk.
    And Michelle has had her really good performances.
    Maybe between trying to squeeze in Fela with this rehearsal, she just couldn’t grasp it in time.
    She AND the DC dancers back in the day said it always took her the longest to pick-up choreography

  • Meyaka

    It’s true,Michelle can’t simulate sex as well as her other counterpart. I’m a big fan of her voice however,and I’m not attracted to women so she works for me.

  • Thats My Story

    Dead!!!! Gone!!!! Too funny…..can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD

    Well if you lived in Cleveland, and married to a non speaking a bench warmer, you would be bored too reflecting on nothing about yourself lol!

    • LMAO @ non speaking…he’s a mute!

    • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

      #DEAD at “non speaking bench warmer” haha!

  • space

    First of all Keisha wish she was on Michelle level destiny child always will be and lights out stop the hate!!!

  • bluekissess

    She’ll never perform at the super bowl. All this chick does is stand there. Those responses were hilarious

  • Chassie

    so trash is attacking class today? Keyshia, have all the seats in the dome cuz that’s the closest you will ever get to the stage. is Michelle the best performer, no, is she an excellent singer, yes. did she come at you when your classless self couldn’t ever quite hit that note…. in all your songs…. nope. on another note, is it me, or were Kelly and Michelle’s mics on mute?

    • Nicole Brooks

      Their mics were definitely turned down at least.

    • I thought the same thing! I can’t hear them…Please believe B was NOT gonna have them ruin anything…IJS

  • guest5

    WOW! Keyshia need some counseling! SMH.

  • It’sMe

    Like someone said on Twitter: “Keyshia, how can you hate outside the Super Bowl? You can’t even get in?!” #Leggo

  • Shaybaby

    We all throw shade at Bey & DC & it’s all in fun but what she said was malicious. And while KC was throwing shade, Michelle was on the Super Bowl stage. The closest Keyshia will come to gracing the Super Bowl stage is watching it on tv like the rest of us, she should’ve kept her comments to herself.

    • Trisha_B

      She even called her B–h in another tweet. Saying that Michelle talked about her in her past so she can do the same about her smh. She really needs to grow up !

      • Shaybaby

        But instead of taking the high road she ended up looking & being a hater. Agree 100% she needs to get her life together and grow the hell up.

  • kierah

    What a spiteful heffa Keyshia Cole is becoming?! She has a nice husband and a beautiful child. What is the world is making her act so ugly these days? #Twitterbully

    • guest5

      For real! She was more pleasant before she got married and had a child. You would think that would enhance those characteristics but it seems to be going the other direction for her! *shrugs*

    • Evidently that nice little Rembrandt picture she’s painting is counterfeit. You can always tell when folks ain’t happy. They jump at every opportunity to throw misery on someone else.

  • realadulttalk

    So Keyshia is mad at Michelle’s performance…but she’s cool with the doctor who put those Bugs Bunny teeth in her mouth????


    • Jennifer

      I am all the way DEAD on this one!! LOL!!!

    • MLS2698

      * Gasp! Can’t breath! Gasp again! *

      • MLS2698

        Breathe, trying to breathe.


  • sammi_lu

    Flag on the play.. Unnecessary shade throwing. Even though her opinion was prob in the majority, tweeting something like that just seemed low.

  • AJ389

    Grow up Mrs. I don’t know who my dad is but I’m biracial. If I had a mother and sister that acts the way hers does, a cheating boyfriend/husband and slumped record sales,
    I would never fix my mouth to say anything negative about someone else. Have a seat Mrs. Non blackgirl rocking I need to self examine myself before talking wrecklessly.

  • Charla

    Keyshia is a fool but she was right! Michelle seemed so timid and her voice was weak. Very underwhelmed especially since I love Destiny’s Child.

    • realadulttalk

      But that’s ALWAYS been Michelle. Remember when she fell on 106 & Park? Bey & Kelly kept it moving with looks of disgust. Lol

      • Charla

        Girl yes! That was so sad! Lol

      • GirlSixx

        In Tears!!!!!!
        Po Michelle.

      • guest

        Sorry to say but michelle is at the bottom of DC. She is a sweetie but she is the odd man out.

  • Anonymous

    Keyshia put your focus on your train wreck of a marriage and leave other people alone.

  • Vetra

    What Keisha said was the truth! Michelle was just OFF. Any anyone who disagrees with this statement is lying or did not see the performance. Keisha Cole is very relevant, her video was number one for a while and she has been in the top ten. Get over singers have opinions just like the rest of you.

    • realadulttalk

      Have you heard Keyshia sing??? She’s not really in a vocal position to pass judgment.

    • YvetteluvsJesus

      Yes please remaina Jane Doe, ignorance is a curse! However it will take God to deliver some, that think it’s okay to disrespect others in such an unprofessional way. The Apple doesn’t fall far from it’s tree….like mother like daughter…LORD HELP YOUR PEOPLE!!

    • Kenedy

      Technically Keyshia may be right….but she is a public figure talking about another public figure like that on twitter….and its not like Keyshia has Mariah Carey’s voice or Rihanna’s super stardom…she is so so, & her voice often cracks when she sings high notes…so if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, i don’t know what is. I think the illiterate hood possum jab is pretty accurate.

    • guest5

      Michelle was off…but that’s nothing new. But as a fellow singer Keyshia was out of line. It was a big NO NO on her part. I’m not a big Bey fan..like DC more. Don’t think it’s wise to mess with Bey or DC. Her career could take a hit!

    • Shanice

      106 & Park is not relevant boo.
      The last time I watched it seemed like only a bunch of kids vote.
      Top 10, what? R&B charts on the Billboard? I don’t recall seeing her there as of late

    • She was off, and she looked frail. Keyshia however, is always off. She couldn’t hit a correct note with a bat.

    • Nisa

      I think it’s just the fact that she put it on Twitter. I talk a lot of isht about people but I don’t put it on my FB (I don’t have Twitter). For her to put that up there then try to justify it, is high school, not a happily married woman with a beautiful child.

  • JaneDoe

    Keyshia who????? Girl stooooop

  • Na Na

    Although we all KNOW for a fact that Michelle does indeed fawk up the mood! Her 3 second ad libs were too funny but as a fellow entertainer you have to pass judgement lightly….especially when you sing like Keyshia Cole.

    • KayBee

      I have NEVER understood why she has fans. All she does is holler, and her key has always been suspect. “LUUUUUUVVVVV!” All OVER the place.

      • annakin

        Don’t forget to add that she whines too! I can’t stand it!

  • Carlette Smith

    I think Mrs. Keyshia made a huge mistake, I thought everyone knew not to mess with anyone in the B’Hive. With all the support for Michelle, I hope Keyshia’s career stays intact.

  • Thats My Story

    Please…she don’t even know what color she is even when she looks in the mirror! Aint nobody caring what Keyshia got to say.

    • realadulttalk

      Stop that!! She knows she’s biracial…she just doesn’t know what race or who her daddy is…but biracial she knows!!!

      • That ‘s My Story

        LMBO, how can you be sure you are biracial if your momma was strung out and cannot remember who she slept with? Her complexion and hair are no different than most black women. She’s killing me.

      • Dee


  • OneBrownDimp


  • Wow. “Illiterate hood possum”…too far gone. Yes. If she had problems with their performance as a fellow entertainer (or whatever–according to some of these responses)…she should have kept quiet on cyberspace. What was she thinking? Please don’t do that…we should support one another. Well, these replies are just funny (seriously…wow). The Instagram photo, too, takes the cake! I’m done. LOL

    • YvetteluvsJesus

      KimmiD funny but real, that was very unprofessional on Keyshia’s behalf, the entire performance was great, Destiny Child and Beyonce took front and center! Congrats Ladies!!