Beyonce Bowl, Illiterate Hood Possum, & Other Memorable Super Bowl Moments

February 4, 2013  |  
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You watched the game, the half time show and you already know Madame Noire was on Twitter and Instagram the whole time watching for shade and documenting the whole thing. Check out some of our best moments.

Jennifer Hudson sings “America The Beautiful” with the children of Sandy Hook Elementary

Starting off the night on a great note, Jennifer Hudson sang “America The Beautiful” with the children of Sandy Hook Elementary. Personally, America The Beautiful has always meant more to me than the National Anthem because there’s more room to play around and the lyrics are much more beautiful. Jennifer hit all the right notes and looked incredible doing it, in her black leather top and white pencil skirt, complete with black buttons. It was also nice to see the children of Sandy Hook singing behind her, swaying in time. Great performance.

Alicia Keys sings the National Anthem…interestingly

I can’t quite put my finger on this Alicia Keys performance. When I heard it in real time, on some good speakers, it sounded like she was doing alright. In fact, I was calling it a win for her because we know her live performances have been hit or miss these days. But it sounded good to me the first time around. But as I was checking my Twitter timeline, people were saying the complete opposite. Weird. Well, when I got home and listened via YouTube, it sounded like there were several moments when she was a little off pitch. Poor Alicia. Ah well. She played the piano beautifully and her rendition was something we’d never really heard before.

That Touchdown Run

And now, a moment from the actual game. Whether you’re a football fan or not, you can appreciate this one. At the top of the third quarter, Jacoby Jones set a Super Bowl record by running 108, from one end of the football field to the other. Then he celebrated with one of the best touchdown dances I’ve ever seen.

The power behind that thrust though…

Source: AP Images

The Blackout

Right in the middle of Raven momentum, the lights went out…and stayed out for a good 35 minutes. It was not a good look for Baltimore and their coach, John Harbaugh let some official have it. Even though there was no sound, it was very clear he was cussing him all the way out. There was much speculation about what caused the outage, though I’m convinced the extravagance of Beyonce’s show was to blame, no one from the NFL would admit that on TV. Someone on Twitter brought up a salient point about the bigwigs in New Orleans suddenly being concerned with the power being out. When folks were living there without power or food, it didn’t seem to be such a pressing matter. Money talks.

Keyshia Cole Throws Shade and Gets Checked

From her living room couch, Keyshia Cole wanted to throw some severe shade at Michelle Williams during the halftime performance.

I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my A$$ up from my daze! She always f—N the groove up

Ok, Keyshia. Is that how it is? We insult fellow performers on Twitter now? I’m honestly surprised she thought this was cool. Maybe she was just trying to distract from the performance and get some of that Destiny’s Child shine. Who knows. Either way, Black Twitter read her for filth, including someone calling her an “illiterate hood possum.” Read the rest of their jaw dropping responses here.

Source: Tumblr


The moment quite a few of us were waiting for. And she did not disappoint. Just this past Friday, I was over Beyonce. Having to report on her every blink, I had had enough. Until Sunday. She clowned. With an intensity I can’t ever recall seeing from her, Beyonce delivered that 12 minute spectacle to applause, squeals of delight and the occasional “werk bish!” It was awesome and will surely go down as one of the best Super Bowl halftime performances of all time.

If you missed it, watch the performance here.

Destiny’s Child

Isn’t it a shame that folks can’t just let things be a surprise?! Had someone not leaked that fact that Destiny’s Child would be reunited during the half time performance, their big reveal would have caused such an uproar. But when the “Bootylicious” instrumental started, we all knew who was about to show up. It was great to see and hear the ladies together again. That harmony was still sick. While vocally Michelle was still on point, her choreographer was on struggle. From the moment she popped up from underneath the stage and stumbled back a little bit, we knew it was going to be interesting. She’s really just a stand still and sing type of girl. Meanwhile, Kelly Rowland was looking too fly! I’m really a fan of her big, curly hair; but she absolutely slayed with this sleek, straight look. She had people wondering when she got so thick in the thighs.

Source: Twitter

 Janet Jackson Meme

Of all of last night’s moments, none made me laugh harder than this Janet Jackson meme. I’m sure Janet will probably deny that she planned that nipplegate incident until the day she dies but I’m quite certain it was intentional. And if it was intentional, then how hilarious would it be to imagine her somewhere distressed about Beyonce’s memorable performance? Too funny. This was perfect.

Source: Instagram

The Jay-Z Beyonce moment

Jay-Z rides pretty hard for his wife. In addition to this backstage embrace, the rapper, who rarely tweets, had a message after Beyonce performed.

Lights out!!! Any questions??

Source: AP Images

 Big night for black women

We know it was mostly about the players; but if you looked around, black women absolutely dominated in the entertainment category this year. Between Jennifer Hudson, A. Keys, Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle and all of the Ravens’ players mothers and wives it was a good night for us.

What was your favorite moment from the Super Bowl?

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  • The Janet Jackson meme and ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the Keyshia Cole slander on Twitter had me in TEARS on Sunday!! I was absolutely NOTHING on all of it!!! LMAOOOOOO!!!! Oh, and Bey shut it DOWN!!! Sure, she may have performed all old songs, but you can NOT deny that woman puts on a great show every time! & SO glad the Ravens won!! Just mad I didn’t put no money on the game like I started to!!

  • scandalous7

    Black women were doin the damn thang last nigh!!!!…..but then I have never seen the blogs hatin sooo much…comments like:
    “why Alicia sing the national anthem like that”
    “sing the way it was supposed to be sung”,
    “I hate how black people wale through every song”….or…
    “Why did Jhud hog all the spotlight from those sandy hook kids” or
    “This is a family show, why is Beyonce girating”
    “The only thing missing from beyonce’s performance is a pole”
    “This was the worst half time show of all time”
    “bring Paul Mccarthy and ZZ top back”
    “The lights should have went out during the half time performance”
    … pretty sure these comments were from white people… its the difference in our cultures I guess, but caint nobody say Beyonce didnt shut that shyt down (literally). Otherwise , its hate.

  • mac

    I just rewatched the halftime performance and it was better than I initially thought. Goosebumps! She’s always into her performances, but she just left everything on the stage. And that look in her eyes! As Mr. Carter would say, “Mami in the zone, I ain’t talkin bout the 2-3!”


  • thatonegirl

    Just being able to see african-american women represent was my favorite moment.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    That 49ers player expression of “Man what the fu#k man!” and Michelle’s mike being turned off in addition to her stiff grandma dancing, were the highlight of this article. Let’s not forget how quickly she and Kelly went from being a trio, to background dancers, to dismissed. . .

  • SheBe

    That poormichelle dot com tumblr acct my sister in law put me on was hilarious. I loved the halftime show. The calls in the end were terrible. I didn’t care who won but the refs should’ve got told like the dude who was relaying info about the lights did. The “lights out” tweets were funny. I think the 49ers had someone Olivia Pope that joint but that’s me (Kaepernick to Olivia: “Olivia bae we got a problem” “I’m on it Kaep.”). The commercials were lacking except for the Taco Bell one (I wanna be like that when I grow up Ma!) and maybe a couple of others. I may or may not have shed a tear for the Budwieser Clydesdale commercial though. I am happy for Ray (in spite of his past which is where it should stay). The eye candy was good and plenty including the CK commercial. Now I’m in that DAMN I messed up my diet grumpy mood today and I’m sure toilets and sewer systems everywhere are on the verge of collapse. Good talk.

    • Losh

      I have to cosign for the Clydesdale commercial! I had to check myself for sitting up looking like an emotional wreck with my Doritos! That and the Doge RAM commercial about farmers.


    My favorite moment was when the Ravens won.

  • mac

    That hug between Bey & Jay just epitomizes a supportive, loving relationship. They’re disgustingly adorable.

    Other notes. I’m glad the game ended up being competitive at least instead of the massacre it was turning out to be. Good for Ray that ended his career with a ‘ship. Sorry for Kaep, but I have a feeling he has plenty of title runs in his future. I’m disappointed by the missed calls by the refs, but this isn’t really the site to get into football talk, so moving on….

    No shade but I don’t see this Kelly Rowland thickness everyone keeps talking about. She still looked like her normal size 0-2 self to me. I don’t know man…lol

    Lastly, the Taco Bell commercial was everything.

    • SheBe

      COSIGN everything you just said. I did notice, however, the weight gain on Kelly. She wears it very well. It’s seen more in the side shots when she was trying to do the Single Ladies dance.

      • mac

        I re-watched and I see it a liiiittle bit now lol

    • Trisha_B

      I was thinking the same about Kelly. She did put on a lil weight & she looks good, but this whole “thick” thing people on I just don’t see it. Her & Rihanna look about the same size, same shape (only difference is Kelly got a boob job) but people always saying Rihanna don’t have a shape, she got no thickness. But her Kelly look the same lol

  • York

    The superbowl was great and Beyonce’s performance was decent…

    But I couldn’t tell if I was watching Beyonce or momma Tina. She just looked a bit too hard and 50-ish for me. I know they say having a girl will steal your beauty but I figured she had about 10 more years in her lol

    • ashley79

      I agree, she was dancing so hard that she couldn’t sing the songs. My mom asked, if she was going to sing any of the vocals or just do runs and make noises. I wished that she had sung more then dance and do the model walk.
      I’d rather seen Destiny’s Child perform the halftime show if she was going to dance that hard. That why she can have time to catch her breath and sing the lyrics to the song.

    • mac

      I certainly hope I’m that bad at 50.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Keyshia needs to stop. It honestly sounded like during Single Ladies that the girl’s mics weren’t at the correct volume. Huge difference between their’s and Beyonce’s.

  • Faith

    I want to put a shout out for Jacoby Jones 109 yards touch from a kick off. And this young man is a product of an HBCU!!!!!!!!! Lane College. Huge ups for other HBCU in the Ravens camp, Adrain Hamiliton Praire View A& M, and Ramon Harewood for Morehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!! HBCUs represents!

  • tina

    Jennifer was my favorite.

  • guest510

    -I soooo wanted the Niners to win (Bay Area pride) but they fought a good fight.
    -Beyonce shut it down as usual
    -Kelly and those thighs…oooh Chile she better work!
    -Keyshia Cole…the nerve of her! She hasn’t held a note in her life and she wants to talk bad about Michelle?! I’m no fan of Michelle’s voice but she gets a lot more work than Keyshia Does. That stank attitude is the reason her albums don’t sell and she will NEVER perform at a super bowl. Ever! She has the worst stage presence and screams her way through every song. She better humble herself before its too late. Should she be reminded that she didn’t even headline The House of Soul concert in her own home town?!

    • York

      On the Keyshia Cole note, I find myself disliking her more and more every time she puts out a single! For someone with a loving husband and beautiful child, you would think she would stop promoting the same “you effed up and i’m moving on” ghetto anthem! It’s like she refuses to grow up!

      • guest510

        I agree. she’s using the same formula that worked in the beginning of her career. she needs to work on her vocals and let go of the ghetto anthems. Even Mary J got tired of crying LOL

      • Ce1999

        Yes! Whenever I hear “Trust and Believe” I change the station. I can’t with all the wailing. Ugh.

  • tina

    Lip sync talk chit sing live talk chit, you can’t win for losing.

  • rzakia

    I’m a huge football fan but I was most excited about the halftime show. Beyonce killed it. She shut everyone down who questioned her singing/performance skills. Kelly was awesome and looked so pretty. Made me wonder why she can’t be given better songs so she can actually blossom as a singer. The game was great after the lights came back on. The touchdown dance is actually a tribute to Ray Lewis. That’s his normal dance. Didn’t watch very many of the commercials so I can’t say anything about them.

  • Kitsy

    Poor Michelle Williams! That girl just can’t catch a break.

  • She Speaks

    Yesssssss @ “the power behind that thrust though”