Keep Rising To The Top: Drake Talks About How He “Started From The Bottom” In New Single

February 2, 2013  |

It seems that Drake has been listening to his fans and his critics: enough of the emotional whining in the songs.

Drake dropped “Started From The Bottom” on Friday night with a note to the masses:

My good friends,

“…This is the first single off of my upcoming album. I feel sometimes that people don’t have enough information about my beginnings and therefore they make up a life story for me that isn’t consistent with actual events. My family and my second family (consisting of the best friends anybody could ever have) all struggled and worked extremely hard to make all this happen. I did not buy my way into this spot and it was the furthest thing from easy to achieve. I am proud of every part of my past and I’m excited for this song to find a place in your life as well. I didn’t feel I needed any interviews or radio or press to launch this song. It felt right to come back to the site that I started on and release it to the people that started here with me. Judging by this post, the tour that we’ve been planning, the conversations about new songs and album artwork…I think it’s safe to say we’re back together again. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.”

The single, while not totally void of a little singing from Drizzy, is free of him being overly emotional on a track. It was produced by Zombie and talks about how he and his team have worked from the bottom to get where they are today.  Now, I don’t really know how far at the bottom one would consider Degrassi but alright Drake, rock on.

He celebrates the team’s arrival and takeover by saying:

“…There ain’t really much out here that’s poppin’ without us/we just want the credits where its due/I’ma worry bout me give a Fawk about you/Just as a reminder to myself, I wear every single chain even when I’m in the house/Cuz we started from the bottom now we here…”

While he didn’t give any other information about the album other than they’re working on artwork, it is safe to say we’ll be hearing more soon.

Check out the song below (it is not safe for you to blast this at work or around the kiddies…he’s a rapper, folks – lots of cursing).

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  • scandalous7

    hate that song , get real Drake ,quit pretending like you have been strugglin, we seen you on Degrassi… was paid

  • DTJ

    One can be wealthy and struggle. Its shallow to believe that because he has money his life was peachy. Furthermore, he rides the coattails of no one. Drake made a name for himself and won Grammys before he was even signed to a label. He is the ONLY artist keeping YMCMB afloat. Lil Wayne needs Drake; not the other way around

    • mac

      lol be serious. YMCMB was running the rap game before Drake; I don’t like them and even I can admit that. Wayne has a huge base and they also have Nicki, so to suggest Drake is their lifeline is foolish.

      Yes Drake was gaining attention before the signing, but being affiliated with YMCMB, the hottest label at the time, was a huge cosign for Drake’s career. He gained Wayne’s fanbase off top and benefited from his star power. Call it what you want, but dude had a huge leg up.

      • NiceNasty

        Thank you, I hate it when people try to make this dude bigger then he really is. And what struggle did he have being wealthy? What pissed that the maid didn’t iron his shirt right so now mom has to do it? I mean really sit-down, with the non-sense. I mean he is a good artist , but he is NOT about that life so I really wish he stopped acting like he is.

    • Kay

      Drake doesn’t have a Grammy, he’s been nominated 13 times but hasn’t won one

  • Rasharne

    Just about the worst song he’s made.

  • Candacey Doris

    Not interested.

  • Chassie

    I’m proud of drake, as proud as I can be of a rapper. he’s self made and extremely talented, and he did wat few in his position could do, convince me to take him seriously as a rapper with his background

  • Marguerite

    Funny, I never had a problem with his emotional whining. He’s talented. If he says he struggled, that’s enough for me.

  • YeseniaR

    Aside from the fact that riding Wayne’s coattails to fame definitely isn’t “starting from the bottom”, the song is poo.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    We get mad because men can’t and won’t be real with us, and then when drake keeps it real about how he feels and being honest about the emotions he feels then he’s too emotional? I don’t understand women either. . .

    • psylocke_2001

      Here, here! I was just getting ready to post something similar until I saw your comment. I couldn’t agree more.

  • bluekissess

    Not a fan of the song. Sounds like dumb me down music. Group think psychology at it’s finest.

  • maggie

    I still like Drake, he can rap much,much better than most rappers that are popular and the emo stuff works for him.

  • Nikki

    But before Degrassi, he dealt with his mom being hurt by his dad. He watched his dad get arrested by a SWAT team. Another thing biracial kids deal with is the “You’re too white to be friends with the black kids, and too black to be friends with the white kids” issue.

  • mac

    growing up in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Toronto and already being a paid actor; yes Aubrey, you know the struggle.

    • scandalous7

      and let the church say…..

  • Kay

    Yes drake we all know you struggled hard wheeling around as wheelchair jimmy…I feel you my brother…*side eyes*

    • scandalous7

      thank you