The Verdict Is In: Mary Mary Are Taking ‘A Break’

February 2, 2013  |  

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In December 2012, the internet began buzzing that Mary Mary was breaking up. Since then, there’s been much speculation about their future and if they would be ending a 12-year career. caught up with the ladies to find out what their plans are.

“I will say this, we are not breaking up,” said Erica Atkins-Campbell. “But we’re taking a break. I’m going to do some solo music. Tina’s going to vacation and travel the world. We’ve been joined at the hip the last 12 years and I think in order for us both to be our healthiest selves, just as women, in the group, [we will] take some time to think and re-assess. We’ve been going constantly year after year, baby after baby, tour after tour and now season after season on TV.”

They will do more than rest during their time off — the ladies say they are also planning to reconnect with God. “We’re singing about Christ, we’re singing about God. I can’t sing about God and I’m not taking the time to talk to God,” said Erica.

Well, that’s that. Check out ESSENCE for more, including Tina’s point of view and what they will be doing together while on hiatus.

Do you think this the sugarcoated way of Mary Mary saying this is the end?

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  • JazzyJazzyJay

    Well I love Mary Mary & I HATE HATE HATE the fact that people think their behavior is somehow taking away from the message they are trying to send. THIS is their message. That EVERY Christian is flawed. We get angry, with ourselves and others. We act petty. We can be diva-ish at times. We take blessings for granted. Yet at the end of the day we’re preaching the message that God loves us through it all. I can’t stand the judgement of these two ladies just because they don’t fit the perfect bill for Christianity. I love how real they are. I mean let’s be honest, everyone on this post has done things worst than what’s on the show & some of y’all claim to be Christians as well. Keep that in mind.

  • Patrice

    Eric bring her kid’s along too. Tina has young kids and want to be a hands on mom. There is nothing wrong with that. Yes Eric has kids to but she has know problem having nanny or family watch her children while she tour. I am not judging but giving my opinion. Eric should have said something to Tina about the meeting. And when Eric was pregnant and they lost a lot of money for canceling the Christmas tour. Tina had her back and was loyal to the group. So she should have done the some for her sister.

    • moooooooooooo

      your so right no one seems to understand that, Erica also works wit her husband, so he quite often goes with them to most of their shows, so its very different for the both of them, i think the break is just something that needs to be done, if not for anything but to reconnect with God

  • Guest

    Tina is an insecure annoying brat. How many more times do we need to hear you’re pregnant?That was your choice. Deal with it and stop using it to get attention. I’m not a fan of Mary Mary especially since they decided to become secular gospel artists. When God gives you a platform, you need to use it to represent him and the Christian lifestyle in the best way while still being human. Being human and I’m not perfect are poor excuses for bad behavior.

  • Guest360

    It’s tough trying to perform, tour, and put out good music when only one of you actually wants to sit down and do the work to get there. I get wanting to be a mom and a wife but Tina does it at the expense of the group. Erica has wanted to do solo projects anyway so why not make it so that both of them get to do what they want to do. And hey. Mitch will actually get a chance to chill out and relax. Poor guy has been stressed out with these two for the past two years now lol. And I have to disagree with those questioning their behavior. Just because they’re Christians does NOT mean they don’t have their flaws. They’re human. The fact that they practice Christianity doesn’t make them any less human. And I’d much rather watch their show than Real Housewives of anything or Love and HIp hop.

  • My sentiments lie with everyones opinion lol. I believe that Tina needs a break but loves to perform. Erica is the professional one who seems to be able to hold it all down, singing, family, etc. poor Mitch has to put up with so much, especially when Tina wants to bring the kids on performances. As far as everyone who thinks they aren’t Godly, who are we to judge? Breaking rule number one and that’s judging other folks… With the Braxtons and the Housewives and table flippers and whatnot, this is better TV than any of those shows that show nothing but junk, families getting divorced and speaking of “oral transactions”. I think the way they behave and react is human, and it just shows that with all the stress and and family, they still have their faith. It’s no way that you can live problem free or in perfection, I think we as humans hold Christians and famous people to an unreasonable standard.

  • They are human and they make no qualms about it. Why Christians want other Christians to represent perfection when they aren’t, I don’t get it. There is nothing un-Christian about them. They love God and family strong. They need this break, though. Tina takes the group for granted and Erica has to deal with it. Goo is sometimes ridiculous and always unprofessional. Warryn’s behavior this season is so unbecoming. And Poor Mitch (never thought I’d be saying this) has to deal with all of it. I think it will be easier on everyone to only have to deal with one artist and not a group.

    • Lexi

      Totally agree

    • Guest

      Totally on point. I find myself cringing and upset everytime the pregnant one comes on (keep mixing who’s who) because if she isn’t acting like a diva, she’s showing up half an hour late to meetings constantly saying because she’s pregnant. Or she’s trying to be mother of the year. And Goo and Justin….i’m so over both of them. She’s only lasted this long as their stylist cos she’s family. The pregnant one wants to take her maternity leave and have the other sit around doing nothing. Girl, about time.

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  • I think it is sugarcoated. Tina needs a break and has expressed numerous times that she wants to be with her family, so that is what she needs to do. Erica seems like she can manage both and has always had a desire to be on a stage alone. Gogo needs to be replaced and go to Atlanta to be with her man that she found on Facebook. Hope he turns out to be all that she thinks he is. He seems like the type who will try to control her and possibly beat her backside.The two Sisters seemed to be having babies as fast as they put out hits, so I think it is time for them to give it a rest and decide what they both individually need to do. None of them seem to respect or appreciate their manager and he needs to move on to bigger and better things and find some new talent. I feel sorry for Mitch, he seems like he has their best interest at heart and tries to keep it professional but between the two Mary Mary’s and the husbands, boyfriend and Goo, they don’t seem to have a lot of respect for him and seem to take him for granted. Mitch needs to cut ties with the two cause they are way out of line and GooGoo needs to find a new job. They need a break and need to reconnect with God, cause from what I see on the show, they don’t act or represent Christ in such a good way. The only one I see on their game is Erica and she needs to follow her dreams.

  • I think a break is what they need. Finally the ladies can let their hair down and let the heels free, Mary Mary have been working so hard and their music is still GREAT! As humans we need to rest and give our bodies the chance to be free. I’m going to miss Mary Mary but it’s plenty of reruns to watch and music to hear. Good luck ladies!

  • D Boner

    I think this is best, and I can’t help but feel like part of this is due to negative reactions to their actions on the show. And I have to agree, because their true attitudes and personalities are starting to come out, and it is FAR from pretty. From Tina’s horrible attitude (Say you’re pregnant ONE MORE TIME….), Erica’s sneakiness, Warryn’s unbelievable arrogance, Goo’s consistent unprofessionalism……the list goes on.

    The over-the-top drama on the show is also contrived and unnecessary. And it’s funny, because Mitch got on my nerves the most last season. But this season, he’s the only one on this show who is actually somewhat likable, along with Teddy and those adorable kids.
    Not saying that Christians should be perfect, but this show and this depiction of them is far from anything remotely resembling people who chase after the Lord, with peace, joy, and WITHOUT COMPLAINT……

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      I like the show because they don’t sugar coat things just because they are gospel artists and because it’s not scripted. But with that said, I think us good for then to take a beak too