Parents By Any Means Necessary: Celebrities Who Used A Surrogate Mother To Have Babies

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Even the most well-known and liked celebrities in Hollywood have faced challenges like the rest of us. For some celebs it’s drug or alcohol addictions, for others it’s medical problems like fertility issues. However, troubles conceiving weren’t enough to stop these now celebrity parents from expanding their families. Here are 14 celebrities who used a surrogate to carry their baby for them.



Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance

For years Angela Bassett and her husband struggled to get pregnant and even after undergoing infertility treatment for seven years, the couple was still unable to conceive. But this didn’t stop them from starting a family of their own. In 2006, the proud parents welcomed fraternal twins named Slater and Bronwyn.


Grace Hightower & Robert DeNiro

In December 20011, the super private couple announced that they  had welcomed a daughter named Helen Grace, who was born via surrogate. At the time Grace was 56 and Robert was 68. Robert DeNiro is no stranger to surrogate births however. In 1995, his then girlfriend had twin boys via surrogate.

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Giuliana & Bill Rancic

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are one of the latest couples to use a surrogate to carry their child. The two are also one of the few couples who have been extremely public about their journey to becoming parents. Because of Giuliana’s breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments, having a child just wasn’t in the card. So, the couple opted to use a surrogate and welcomed their son Edward Duke in August 2012.

Elton John & David Furnish

After becoming a godfather to more than 10 children, Elton John decided that he wanted to become a father for himself. He and husband David Furnish welcomed their first son, Zachary Jackson, on Christmas Day in 2010 via a surrogate mom. On January 11, 2013, the couple welcomed their second son named Elijah, who was born to the same surrogate.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed baby Faith Margaret into the world on December 28, 2010. Even though she had successfully given birth to Sunday Rose just a few years prior, her birth only came after eight months of fertility treatment. At the age of 43, Nicole was struggling to get pregnant but the couple longed for another child, so they decided on a surrogate.

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Camille & Kelsey Grammer

After being told that getting pregnant would put her at a serious health risk due to a form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome she suffered from, Camille Grammer decided to go another route to add another little one to her family. she and Kelsey Grammer used a surrogate in order to conceive their daughter Mason, who was born in 2001. Just three years later, the couple also welcomed Jude, who too was born via surrogate.


Deidre Hall

After 20 years of trying to conceive and ultimately being unsuccessful, Deidre Hall decided to go the route of a surrogate. Her first son, David Atticus, was born in August 1992. Three years later, Deidre and her husband welcomed another son, named Tully Chapin. In 1995 Deidre created a television movie depicting her struggles with infertility.

Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

Even though she played one of the funniest moms around in the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Elizabeth Banks has never actually carried a child. After determining that her embryos wouldn’t implant in her womb, she turned to a surrogate to expand her family. In March 2011, her son Felix was born. In November 2012, Elizabeth and husband Max Handelman had a child via-surrogate, named Magnus Mitchell.

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Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

Since the birth of her son James, Sarah Jessica Parker struggled with fertility issues. Sarah and Matthew knew that they wanted to have more children and tossed around all sorts of ways to do that. Using a surrogate was their answer and in June 2009, the couple became parents to twin girls named Marion and Tabitha.


Joan Lunden & Jeff Konigsberg

In June 2003, Joan and Jeff welcomed their first children, twins, named Max and Kate, via surrogate. Just two years later using the same surrogate mom, the couple welcomed another set of twins named Jack and Kimberly. Joan has become a huge proponent of surrogacy and has even posed on the cover of People with the surrogate in order to raise awareness.

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Kimberly & Dennis Quaid

In November 2007, Kimberly and Dennis Quaid welcomed twins named Thomas and Zoe. After suffering five miscarriages, the couple decided that a surrogate was the best way to extend their family. Just 12 days after the twins were born, due to a hospital error, the twins nearly died after being given a nearly lethal amount of Heparin. Thankfully the twins pulled through and are healthy today.

Marissa Jaret Winokur & Judah Miller

After being diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 27, Marissa made the hard decision of having a complete hysterectomy, a surgery that left her unable to have children. Marissa and Judah knew that they wanted to have children, but doing so the traditional way was impossible, so the couple opted to use a surrogate. In July 2008, their son Zev Isaac, was born, and the couple plan to use a surrogate in the future when they decide to have more children.

Katey Sagal & Kurt Sutter

After giving birth to a daughter and a son in a previous relationship, Katey Sagal started to suffer from fertility issues. These medical issues made it impossible for Katey to carry her own child, so her and husband Kurt decided to use a surrogate after considering adoption as well. In January 2007, the couple welcomed their newest daughter, Esme Louise.

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Karen Duffy

Karen Duffy suffers from sarcoidosis, a chronic autoimmune disorder that caused her to become partially paralyzed. The pain and paralyzation caused by the disorder left her unable to get pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a mother. In July 2003, her and husband John welcomed a son named John.

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  • Jessica Kirk

    Not a lot of other options at their age. Good for them. I think every woman should experience the love of being a Mom. It is more guaranteed than a loving marriage. I’m working so hard, I just don’t have time to be pregnant. Well, maybe reconsider the choice to start a family at all in that case. I think a lot of people with some type of fertility issue, whether it be age, failed pregnancy or whatever. Would choose this option if they had the money. It is a great option, but incredibly expensive. Estimates around 100,000 per child. I have heard that in Europe there is a clinic with lower prices for same service. Ukraine I guess. This is considering being one of the best among similar facilities. But, firstly personally I have no time to travel so far because of work. Secondarily, it is the third world country. I do not want to sound prejudiced but even if they have reproductive medicine on the highest level; the situation in the country is a bit alarming. Anyways, congratulations to her and many happy years to them.

  • Nay

    It must be nice. They can afford it

    • OK

      You know what’s even nicer? Adoption. But not for narcissists.

      • NOLA Darling.

        Guess you’ve never tried to adopt? I have friends who are adopted and would gladly adopt, but can’t because adopting a baby can cost more than higher a surrogate (if you get lucky enough to be picked for the few babies that are available and trying to adopt an older child can be a huge nightmare because some of the children when it comes to extended family fighting the adoption and the years of approval you have to go through.
        And don’t be a single person trying to adopt in the South or Midwest, where most of the adoption agencies are run by faith-based organizations like Catholic Charities or Volunteers of America which prohibit or deny single parent adoptions in order to avoid allowing gay people to adopt.

        • Jay

          It kind of makes sense for them to want two parents when trying to adopt.

  • ladykush

    Where is bey bey pic lol y’all kn she had one too