Want To Find “True” Love? Apparently Rev Run And Tyrese Have The Answers In New Book, ‘Manology’

February 1, 2013  |  

It appears that we are living in the age of the male relationship expert, where men are capitalizing off of the market of women who desire love and a lasting relationship, for example Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man book and movie deal. Lately though, it seems that these men are putting a new spin on things. Instead of claiming that they have all of the answers and offering advice on what a woman can do to keep her man, they’re offering insight into the minds of men. One interesting book was Carl A. Roberts’s 2012 release of Good Men Do Cheat, another fairly interesting one is Manology, a collaborative piece between Tyrese Gibson and Reverend Run. In a recent interview, Tyrese and Rev Run sat down with USA Today to discuss their upcoming book release, and they touch on everything from what makes them qualified to write a book of this nature to what a woman should do after finding out that her man has been unfaithful. Check out some of what they had to say.

On why women should consider taking their advice:

Rev Run: People should read the book based on the fact I have a pretty stable marriage. You can watch it on the TV show.

On how a woman can recognize a good man:

Tyrese: In general, whoever never harms you, you could use that as a template. But just because they go to church every Sunday doesn’t make them a good man. They’re a work in progress.

Rev Run: I agree. Instincts have a lot to do with it. Go with your instincts. If a person shows who they are, believe them.

On whether or not a woman should believe it’s possible to change a man:

Tyrese: That shouldn’t be your goal. No man wants to feel like a fixer-up project. If a woman has that intention, it should come from love. It shouldn’t be a charity case.

Rev Run: I believe that a woman and a man can work with each other to reach a goal. But to go into it to see someone that needs help, I’m not sure you can change anyone. That’s God’s job.

On what a woman should do after she learns that her man cheated on her:

Tyrese: I think it’s a heartache and everyone has a different threshold in responding to these moments. I have no general advice. Just don’t do anything crazy. Don’t own the cheat. You have no control over what a man is going to do.

Rev Run: Again, I agree with Tyrese. You shouldn’t own the cheat. It’s not your fault. You can show him that you’re not happy with it. You can go to Mom’s house. You can leave.

Manology is scheduled to hit the shelves Tuesday, February 5th. Although the male relationship expert has been catching a bad rap lately, I have to admit that I’m kind of curious to see what these two have to say.

Will you be checking out Manology when it drops next week?

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  • Sepulveda

    I know thats right…I feel like Run would have been more credible. Tyrese just a fine nlgga that have dated a bunch of video vixens and groupies….Do re REALLY need more of that type of input??? I dont….give me input on how wives are living, not video vixens, half neked magazine hos and club girls. No thanks….

  • Michiko

    More nonsense.

  • FB

    I won’t take advice from anyone who has not been married before. As for Rev. Run, I think it would be more useful if he were to talk about why his first marriage failed and how he is being working harder on being a better man and making sure that his second marriage is successful.

  • Lana

    Okay not sure about Rev Run but Tyrese?! Who wants to listen to a mysigynist who disses the mother of his child and tries to dictate who a persona can call their friend by whether or not they are married. Please I’ll pass!!!!

    • Rite I wouldn’t ask tyrese for directions let alone life advice

    • Kitsy

      Tyrese has shown signs of mental instability, yet there are a bunch of women who will run out and buy his book, in which he tells them everything that is wrong with them! smh

      • YES gAWD

        Exactly….he tells women not to Be this that and the third….and then HE only dates this that and the third. Practice what you preach brotha…I have friends who says he is quite DISRE-FKN-SPECTFUL to the people around him…unless you are a “celebrity” of course. THEN HE YOUR BEST FRIEND I dont have time to listen to people who only nice to people with commas in their bank account…anywho off topic, But Yeah. no I dont take advice of anyone I dont see LIVING THE LIFE they preach about. To me his goal is MONEY and making it, and thinking women will listen to him because he fine….He doesnt really come off to me as the type to live a moral upstanding life as an example. But thats just me.

  • ladylove22

    Tyreese is always pictured laughing boy just smile sometimes

  • Peep

    Smh no i wont be reading this.I automatically grouped them with Steve Harvey. No one (or two) person can tell u how to find true love. That comes with time. The only thing that I agree with is if someone shows u who they ar, believe them. Now, that I couldn’t agree more with

  • pretty1908

    I will pass…. nothing prayer, the bible, God, and iyvanla can’t fix….. listen tto two men tell me how to communicate with other men and tyrese, who has never been married or associated with dating one woman for a long period of time…. swerve

    • YES gAWD

      I would agree…I would take advice (with a grain of salt) from REV because he is at least making his own life a testimony of being a good man and a GROWN MAN..who dont feel the need to play with womens hearts till they 40. However AS FOR TYRESE. no mam. He still out here hittin models and bottles, that is not the maturity level for a man his AGE. I dont care if the money and fame makes u not want to settle down till u gray…you know right from wrong and what being a grown good man is (so you say)…so if he is not living that every day. I wont be buying a book with him SAYING it. Ill pass…Rev should have done this alone.

    • Michiko

      Prayer, the Bible, and God don’t fix anything.

      • YES gAWD

        Well HE has fixed EVERYTHING for me….I dont know or care to know who you ask for help in need….Thats all your deal hun. Still love you tho.

        • Michiko

          I don’t see where I asked you to care about who I ask for help in need. Neither do I see where I said it was someone else’s deal. But yes, ‘HE’ was so busy ‘fixing’ ‘everything’ for you that ‘HE’ forgot to cure those with terminal diseases and those who are living in poverty, amongst other unfortunate situations.

          • yes Gawd

            Well Im just saying…people like you seem to want to Skewer the idea of who we believe in….Since you want to list all of the things you FEEL he hasnt done for you, like i said THATS ALL YOUR DEAL. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO NOT BELIEVE HE HAS DONE ANYTHING FOR YOU. AND I HOPE THAT WHOEVER DOES DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU…ALSO HAS YOUR BACK IN THE END.

            Im not a pastor, so I dont feel the need to preach to you. But I will say THIS….This is the REAL WORLD sweeheart and not HEAVEN. Why you feel as tho this world should be perfect and without flaw (disease, homelessness, and war) if God is here. I dont know. It was the same world when JEsus walked this earth as it is NOW! Life is life, God/Jesus asks us to love all people, he also gives us a Choice to do so…You either choose to shoot your neighbor in the head or you dont….God is not going to stop the bullet in your gun. in other words no one has ever said life will be PERFECT because u believe, Hell even the folks in the bible life was not perfect with Jesus there!?!

            • Michiko

              I had to laugh at this response because it is so off base, sweetheart. I wasn’t speaking of myself. I was speaking in general. In the REAL WORLD, people use logic, not more Christian mumbo jumbo to answer a question.

      • pretty1908

        oh well its works for me …good luck with coping with life on your own and with others lemme know how that goes

        • Michiko

          Sure. This ‘God’ character seems to work for some people and not others. What kind of deity is that?

    • Trisha_B

      Tyrese was married to the mother of his daughter for sometime, but that didn’t end well lol… I don’t listen to anything that man says