“I Give God 10 Per Cent, Why Do You Get 18?” St. Louis Pastor Objects To Automatic Tip On Receipt, Waitress Gets Fired For Posting It Online

February 1, 2013  |  


I think we’ve all been to a restaurant with a group before and felt some kind of way about the idea of automatic tips being added to our bills, but Pastor Alois Bell’s complaint of the 18 percent policy for her party took things to a whole new level of rude. And the end results of it all have her feeling regretful and sad, and has left a waitress too eager to entertain, without a job.

When dining at Applebees in St. Louis recently with members from her church, Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries, Bell’s party included five adults and five children. Because their group was very big, an automatic gratuity of 18 percent for having to take care of such a large party was added to the adults’ tabs. However, Bell wasn’t feeling it, and decided to use her love of the Lord and the idea of tithing to contest the 18 percent, saying, “I give God 10% why do you get 18?” While Bell claims that she realized later that she was automatically charged the 18 percent, and that she willingly also left $6 on the table that evening, the receipt does have a 0 with a slash through it for the tip. She just so happened to sign her name as Pastor Alois Bell–much emphasis on “Pastor.”

But Bell wasn’t banking on the fact that her remarks were going to get blasted on the Internet and put a dent in her reputation really fast. After the original jilted server showed a co-worker, Chelsea Welch, the receipt, Welch went online and posted the receipt photo to Reddit.com. And once people saw the receipt, all hell broke loose. Bell said in an interview with KTVI-TV in St. Louis that people were so disgusted with her perceived slight of the waitress that they were not only calling her a hypocrite, but they claimed they weren’t going to church because of people like her. (Please…THIS is why you don’t go to church? Really? Riiiiiight.)

Bell wound up contacting the Applebee’s about the fact that her receipt had been posted, and to her surprise, according to The Smoking Gun, in a follow-up interview with the manager, Welch was fired for violating the right to privacy of Pastor Bell. Welch was of course upset about this, and thought that she did nothing wrong, telling The Consumerist that Bell’s name was covered on the receipt when she posted it online:

“When I posted this, I didn’t represent Applebee’s in a bad light. In fact, I didn’t represent them at all. I did my best to protect the identity of all parties involved. I didn’t break any specific guidelines in the company handbook — I checked. But because this person got embarrassed that their selfishness was made public, Applebee’s has made it clear that they would rather lose a dedicated employee than lose an angry customer. That’s a policy I can’t understand.”

Sad about the firing, Pastor Bell has called her actions a “lapse in judgement” and says, “My heart is really broken. I’ve brought embarrassment to my church and ministry.” And Welch is still without a job (though a Facebook page to help get her re-hired has popped up). But I think what we can all learn from this is that if you’re not feeling an automatic tip because of a lack of service, you might want to complain to a manager. And if you don’t want to tip at all, you might want to stay at home and cook and serve yourself, but whatever you do, don’t drag God into your reasoning. C’mon sistas, we have to do better with this tipping thing because this type of story is getting old…

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  • NiceNasty

    First off I feel like everybody is jumping on this woman for nothing. You wan’t there you don’t know what happened for them to feel like she didn’t deserve a tip. Also I feel like it’s wrong that tthe resturant is making you give them 18% anyway. Because if you think about it they are making all of the money, but WE’RE paying their employees. I feel like instead of bashing on another for not leaving tips, we need to be trying to get them more pay. Because a tip is optional, and people are starting to forget that. So by automaticly giving them a tip they dont care about giving you good service, cause they already have your money. And that’s NOT RIGHT!!

  • Peter

    This “Pastor” is no Christian. How can she spend so much on that food, served to her by others, and not pay a tip? She looks like she ought to go to the gym instead of Applebee’s, anyway.

  • Geraldine

    The Devil made me do it!

  • What I’m about to say probably won’t go over well with a lot o you but I waited tables for years and I can tell you from experience about 90% of the black people had a problem with tipping. Again I know some may think that is sterotypical, but some times their attitude would be, “it’s their job”,or had some kind of complaint on why they shouldn’t have to tip the server. I think if you a provided a service in a service industry, you tip, end of story. This women’s reason for not tipping was just a matter of ignorance and she was cheap. My opinion is if you know better, you do better. Most people say they can’t afford to eat out, then don’t. The server is there for one reason, to make money, not to recieve a sermon from a low brow preacher. I hope she is proud of herself, now this young lady is out of a job. Nice going preacher…put that in your sunday service under the spirt of giving.

  • Cohen The Barbarian

    A dog shows more thanks when you feed it. This well-fed Pastor can’t even muster a dime. Says a lot and none of it favorable.

  • blackrose

    If service was not good she has every right to not want to tip. For those who use this as their excuse to not go to church….you are just sad. I actually find the note funny.

    • Didi

      They stated thay were given good service, can you not read? And the tipping policy was put in place by the restaurant not the waitress. I’m glad the other employee (not the original waitress) put it online. If you don’t want to be called out, don’t write that ish. Go eat at Uncle Harold’s. Plus she demanded that everybody be fired! Then she tried to lie and backtrack and say she did leave 6 dols on the table. Poor excuse for a Pastor. I hope that girl finds a way better job.

  • I bet she gave Obama more than 10%

  • Guest

    I am a good tipper but tipping is optional and that seems to have been forgotten by the industry. If an automatic tip is included it does sometimes affect the service given because they know they are getting a tip regardless. Both of these parties were out of line. If she didn’t like the service she should have complained to the manager. The waitress should have never posted the receipt online and violated someone’s privacy. It’s unprofessional. I have a neighbor who’s a waitress/model and she told me she sometimes confronts people when they don’t leave her a tip or a good tip and tells them that the tip is not a good tip. I was once confronted by a masseur and told that my tip wasn’t standard to which I replied neither was the lousy massage you just gave me. Maybe you should return to class for more training. Sometimes the service just isn’t worth it!!!!

  • jeannie

    I have been in the restaurant business for 32 years and have come across many different types of people but I hate to sound racist but black people are the worst tippers and complain the most about everything. Most of the time they will complain about something hoping they will get their meal free.Some people should just stay home and eat because servers are just trying to make an honest living and it isn,t our fault that the system works this way.

  • FromUR2UB

    Restaurant servers make a base wage of only $2.13. They have to make up the rest in tips. When my daughters were in college, they worked summers and winter breaks at a well known seafood restaurant. They often told me of people who came in large parties that required two or more servers. They ran up a huge bill, and either left no tip or a stingy one consisting of coins.. They were usually the most demanding, making numerous requests. Other times, people came in a half hour before closing, and just sat at a table laughing and talking, but ordering nothing. The restaurant closed at either 10 or 11pm, but employees sometimes didn’t get off before 2AM because they had to wait for the people to leave before they could begin cleaning up (I fault Managment for that).
    Tipping is part of the restaurant experience. If the service was poor, speak to the Manager about it. But if they service was attentive and good, then why should someone want to deny the server the gratuity? People who are too cheap to tip need to stick to fast food restaurants, or stay home and cook their own food. If you can’t afford to tip, you don’t need to be going out to eat anyway.

    • That depends on the State In Washington state waitress minimum wage is
      $9.25 Hr

  • jessica

    Why do we have to tip people just for doing the job they were hired to do. If their employer paid them a decent wage then they wouldn’t complain so much about the tips. I work hard every day and I am so tired at the end of the day but nobody tips me. I don’t expect to get a tip for doing the job I was hired to do.
    You people have let the restaurant owners off the hook by allowing them to pay their employees below minimum wage so they have to depend on tips. Why don’t the wait staff protest and demand decent wages
    And don’t tell me to stay home just because I don’t agree to pay somebody for doing the job they were hired to do. I know they have a hard job but so do a lot of people. What makes them so special? Nothing.

    • mac

      Yes, I will tell you to stay home. Tipping is customary in a restaurant. if you disagree with the custom, then get out. Don’t take up space for customers that can actually afford at least 15% of the cost of their food.

      Work in a restaurant, come back and tell me this nonsense with a straight face. It’s always the people who’ve never waited tables or done anything remotely close it, who dismiss the difficulty of the job.

      “What makes them so special” is that they make 2 or 3 bucks an hr, make tips that end up getting divided amongst other wait staff, have their tips taxed, and sometimes end up with no more than minimum wage.

      Again, if you don’t like the custom, cook your own food and serve yourself. Or there’s always McDonalds.

  • me

    Why are yall jumping on that side of that idiot who posted it online. I’m sure it’s not the first time someone didn’t tip her for alot less. If there were other parties for the 8% gratuity, then she should have been happy with their tips. What concerns me is, alot of times and You Know It Too, white servers do not give African Americans the same service as their white patrons, but they still expect a tip. What’s to stop her from doing something like that again to someone who may have given her a tip of wisdom on their receipt, but received horrible service from her. I’m just sayin she trifflin’ for doing so. I don’t blame the preacher, just keeping real like that waitress should have did.

    • Suzanne

      It is NOT okay for servers to treat their African-American guests different from their white guests. HOWEVER! The stereotype is not broken yet, because some ishes don’t understand that the tipping line starts at %18, as well as how to mind themselves in social settings. The day WILL come when servers won’t treat people different, but for now, tip right! What happened to that waitress happens all the time, she just happened to be crazy (and kinda stupid) enough to post that sh*t.

      • me

        I really hope your right about that day, but it concerns me dearly that some White people think they can use media outlets to justify their wrongdoings to get sympathy from other white people so that this will never happen to another white person again – see that’s what bothers me about that God situation being stated on the tip, because the waitress took it too far when she became judge, jury, and executioner of her being tip with her God like mental narcissistic complex. No offense to God himself.

        • Suzanne

          Why does is matter that the girl is white and the pastor isn’t? The internet is free for everyone to express themselves.
          And also, people tip how they tip, it doesn’t matter if the server is the same shade as they are. Ask any African-American waitress tired of receiving $2 tips for her service.

      • me

        ..what the waitress did is what I call cruel and usual punishment.

  • SL

    i do not agree with the pastor. she should have tipped. But the waitress should not have post that on the internet. that was very STUPID Of her. what did she Expect? People are becoming more and more DAMN with internet. She deserved to b FIRED!!!!

  • Meyaka

    Cheap and tacky. I have my reason for not going to church but I also detest hypocritical half a$$ed Christian,yeah realllllly.

  • On_Point

    I don’t tip, you mad?

  • CC

    Wow, she made herself look really bad (worse from the looks of that picture they posted of her). I don’t usually go around talking about people but I had a bad run in with a “pastor” but I know not all Christians are like this. I would think she would be in a position to ask herself “Would God want her to write a message like that even if she didn’t feel the woman deserved it, maybe she was a bad waitress??? I still say their party could’ve left something considering there were 20 people and the tab was split PLUS after 18% gratuity it only came out to about $40. Was the other waitress wrong for posting it on the internet, imho morally no, but legally yes. She needed to be put on blast as a woman in her position going into a restaurant writing things like that on the on a receipt, it just shows her true character. Stop it lady, that’s an epic fail!!!

    • CC

      Another thing that got to me was she said “I give 10% to God…”. If she only gives 10% to God maybe that’s the problem. I’m sure God would like 100%

  • Sharon

    She should have known this is not “Christ like behavior” for a so called Pastor. If you don’t want to tip, you should not go to places where you have to tip. Now the girl should not have post this on line. People that are waiters and waitress they have to live and eat just like we do so I always tip whether the service is great or bad. If bad, I leave some tip.

  • Wow where I work I don’t get a tip I work in retail. I think the restaurants should pay their employees more instead of using them like slaves. I always have given good tips, I think the pastor was totally wrong for what she did. I can’t believe the restaurant fire the young lady.

  • A pastor of all people should know the people in the service industry, work the hardest and for very little appreciation. They have to continue with a smile, even when they have the most unpleasant customers ever!! People have this “i’m better than you” attitude when it comes food servers and those are the ones you should be the nicest to. You never know you might end up with a surprise when you treat them like crap.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    It’s always the new age “pastors” that make the church look bad with their ignorance and foolishness. . .

  • CKBrowne

    Just a little side note about tipping. When you leave a tip, you are not just tipping your server. You are tipping the people who also clean up the table, or the person you happen to ask for another glass of water. When it’s a large table, the gratuity gets split with the bus boys and if you are getting drinks , the bar service.
    I understand if a person does not get good service you may not want to tip them, but just know that there are others who work to serve you who are included in that gratuity.
    Or you could just eat at home.

  • Cherilyn

    She has the right to not want to leave a 18% tip…pastor or not…the service could have been horrible or maybe she wants to give what she wants and not what the waitress felt she was deserved…I agree…if she gives God 10% according to church laws…why does she have to give a waitress 18%….As a pastor…those her beliefs and she has the right to feel that way…..

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Using God as her reasoning for not tipping exhibits not only that she’s cheap, but that she clearly has a problem giving God her 10% . . .

    • ATF

      There is usually a sign (before you sit) in restaurants that lets you know that a table of 6 or more will have an added gratituty. If she didn’t want to pay this then they should have went to a fast food establishment. Case in point…stating that she gives the Lord 10% had NOTHING to do with the tip. She just didn’t want to pay it.

    • mac

      she gives God 10% of her INCOME. She gave the server 18% of a BILL. How do you even equate the two

  • How does this woman call herself a Pastor when she lacks empathy??!! Does she not know that waiters and waitresses struggle?? Do you see any millionaire servers walking around??? NO!!

    I like to leave a 20%-25% tip when I eat out at restaurants or at any place where employees earn a living by making tips. No one grows up ever wanting to be a waiter/waitress. It’s something they do out of necessity. If my tips can help someone pay their bills or feed their kids, then I’m more happy to do it.

    • Estylo702

      I read in another article, that when she called the restaurant, she demanded everyone Involved be terminated. It doesn’t look like she sorry for her actions, it just look like she sorry because she was caught.

  • I have read this story on several sites. The one thing that keeps coming back to the fore front of my mind is the statement the Pastor wrote, “I give God 10%……” as if this is something extraordinary. Actually that 10% (tithe– 10th of gross earnings) is God’s anyway(as well as the whole), you are paying that. Anything above and beyond is an offering – giving. I do believe this situation could have been addressed differently whereas if the Pastor felt there were issues with her ticket, why not summons a manager to the table to question/discuss it verbally. Not condoning the person who posted the receipt on the web, because that was wrong too, the Pastor never should have written it. Just as the employee posted it, another patron passing the table could have just as well seen it and found it “amusing” too. Every decision we make carries a consequence, be it good or bad. Pastor made a decision and the employee made a decision.

    • dr3491

      Gwendolyn Mason, my question to you is,when i get paid taxes are taken out first, that leaves me the net that i take to the bank and cash, so i then have the cash to take the tithe from, i can’t pay tithe off of the gross because i don’t get to take the gross to the bank and cash it, and that’s what i am suppose to give God the 10% or more of, so how can i pay the tithe off of what i don’t have..now if i want to give God more than 10% that’s all well and good…i know one pastor that gives 20% of his NET. which is all well and gooooood!!!! i have heard some pastor’s teach tithe off of the gross, i just don’t agree with it, and who am i to agree or disagree? have a blessed day.remember Acts 2:4

      • tia ramsey

        Isaiah 55:8 “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”

        Your reasoning doesn’t matter. What matters is what God says and according to his Word a tithe is 10% of your gross. If it helps, just think of your taxes as another bill. You wouldn’t be able to pay your tax bill or any other bill if God had not blessed you with compensation from your job.

  • I am a very good tipper…. but I have had this happen before where on the Strip we had a large party dining at an expensive restaurant. The waitress SUCKED to put it mildly! Most of our party was black, so I am not sure if that helped or hindered, but we saw her twice. Once to take our order and once to deliver the food. An 18% gratuity was automatically added to our $800 bill. I was not having it. It’s like she knew that she would be getting 18% and therefore didn’t put in the effort for us. Complained to the manager and had the 18% taken off only for her to try and include it into the bill itself as an unlisted charge. Busted. We were not happy that night and glad we didn’t look like fools walking out of there thinking we’d dodged the 18% tip to a worthless waitress. I guess she thought we were stupid.

  • I’ve
    seen the picture of the receipt and what I think bothers me more is
    that the pastor would even leave a message like that on the receipt.
    Should it have been published for social media, no that was wrong, BUT I
    think in this instance, “you were asking for it” kind of sums this
    experience up. If this person truly was a servant of God, I’m pretty
    sure God wouldn’t appreciate the smart-ass gesture.
    Proverbs 3:27
    Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.

    • Me

      Nice one!

    • I think that a truly God-fearing person would have viewed the receipt going “viral” as an opportunity for self-reflection…as God’s way of teaching humility and the dangers of false pride. A God-fearing person would probably not have gone on to cause such a stink that they get a waitress fired. Yes, it was wrong for the receipt to be posted on the internet; but it is much more wrong in my opinion for a person to use God as an excuse for bad behavior.

      • Peter

        Well-said. I don’t think she’s a real “pastor” anyway–but if she is, she’s got a lot of Bible-readin’ in front of her–humility, pride, vanity…the list goes on.

  • Donna

    Smh. I wonder if the “pastor” complains about the amount of money in the collection plate every Sunday.

    • kierah

      My last comment on this: She probably shakes people upside down making sure the church gets its 10%.
      Honestly, I loves church, but I can’t stand churchiness.

  • nocalls

    I understand that groups get cranky, are hard to wait on, and often under tip, but I hate the restaurants that automatically bill you for a tip, when that is a customer’s prerogative to determine. On the other hand, why is the pastor limiting her offerings to God to just 10%?. That’s sounds just as cheap as under tipping the waitress. The New Testament principle is to give cheerfully as God has prospered you, without reference to the Old Testament tithe.

  • Tamz

    From what I read, the pastor was a part of a large party and the waitress wasn’t too happy when every asked to have their tickets divided separately. I agree that the pastor shouldn’t have made a stink about it, I think it’s standard policy to add gratuity into a large party’s check. Not saying I agree if the service stinks but the waitress has to make her money somehow.

  • At the end of the day, she believed that the waiter/waitress deserved NO tip? WOW!!!

  • This is a hot mess. I have had poor service from a waitress and dint leave a tip, but if the waiter or waitress did a good job I tip then more then enough. Being a woman of God she should have know better then to say such a thing. What if that young lady had a issue with God or Christianity and was undecided about what path to tak what this Pastor did was wrong and distasteful. We are held accountable for our actions and sometime we are the only light that people see and we are to never do or say anything to detour people from God. Her being a Pastor shoould have known to do things in order as we should think before we speak and do. Now the waitress was wrong for posting such a thing on facebook she too acted in haste but she was lead by the example and poor taste of the Pastor the waitress was hurt and shocked by what transpired and behaved badly herself and the consequence for her poor actions was she lost her job. Now people all over the world is going to know and judge this This Pastor but she open this door herself.

  • Alois Bell is the epitome of a hypocritical Christian. People like her do factor into the reason why Christianity is a dying religion, along with the fact that Christianity no longer reflects the world we live in and foments discord and enmity. (Don’t think it’s dying? Check out the growing number of people in the U.S. who are atheist or agnostic.) Not much of a spiritual guide.

    She states that she was “double charged” for the tip. The credit card company will not process the “group tip” that Applebee’s policy added because she crossed it out. They will process the 0% she wrote in. Forgive me, but I’m betting that she did not leave any $6.92 cash tip on the table.

    She says she is human and made a mistake. She seeks forgiveness. Good enough. (Praise the Lord!) No such allowance is given to the waitress. They could have just disciplined the waitress.

    Bell’s church, by the way, has +/- 15 members. Seems to me it’s main purpose is to raise money for Bell and to get her tremendous tax breaks. I live in St. Louis and Bell is loving this publicity. TV interviews. More $$$.

    • FromUR2UB

      She doesn’t sound like someone who studied Theology…or anything. She can probably guide people to the bank, and that’s about it.

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  • SheBe

    Am I the only one that LMFAO at this foolery? ALL parties involved were stupid as heck. The waitress chick who posted the receipt needs to put her index finger and thumb in the “L” shape, and put it on her forehead.

  • This is sad both ate at fault…the girl for posting the receipt and the Pastor for making a fuss over 6 dollars….if the service was good tip….dang even Christ paid for his food.

  • hollyw

    In the end, it appears the repercussions for both were well-deserved.

    …sidenote: I do feel some kinda way about auto-tips, though; esp. if it’s arbitrary, i.e. “after 9pm”, and/or the service sucks!

  • My take on this is that if you don’t believe in the tipping then you should stay home. As a christian I am sure she don’t believe in going to night clubs so she stays home, the same principle applies here. If you don’t believe in something stay away from it.Simple

  • It’s sad, but when you do ask people why they don’t go to church it is because people like “Pastor” Bell try to preach the word, but in no way follow it. You can’t ask people in this day and age to blindly follow you. Talk the talk and walk the walk.. if you can’t stay out of the leadership role!

  • kierah

    Is this her first time outside the Chicken Shack? Large parties are charged an automatic gratuity 18-20% just about everywhere. This wouldn’t even have gotten as much traction had she not so carefully scrawled “PASTOR” on the receipt. Address your concerns to the manager, not the waitress.

    • guest5

      It might be her first time. lol. I have to remind a couple of my older (over 50) relatives sometimes of how tipping and gratuity works. We’re from a small town where there are not many sit down and serve restaurants (maybe 2 or 3) so when they go to a big city they are lost when it comes to those things. I don’t understand all the “EXTRA” stuff though. If she had an issue…talk to the manager.

      • KIR12

        I have never seen this type of mindset from anywhere else other than the ghetto. 50 years ago we were complaing about not being allowed in. Now you all want to tell them how to run they’re business? Anyone not tipping is from a product of two things.
        1. Not being taught proper etiquette by your parents
        2. Not associating and socializing with professionals.
        Everyone knows the most people tip 20%. If you can’t afford the meal and the tip don’t eat there. I guarantee you everyone else in the restaurant is paying a 20% tip. If you want to act ghetto and petty stay in the ghetto to eat, and don’t come around people who treat people with basic common courtesy. Problem solved. If you have a problem with the service, call the manager BEFORE THE BILL. If he/she doesn’t resolve it satisfactory pay and TIP 20% and don’t go back there anymore and write a bad review on the internet. Again, problem solved

        • SheBe

          It is Applebee’s after all. I stopped taking the article seriously after that little tidbit was given.

          • Anona

            Class means that if it’s Applebee’s, Chili’s, Cheesecake Factory or Benihana’s, you still treat your server well.

            • Merriegirl

              Is it class, or a social pressure which you have agreed to succumb to?

            • SheBe

              Not my point but thanks.

              • Merriegirl

                What you mean to say is that the question I posed has validity and you don’t have a response.

                • SheBe

                  Um, my response was to “Anona” not to your question. Look at the top of my response; it will say “SheBe” to “Anona”.

            • Nicolet75

              Lol! So u think Cheesecake Factory and Benihana are upscale?!?

        • mac

          but you copied and pasted that from a previous article though.

          • KIR12

            Is it a law against rewriting the same thing THAT I orignially wrote?

            • mac

              no. I’m just being a troll.

        • Suzanne

          Thank you.

        • rere

          I agree, take that mess back to the ghetto. I don’t care if you copy and paste a freakin hundred times. It still rings true. Best comment EVER!

      • kierah

        She may not have to to tip Sister O’dell at the church fish fry, but at Applebees large parties are charged automatic gratuity. I wish I could say she learned from this debacle but I doubt it…

        • Glory! Not Sister O’dell at the church fish fry. LMAO!

        • Estylo702

          Sister O’dells fish be on point though!

    • Anona

      I used to be a server in college. Church folks were the worst! They’d come in, sit and talk, order things like coffee and tea, take up space and not want to leave nothing. Even looking at this bill, $35 for 10 people? And this ish couldn’t tip?

      • Nia

        The bill was divided up. I think it’s hella funny that the bish tried to not tip. The tip is included so even though she crossed it out, she still agreed to pay for it.

      • adanie12

        (Groan) every where I look there are Christians acting irrationnal giving the normal ones a bad name. This lady is immature and should be pastoring dirt rocks. Just tip dang! People are working hard to serve you. Even if they were a bad server the Christian thing to do would be to TIP ANYWAY!!! UGGGHHH. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Whether I get a good or bad server I tip. Good ones got a larger tip, like $5 and not so good ones get a smaller tip $2. If she’s a pastor she would know that the tip wasn’t about the money, its about showing kindness. And I’m not a pastor, just a regular old Christian. Regular. That’s the problem, people get any kind of status and they start tripping. Jesus TAKE ME NOW (Old Church Mutha voice).

        • Suzanne

          Girl $2 is the tip you leave for the busboy at a buffet, never for service. And $5? for good service? What if the bill is more than $25? Do you tip $5 on $50, $100? Come on. %18 has been the standard for years now and if it’s too much, go to McDonald’s.

      • Trisha_B

        Lol the total bill was about $200, but $35 is that pastors portion of the bill….If you can eat a $35 meal at Applebee’s, you can leave 18%

    • I had to stop reading at “is this her 1st time outside the chicken shack” lmao

  • bluekissess

    Welp, that receipt was her ticket to hell.

  • Merriegirl

    If you’re going to be bold enough to write that on a reception be strong enough to stand by your words.

    And the waitress that was fired is delusional if she thinks she shouldn’t be held responsible for posting a customer’s receipt with their signature on it for the public to see on a website.

    • Kenedy

      The waitress said that she can’t believe a company would rather lose a dedicated employer than a customer…..but isn’t that the basis of capitalism? The foundation upon which America runs on religiously….a happy customer…its no surprise to me that she was fired…not saying that its right, but she’s crazy for not thinking that they would side with the customer