Messy, Messy: Josie Harris On Why She’s Still Sleeping With Floyd Mayweather Even Though He’s Engaged And Hit Her

February 1, 2013  |  

Yeah, we didn’t understand that either so we went ahead and asked Josie about her confusing relationship with Floyd Mayweather at the “Starter Wives” premiere last week. Check out her explanation for still sleeping with her ex, who also happens to be engaged and out of jail after physically assaulting her. Thoughts?

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  • lady X

    “Must be the money” *in my Deon Saunders voice*

  • Yay

    This is why I will not be watching starter wives… Woman fawning over their god-awful failed relationships is completely uninteresting to me. These woman are pitiful. They are mothers for goodness sake! Why are they not focusing on being a good example to their kids.

  • FromUR2UB

    What’s the point of going through the trouble of pressing charges against a man for violence, and then take the matter public to turn public opinion against him, if the “victim” is going to resume seeing him? These silly women need to quit wasting everyone’s time.

  • Yeaaa…. I’m confused. The first question was answered ‘H*ll yea I still sleep with him and so…” then the follow up answer was “to the young girls out there don’t stay this is a serious matter’…She needs to see this interview to understand how silly she looks *side eye*

  • VirgoStarr

    I’m not the brightest, but a fictional novel is a made up story…I swear reality TV needs to disappear and stop making celebrities out of these candidates for shock therapy.

  • tikkit30

    Im already over this Josie person, she make herself look so weak!

  • IAJS

    I almost threw water at my screen the thirst is real

    • Marie

      Lol.. Ain’t that the truth! These people are disgusting. Smh

  • cryssi

    Fictional memoir???

    • EasyReader

      Exactly…what an oxymoron!

  • Mrs. A

    She is very odd & bitter.. I don’t understand why she is speaking on her past relationship, and bragging on sleeping with Floyd when he has a fiancé. Please move on and get your own man. Sharing a man ain’t cute, and getting your a** beat down ain’t either. Smh!!!

  • It only makes sense when you’re in it. #wakeup

  • Ladydi82

    Rih rih #2

  • YES gAWD

    I dont care….thats what I think. Who is this again??? *sigh* More irrelevant people “letting us in” on lives we dont Care NOTHING ABOUT….. ILL PASS ON THIS TOO.

  • velociraptor

    She has no room to give advice to victims of domestic violence when she is still sleeping with her abuser. Girl, bye.