“There Was No Heartbeat” Beyoncé Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

January 31, 2013  |  

Whether you’re a bee buzzing in the BeyHive, indifferent in your feelings about Beyoncé or feel she’s completely overrated, hopefully we would all have sympathy about a woman who has had to endure the tragedy of experiencing a miscarriage.

In her upcoming HBO documentary, Beyoncé opens up about the experience and what she did in order to cope with the loss. Check out the clip above to see what she had to say about the experience.

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  • Kg

    “I was here”

  • halo

    • Leilue

      yes this is what I believe is the song she wrote regarding her miscarriage!

  • alexis.dawson89@yahoo.com

    I Miss You!!! I think that is the song for the dead baby!!!

  • I don’t have an opinion on her one way or the other, she gets crucified enough, and worshiped enough, but I’ve had a baby, and the THOUGHT of NOT hearing my little one’s heartbeat, would DEVASTATE me to no end! My heart goes out to her on this right here. By the grace of God I’ve NEVER had to feel that pain, and I’m thrilled she was able to fill the void in her life, with her baby Blue..

  • eestoomuch

    it sounds like fiction…i was pregnant for the first time…too much info…liars do that…

    • ash

      she was telling about her miscarriage. sounds appropriate and reasonable to say

    • Lorena

      boo how do you know her to know what is fiction and what a liar does….Your opinion but dont stoop to calling people liars. Wainch.

  • Lana

    I think the song was ‘Disappear’

    • Finally someone answers the question. It took the whole page of comments to gt one person to mention the song.


    Beyonces Detractors are NEVER HAPPY….first shes not human because her career is too perfect…she shows yall this life has flaws and she fake. And then MN posts on her daily and then to post a hateful dissertation asking her to sit down and stay out the news yesterday….ummmmm Ok. Hell If i was her I would be confused too…..

  • Meyaka

    You don’t have nothing to prove,some people don’t feel you at all,and that’s life,your fans will kill Jesus all over for you and your family and friends adore you.

    • NiceNasty

      Yea, and you are so right. So she should jus be true to self and keep it moving.

  • Common Cent$

    Hopefully she continues to live her life, you can’t please everybody. I’ve always been a fan and very proud of how she’s conducted herself over the years in the public eye (no twitter rants that her handlers had to delete) as well as her business acumen. Good for her on opening up a little more and sharing the sad news of her miscarriage.

  • JaneDoe

    I think all this exposure and trying to prove to the world that she is human is gonna bite her in the azz..

    • I think after all the lip-syncing back-lash (which is stupid by the way), she wants a little sympathy before the Super Bowl. A lot of people are waiting to see if she lip-syncs again. If she does, omg! This is going to go on forever!

      • Shawna

        This is featured in her HBO documentary which was already finished months ago before the Inauguration.

  • Youngin

    Didn’t an editor on this site post that the media is oversaturated with Beyonce two days ago or so? What, did they get the space or off period from her already or are they just as obsessed with her as any other media outlet? You’re slippin MN and I caught you.

    • vwells1

      Ha Ha! That was one writer’s opinion. We cover Beyonce around here because the people love to talk about her good, bad or “indifferent.”

      • yeppers

        Well that writer acts like shes The head of the I hate Beyonce movement and needs to be fired….her novels she writes have 0 substance and are basically an “I hate beyonce because of what she has” roast… I know you want to have variety. But hate for other women to Rant and rave and tear down other women for such vain reasons…I thought MN was better than that. Yall need to check that attitude. I thought this was supposed to be an uplifting site. To ask someone to sit the hell down somewhere who is successful and positive it really not cool.

        • Well hopefully MN is smart enough not to fire someone because they don’t like Beyonce. This writer not the only one! “Yeppers” seems to have a personal vendetta against this writer. I have no idea why Beyonce fans are so delusional. No, everyone does not like her. And, yes, we are entitled to our opinions.

          • yeppers

            no everyone does not HAVE to like anyone..and NO ONE EVER SAID THEY DID…however for a site to post writers whos entire articles are nothing but PERSONAL ATTACKS is not newsworthy or helpful as a BLACK WOMAN TO ME…That person seemed to have a vendetta. Especially when EVERY person that commented on that article even NON FANS…CAUGHT HOW ILL WRITTEN THE ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN. IT WAS AWFUL…MN needs to not let the insecurity of their staff shine thru in writing its just bad karma all the way around. Im sorry I was just VERY turned off, as were other people who commented by the blatant disrespectful tone that article was written. Sue me. It was ill written. That person needs to be checked. Sorry. And GET YOUR LIFE boo…I dont use my personal name on these comment boards for obvious reasons. Thanks.

  • Tiffany

    I think the song Frank Ocean wrote “I miss you” could be one of them.