World Star Hip Hop: When Violence Towards Women Is Entertainment

January 31, 2013  |  

Source: WorldStarHipHop

Whenever I see something ignorant – be it on television or in real life – my first instinct is to yell out “WorldStarHipHop” – all one word – even if I don’t have a camera.

Seriously, that site is where the pinnacle of debauchery and other questionable human behavior. Yet it is so hard to look away. Yeah I know, I am part of the problem; however according to the 500 million impressions the site owner reportedly says he gets a day, I know for a statistical fact, that I am not the only one. We try to honor our morals and convictions and boycott the site. However all it takes is for someone to post via social networking a WorldStar link with a catchy title like Stripper Eats It Hard When Pole Splits Into Two and you’re like, Oh Hell, ain’t nothing going on at my work desk right now, let me just turn down the volume and see this real quick...One hour and fifteen minutes later, you have just witnessed and perused through hours of videos of a man a chicken; a butt unclothed man tearing up a gas station while another man, recording him, sings very humorously Black Man Don’t Care; and an instructional video on how to have sex on an giant exercise ball.

The videotaped beatings are the most interesting; particularly the sheer audacity and ignorance of some in these videos, who are willing to not only capture these beatings on tape but upload them for the whole world to witness as they, more often than not, commit a crime. Talk about dry-snitching. And what exactly do you get from all this attention besides a nice photo for police and the prosecutors and the fleeting moment of being a world star? I guess it is worth it for some.

For instance, Jaden Ethridge, a high school student, who submitted a video to WSHH of him, “smacking a heaux” after an intense lunchroom argument spills into the school’s hallway. In the video we see Ethridge anxiously arguing with an anonymous young woman, whose face has been blurred. While we don’t know what sparked this argument, what we can gather is that Ethridge is annoyed with his female opponents threats, including daring the young man to hit her, and warns her that, “if I gets mad, you’re going to get smacked.” After a few more nonsensical exchanges, the video fades to black screen and the audio cues to the intro of “Smack Dat Heaux,” in which Soulja Boy, a child himself advises other young men around the world to “pimp smack that heaux…get your respect, you feel me?” The visual portion of the video returns and Ethridge is now knuckling up with who I believe is the same blurry face girl from the cafeteria. In one of his flurry of wild punches, he manages to catch the anonymous girl across the head, which is then rewound and mixed to a chorus of “pimp smack that heaux.”

You would expect Ethridge and his female opponent to receive condemnation for acting a fool in school when they were supposed to be studying. At least that was the normal response from adults growing up when they learned that I was involved in similar schoolyard fight situations. However even with the cautionary title It’s Not Okay to Hit A Girl: This Boy was Fed Up During Argument, most of the comments, which are now disabled, appear to make a joke out of the beatdown. Likewise Ethridge, unperturbed that he has actually done something shameful, revels in all of the attention, even tweeting and re-tweeting messages of congratulations for making it to the site and for throwing a mean right, including this satirical (I hope) message, “Do you have a heaux that needs sum pimp slapping done? Call Jalen at 1-800-SlapAHo.”

Men hitting women, or in this instance, boys hitting girls, is not a new phenomenon. However, men and boys hitting women and girls on camera and then taking bows over the act seems like a relatively newish thing. I don’t know if WSHH is totally to blame for that as some could argue that certain rappers like Too Short have been promoting the “smack a heaux” culture for some time now. However the site does appear to be a clearinghouse for this sort of anti-social and non progressive attitudes around violence towards women.

Perhaps it is the aid of technology like WSHH, which has made us more susceptible to seeing some violent acts against women as a cause and effect problem instead of a blanket condemnation. After all, it was her smart-mouth and needling of him, which caused Ethridge to throw up his fist and basically knock her down, right? Except Ethridge didn’t have to be in that situation. He could have decided to not argue with the young woman. He could have also walked away. And even if he was left with little choice but to defend himself, where is the regret in having to do so? The idea of hitting a woman used to be thought of as an act of last resort (and the work of abusers), certainly nothing to celebrate. Instead little Spike Lee here goes home with his video trophy of his victory, pulled out his windows movie maker, does some editing, lays down a soundtrack and then uploaded to a site, which receives over 500 million impressions a day. I’m pretty certain this was not about defending himself, or even misguided attempt at gender equality. This was about notoriety and fame. This was about going viral on the internet. And more importantly, this was about doing something so daring, which could propel a person to the title of World Star.

Long before WSHH, there was television, movies, video games, the world news and even what they saw outside (and inside in more tragic circumstances) their homes, which provided people many avenues to become desensitized to gratuitous violence of any form. However sites like WSHH offer a home for this kind of violence to not only exist but also feel welcomed. But as easy as it would be to condemn WSHH and Ethridge for that matter, there is a bigger message about how none of this culture of violence, particularly violence against women, will ever change as long as we continue to view these acts as entertainment. I mean, 500 million impressions a day?

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  • AllsFair

    Bingo! You win the internet. It’s common sense. Show me a video of a woman defending herself from a male aggressor, and I’ll be on board with the anger towards him. All I ever seem to see are these entitled loud mouth skanks picking fights because society tells them they don’t have to deal with the consequences.

  • SMHgurl24

    Really MN if you are jumping on the violence against women train, why don’t you write on the real stuff instead of this WSHH crap. That site doesn’t even come close to the problem this society has in that area and if you really cared you should be telling the whole story instead. Stop hating on them!

  • goldii

    I’ve seen way too many instances of women challenging or hitting men. you can’t think in this time of broken homes and little home training, he’s not going to hit her or hit her back if she swings first. i hate the trend of recording everything, but “we” been treachery for years and if seeing it finally opens up discussion or embarrasses enough to make a change, then I welcome the change to come. Btw, girl on the bus TOTALLY deserved it and I cheered for the driver.

    • Let’s take your argument that the woman hit him, Okay so he defended himself, do you think that pathetic display of horrendous behavior on BOTH their parts ought to be celebrated and commented in?

  • The women being the aggressors in a lot of the videos mean nothing? There is no problem with the women hitting, spitting on, slapping, cursing out, kicking, biting, and antagonizing people, for sport, but the minute the man defends himself, there is a problem? You want equality of being a man without full benefit, huh? And there is no problem with the Black men on Black men violence all over WSHH?

    • In the black community,ONLY blk/w are entitled to rights!

    • So using the example presented in this article, Boy girl having a VERBAL disagreement, you think its perfectly okay for him to HIT her? And then brag about how he hit her online? You see nothing wrong with that example at all?

      *looking at you sideways*

      • Estylo702

        I agree. In the hallway, he squared up as if he was prepared to fight. He also called Lil Reese his hero (on twitter)!! If you haven’t seen the video, google “Lil Reese hits woman”. It’s truly heartbreaking.

        • This is such a sad, sad testimony to how we are raising our children to be men and women. We glorify smacking a young lady. Disgusting

          • AllsFair

            Folks like you calling little stuck up idiots like the girl in this video “young lady” is part of the problem as well. Raise them like idiots, then give them titles and respect they haven’t even tried to earn. False self-esteem, false bravado, living a bubble that will soon pop. It popped in this video for that girl. Maybe one day she will grow up and NOT start fights with larger males who may not give a damn about social stigmas, and will live longer, healthier and happier because of it.

            • So explain how what she SAID justified him assaulting her? You don’t use physical force to deal with a verbal altercation. And furthermore he is neither the law or her father it isn’t his job to mead out discipline. I would lock his punk azz up in Juvie so fast and perhaps that would induce him to “live longer, healthier, and happier becuase of it.”

  • Or maybe women shouldn’t receive special sympathy because they have a vagina. Violence is wrong no matter who is on the receiving end.

  • KIR12

    I think those videos are good in the sense they show just how aggressive some of these black women are. A lot of black women use to disagree and claim ignorance about this problem. These videos pretty much ended that discussion

    • Drew Smith

      You’re about to get attacked, homie. Godspeed.

  • I’ve always disliked the ambiguity of “A man should NEVER hit a woman.” Too many girls/women have taken that cliche and ran with it. We always expect the man to have self control and never the woman. Now I’m not speaking about men, or shall I say males, who hit women as a means of power, manipulation and control (abusers). Why don’t we say that women need more self control? Our problem is that we always equate a man hitting a women to domestic abuse no matter the situation. A woman can buff up to a man, slap, kick, spit on and throw things at him but the minute he defends himself, it’s a problem. How come when women who harm/kill their men because he was unfaithful or going to leave them simply just “Snapped” (hence the show)?

  • Candacey Doris

    See, this is why i don’t go there. Everytime someone whips out a WSHH vid to show me it feels like my IQ drops. The antics of the people there, women fighting, men fighting women, kids fighting each other, and SEX in every way imaginable just makes me want to shut my computer off completely and do something better.

  • I would rather eat ground up glass in my salad then support WSHH! If we want to disables sites like this then. We have to stop viewing the clips..its that simple. I don’t think I have EVER been that bored to pull up WSHH to watch.

  • Yes this seemingly tolerance and even props for beating a young black woman is appalling. Remember that bus driver upper cutting that woman and how some men were practically salivating with joy at watching a woman “get what’s comin to her” its sickening really and makes me think that our cultural is succumbing to moral decay and the celebration of acting ignorant and without thought or care to consequence or repercussions. I’m sickened by that World wide hip hop or whatever the heck it’s called site and can honestly say I’ve only been on there once which was one time too many.

    • Stanley Dada

      You have a standard for the buss driver and a standard for the you lady who hit the buss driver first. You said: “its sickening really and makes me think that our cultural is succumbing to moral decay and the celebration of acting ignorant and without thought or care to consequence or repercussions”.

      • SMHgurl24

        You summed it all up for me! Our culture is changing. The”boys can never hit a girl” thing is starting to fade because MANY (not all) girls assume they have the right to put hands on another human being without consequence. People are starting to see the double standard and its really not fair. Unless you want someone to put hands on you, don’t put hands on others!

        • Let’s get a couple of things clear here. The topic of discussion isn’t “well alls fair if a woman wants to ACT like a man she gets what she gets” That argument is tired and stupid but not the point of contention here, its the CELEBRATION of a man acting out a show of violence against a woman. Its the posting of a video clip of a dude slapping a woman in the face whom he was having a VERBAL disagreement with and KNOWING instead of being called out for the ignorant buffoon that he is that other equally ignorant morons are going to give him props for striking a woman that I find repugnant on all levels.

          • AllsFair

            See this is my problem with folks like you and the “arguments” you make, and the way you debate. Declaring an argument “tired” without showing any evidence DOESN’T PROVE ANYTHING. Just because you say it’s tired and old doesn’t make it the case. That’s not debate. Second off, I watched that video twice and you know what I saw? About a minutes worth of HER confronting HIM, that’s right the female provoking him and being hostile. Any male would have been in a fight within the first 20 seconds, but she gets special privilege? Maybe if she acted like a woman, not a girl, a lady and not a hoe she would have been treated with respect. I also saw HER charge at HIM in the hallway. But that doesn’t matter? He’s an ignorant buffoon for responding to threats and defending himself? What universe do you live in? If she was a dude, we would all be posting about how he had it coming. You’re skewed double standard view of the world is ridiculous.

            • I am debating my OPINION and feelings no? So If I find an argument “tired” and not pertaining to MY point (which it doesn’t) that is my prerogative. I hear abusers say ALL the time “well she provoked me” “She made me” hit her. Since he has the physical advantage he could have walked away from that scene at any point. She wasn’t a physical threat to him so your argument that “if she was a man” or “she shouldn’t get special privileges that a man wouldn’t” listen to yourself you are making my point for me. This whole “well if she wanna ACT like a man” line of thinking is truly at the crux of the issue. But I digress.

              My point and I will state it once again so if you choose to continue to “debate” my opinion you can address my actual argument and not your suppositions. I do not like the state of the moral decay in conduct between black men AND women that would CELEBRATE and IDOLIZE a man violently striking a woman.

              And if you want some PROOF on why this is particularly repugnant and ought to be admonished and discouraged go ahead and Google the statistics on domestic violence murder rates where women are the victims versus men I’m sure those women all got what they “deserved” and the man was just giving her a lesson on how to conduct herself as woman. I’m sure too that all those “hoes” got what’s coming to them. If that doesn’t give you a modicum of pause nothing will.

      • Clearly you lack reading comprehension. I said nothing about protecting ones self or any of that mess. What I condemned was the PLEASURE derived from watching a man hit the hell out of a woman. Its the sick twisted joy some of the men expressed at seeing this that I find repugnant and belies and underscores the real lack of moral regard and direction black women and men have for one another. If you get your rocks off by celebrating senseless violence by all means don’t let my disgust get in the way. And if you cannot differentiate between 1. being within your rights to strike a woman violently versus 2. Having other “men” celebrate and even high five it as something to be proud of and emulate then we can go ahead and end this discussion right here.

        • AllsFair

          Look at it this way, you remember that video of the overweight English kid picking up that skinny little bully, turning him upside down, and smashing him down on his head? The first 30 or so seconds of the video focus on the large kid being harassed and intimidated and attacked, then the bully gets what’s coming to him. That video was celebrated for a long while, I still watch it every now and then to know there is some justice in the world. You see, humans are designed to be happy when good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. It’s natural. This girl was acting like a punk and a bully from everything that I’ve seen, and thus when she got hers, it was celebrated. It really is that simple. Our society in America has trained girls to believe they can have one foot in the door and one out, never having to deal with the consequences of their actions. This has made some of them act like bullies. This is where the “get your rocks off” effect comes from. How can you not see that? It’s not the violence, it’s the JUSTICE.

          • sfmc98

            It’s not the violence, it’s the JUSTICE.

            Brilliantly stated. Thank you for this.

          • I want you to take an honest review of the comments left on those videos. They weren’t cheering for “JUSTICE” they were cheering for a “b*tch” getting put in her place. Review them with unprejudiced eyes.

  • Sagittarius81

    1995: OMG, this woman getting beaten by this dude, call 911
    2013: OMG, this woman getting beating by this dude, where’s my phone, I’m putting this on WSHH!

    This is why I haven’t been on that ratchet website in over a year.

    • KIR12

      You’ll be back. lol

      • Sagittarius81

        It’s been over a year, haven’t looked back.

  • kiki

    his parents need to see that , or better yet HER parents. shoot , i hope she has brothers. Not that i’m promoting violence but apparently that kid doesn’t understand that because someone is “weaker” or smaller than you – doesnt mean u should put hands on them —there is ALWAYS someone bigger, stronger ,tougher. But more important his parents should be teaching him that’s not how u treat women & girls.

    • Michiko

      Having to get someone’s brother is a problem in itself. Men and boys should know how to respect women and girls without having to have another man or boy intimidate them into doing so.

      • AllsFair

        And maybe little 100 pound girls need to be trained to not pick fights, charge at and start fights with bigger boys? One day she’ll just assume that she can attack any 200 pound man she wants without consequences, and end up on the floor. Society is training American women to be idiots. I can’t even call them women without feeling like I’m lying.

  • bluekissess

    Everybody seems to be a director these days. The sad part is that know one is taking legal action. Videos like these just don’t go away they will plaque an individual for the rest of their lives. It’s sad and sickening.

    • You’re right, I’m surprised a lot of those folks in those videos don’t pursue legal action to get them taken down! They probably don’t know how to.

      • sfmc98

        There is no legal action to get them taken down. If they happened in a public place or open to the public, there is nothing the people in the video can do to stop their dissemination.

  • Michiko

    Yes, I have noticed this. But, I have come to know that most of the viewers of WSHH are not the most educated and are extremely homophobic and s*xist.

    • Drew Smith

      Truth. Depending on your comedic barometer, you can find some truly knee-slapping material in there. Some of those suckers have been absolutely robbed of their portion of intelligence up for grabs in the universe.

      • Michiko

        I guess, but I haven’t seen any video on that site that didn’t somehow put down or degrade women, even if it is supposed to be funny.

        • Drew Smith

          Not a one video? Hmmm… Well, go to the site, type in “Car Crash” and 100 videos having nothing to do with downgrading, upgrading, or degrading women will appear. There ya go. 🙂

  • That’s why I quit going to WSHH awhile ago… if it ain’t “Sex! Sex! Sex!”, it’s fighting! They’re glorifying everything wrong in our communities… it’s sad!

  • KIR12

    Charing please!!! This from the woman who wrote Essentially, a thug worshipping article article last month about how worthless and unattractive men who didn’t stand their ground were. Now, it’s a problem…. because it’s a woman selling wolf tickets and then Bull charges him? Can you please make up your mind about what exactly is and is not acceptable. lol I also see have no opinion on the thousands of videos of super ghetto, hyper aggressive black women beating the living sh!at out of each other. I wonder why…

    • Estylo702

      Wow. It’s really disconcerning to know there is a woman out here who equivocates a man standing up for himself to a man hitting a women. Men who don’t stand their ground are worthless, but men who hit women deserve gasoline underwear.

      • KIR12

        Stand your ground between two men can easily lead to serious bodily injuries and murder. Stand your ground is why we have all of these black on black murders. There really is no middle ground.

        It’s just ridiculous for two grown men to stand in the middle of the street arguing. I can’t do it. I’ll defend myself to the death. I’m not taking an a$$ whipping from anyone but there’s a big difference between self defense and stand your ground. Simple, walk away from a silly a$$ argument if he follows and attacks then defend yourself.

      • AMEN!