9 Types Of Men Every Woman Should Date At Least Once

February 7, 2013 ‐ By Erica R. Williams

We’ve all heard the saying “You have to kiss a few toads before you meet your prince” and likewise you have to date different types of guys to decide who is or isn’t right for you. Some of the guys you date may have potential, while others are potentially all wrong, but still each provide a lesson worth learning or a good time worth having.

You can date all great guys and never really appreciate them because you’ve never experienced a relationship with a bad one. You can say all men are immature but it wouldn’t be a fair accusation if you have never explored a relationship with an older man.  This is all to say that you should at least consider your dating options before deciding who or what is your type.

Idris Elba

1. Mr. Boris Kodjoe or Idris Elba (depending on your flavor)

He could be shallow or have a lot of women. While you may not want to consider getting too serious with him to avoid the heartbreak, you can at least enjoy his presence for a few dates.  Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy a little eye-candy; and there is nothing wrong with dating a man solely based on his looks, at least once.


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  • notagoodtime

    Sorry MN but the whole dating outside of race point is ridiculous. I refuse to do it and don’t think it’s fair for you to push this stupid interracial agenda in black women. We aren’t stupid.

  • PuddingPop89

    numbers 8 and 9 are the only ones that didn’t annoy the living daylights out of me…i feel like this list should come with warnings/other considerations too, like to be aware of the fake, self-proclaimed “good guys”. simply the worst!

  • Say What?

    Some of these guys seem like a waste of time. Why date an obvious bad boy or someone you’re not sexually attracted to?


      Our society feels that women should give every man who is interested in her a chance whether she is interested or not. Our society doesn’t tell men that. In fact, they tell men the opposite.

      • Say What?

        Most people are sheep and seldom think for themselves. I was never one to drink the Kool-Aid primarily because they don’t have any of the flavors I like.

      • Thank You

        Exactly…a guy told me a woman is shallow if she rejects a “good guy” just because she is not attracted to him….and men like this in the same breath will tell you that (as a woman) you are required to fulfill a mans sexual needs…because having sex with an unattractive repulsive man should be on your priority list..who cares about your physical wants and desires..smh..lmao


    Only would a woman be told to try dating a man she isn’t physically attracted to.

  • sahra omer

    everything on one page nice