Sneak Peek: Check Out Tami Roman In The New TV One Series “Belle’s”

January 31, 2013  |  

Reality television star Tami Roman is making major moves these days. First, she reappears on the scene looking fabulous with a new slim physique, announcing her partnership with weight loss supplement NV Clinical. And now, according to News One, we’ll be able to check her out every week as she stars in TV One’s new original scripted series, “Belle’s”.

The show’s plot is centered around a widowed soul food restaurant owner and his two adult daughters, following the death of his wife Belle. Tami, who plays Loretta Cooper is described via the show’s press release as “a beautiful, stylish, self-absorbed prima donna with ambitions that alternate between a career in the music business, fashion and finding a rich husband.” It seems that Loretta does not like working at the restaurant and often pretends that she is not an employee. She believes she was destined to be a star, not a waitress. Tami’s co-stars include Elise Neal, Keith David, Ella Joyce and Miguel Nunez.

Roman appears to have her hands pretty full these days, considering that she recently began filming season 5 of “Basketball Wives” as well. She recently revealed in an interview with Tania On The Scene that her role in the television series and her daughters are actually what prompted her to shed the weight.

“They [my daughters] were a big part of it [the weight loss]. They weren’t used to seeing their mom be about 190 lbs. I’m tall so I wear it well, but they were like ‘Mom, you have got to get it together. This is not cute. You’re about to do a new show and “Belle’s” is coming out. You need to represent,’ so I was inspired to just do something,” said Roman.

I think it will be pretty cool to see Tami outside of the reality television setting that we’re so used to seeing her in. Belle’s is set to premiere on February 1st at 10 pm EST.

Check out a clip from “Belle’s” on the next page. What do you think of Tami’s acting? Will you be checking out the show when it airs?

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  • UmmNo

    General concensus: Boo Bye!

  • breezy

    Oh please @ some of these comments. You all act like she is the only actress on the show. I may not like her very much either but there are other talented Black actresses on this show and if it’s good I will support it. You should do the same.

    • Mary Ann

      But, most of the black actresses on the show don’t or have not been on a reality show, curse, fight, act ignorant, act a fool, throw drinks to get where they are. You have somebody like Tami Roman she has a foul mouth, cuss and show her behind on Basketball wives. Somebody like her get a major part on a television show? I know people has a right to make a living, to me it is not right for somebody like her and other people like NeNe Leakes who act a fool and get parts on regular television show when you have great black actresses who did it the honest and positive way to keep their image clean as possible and sadly they dont get the endorsements and deals that they do. Sadly I guess, if you can cuss, fight, act a fool, call each other b’s, throw drinks, you have made it in Hollywood and the producers likes you. It is sad that people like watching that type of reality television. Unfortunately, I will not be watching.

  • SunshineBlossom

    I’m sorry, did I read that correctly? So basically you have to be a trifling bully to become an actress and work amongst the more established folks who actually worked hard to get there? I thought TV One was supposed to uplift, not downgrade. Next.

  • Melly Mel

    I’d rather watch a snail slide a mile before I watch something with Tammy Roman in it!!!_

  • Patricia

    No, I will not be watching it. It so amazing to me how somebody can cuss, fight, act a fool on reality television and they get endorsements, television deals, clothing line, etc. when you have positive people who did not cuss, fight and act a fool,it is to the point they don’t even get the opportunities that these people do. These companies, businesses, and hollywood producers don’t have no one problem endorsing people like Tami Roman. I know people have to make a living, but it seems like this is what it has come down to……………You can make a sex tape, cuss, have a foul mouth, fight, throw drinks at each other, get a reality television show get the perks I just mention. It is sad it comes down to this.

    • CB3

      Preach on preach on…let the choir say Amen

    • Chile, you spoke the truth. Wont be watching either.

  • CB3

    Sorry!! Just as I am not going to watch BBW or American Idol, I will not support certain people. I won’t be checking out this show because I do not want to contribute to Tami Romans come-up. She is not a person I will support. She’s showed who and what and how she is so she gets no love from me.