Keep Your Head Up Girl! Tips For Handling Romantic Rejection

January 31, 2013 ‐ By Ashley Page
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No matter how pretty, funny, or intelligent you may be, during the dating phase, you’re bound to have to face some sort of rejection. Sadly, not every guy you go on a date with is going to be a hit and in the end you’ll have to deal with the inevitably dreaded romantic rejection. Rejection isn’t an easy pill to swallow but it’s even tougher when it’s rejection from a guy. Here are 14 ways to handle and recover from rejection even when you’re feeling foolish and shattered.

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  • Cathy Drechsler

    Hi my name is Cathy I am a female (37 years old).i am currently in a relationship with a 37 male who works m-f lives with his parents .we live 10 minutes away from each  (no obligations other than himself) The longest relationship he has been in has only been 6 months.   He never calls but he suggests we have a night were we talk on the phone and I always call cause if it was our night to call and he did not hear from me he still would not call and it is late at night and he is always sleepy because he suggests it be at 9pm,  I always ask if it can be early but always says he has something to do, I do all the texting if I did not text we would not talk to each other until we see each other the next scheduled night.  He has our nights scheduled Thursday night, Saturday night and all day Sunday, as time has gone by I have wanted to see him more but he gets mad when I want to see him more,  he claims that he feels like I don’t think he does enough for me, and I never say anything like that because he gets defensive.  But he does get upset if you ask him to stay over on a night that we normally don’t see each other.  One incident I was going away for the weekend with my mom and sister and I asked my him if I could see him on when I got back, I wanted to see him on Tuesday night and he wanted to wait until the following Thursday night and he finally agreed to seeing me on Wednesday night but it was like pulling teeth to get him to agree to it.  I just thought he would have missed me but he definitely did not mind waiting until our scheduled night.  He did finally say he would try to stay an extra night once a month but it’s is when he can do it,  it’s all when it’s good for him,  on his terms.   When it comes to affection he lacks it big time!  I love to be affectionate, but he does not hold my hand if I want to hold his hand I have to grab it and one time we were out walking I held his arm and he said that I was wrinkling his shirt.   And in private I have iniate cuddles,  he will only on his terms but basically it is me who always wants to cuddle he is very very closed off emotionally. I ask all the questions about feelings and if we go to the movies we don’t hold hand or even watching TV, I get sometimes you don’t have to cuddle buy I love to cuddle or hold hands or have some kind of contact, it’s a must! I will admit I am not perfect at all I give him his space but I mean I thought a boyfriend would want to see there girlfriend a little more than he does, he has never said “I miss you or I love you”.  I think he has commitment issues, I have asked him twice if he would like to move in with me he always says relax,  breathe we are young but we are young but not like we are 30yrs old.   All these issues have been brought up in conversation more than once in the time we have been together currently we are together. If you could give me insight on him and I know you can’t anylaze him.   Thank you for your help. My email address is

  • Nope

    “Sadly, not every guy you go on a date with is going to be a hit…..”

    And YOU aren’t just always going to be a hit either. Women don’t have a monopoly on selecting potential mates.

  • I realize this has nothing to do with the article, and I recognize that Madame Noire will have to recycle some stock photos from time to time, but am I the only one who thinks Ol’ girl’s shoes in that photo are beyond ugly? Everytime I see them they be killing me softly. Did she just come inside from shoveling snow? Is there a flood she’s preparing for? I just can’t with them shoes.

    • lol..could be why she got rejected…