Because One Video And Multiple Remixes Aren’t Enough: Alicia Keys Releases Colorful NEW Video For “Girl On Fire”

January 30, 2013  |  

As much as I love me some Alicia Keys (she’s just gorgeous isn’t she?), I just can’t with “Girl On Fire.” The original, the remix with Nicki Minaj, the Mary Poppins-inspired video, the performances, the cute version for President Obama–all of it is cool and what not, but at the end of the day, I’m just not as inspired by the song as I think Alicia wants me to be. Seriously, it’s already the new theme song for makeovers of older women on the “Today Show,” and everywhere I go, somebody’s store or some commercial is trying to force it as the new pro-girl anthem. And A. Keys is at the helm of this movement. Maybe that’s why she just released a Japanese version of the video to get her overseas fans to fall in love with it all.

The clip, which is directed by Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa, showcases Alicia Keys in a room full of beautiful flowers. These plants look to represent women in all shapes and sizes (hence the different colors and types of flowers available) as they light on fire once the chorus drops, signaling a transformation. With her jazzy new haircut and some very interesting outfit changes, Keys belts out the song and gives great face in the video. And I’ll admit, it’s a very visually appealing clip. But I’m ready for her to leave this song behind and push “Listen To Your Heart” or even promote “Brand New Me” a bit more in performances and appearances. Because this song is just not lighting my fire at this point. But what about you? What do you think of the new video? Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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  • sonya

    I wish she would have released this version first. I love it! No, I’m not tired of it but I really do love “Listen to Your Heart” and “Brand New Me”. I think this video would have been a better choice all around to promote the song, but whatever Alicia touches, it is just amazing. Love her new album so much.

  • Justine

    Somebody likes it, it just sold 3 million copies, 2 million in the US alone. Lol.

  • I cant take it no more. I do not like the original at all.

  • Marguerite

    Very pretty video. I’m ready for another song.

  • JaneJane

    @Dichew_eba_realy_lub_meSteebie:disqus –BET plays videos, again???? Oh forgot about 106, guess I’m at work…

  • KeshaB623

    Does this make me like the song more? Ummm… No. All it does is annoy me every time a new version of the same song comes out! It wasn’t that great the 1st time around! IJS

  • Lola

    So what. If Bey and Rihanna can be overexposed to the one millionth degree, why can’t Alicia get some extra shine?

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Ty! I rather see her fully covered and singing about something with a positive msg than tits and booty all in my face whenever I flip to BET

  • Guest

    This song is so whack! I liked her old stuff better.

    • AMEN!!! She needs to go back to her “Diary” and “Songs in A Minor” days.

    • ills

      It’s hard for her to go back to her old stuff… she was a different woman then. Man stealing and family destroying will do that to someone. heh heh heh…

      The production on this song is wack also the beat is terrible. Fire the producer…lol.

  • Robin

    The song is pretty whack, but at least she’s singing about something of substance and she looks absolutely gorgeous. *Shrugs*

  • York

    I guess she has to ride the train for as long as possible before we remember we don’t respect her homewrecking self lol

    • Keisha Samoht

      you and @realadulttalk:disqus are killing me with y’all comments!!!! its messed up that i bust out cackling at work only to have everyone look at me like i was crazy.

  • CocoaBabe


  • The ONLY thing that should be on fore is this song!!!!

  • realadulttalk

    I’m about to set her on fire…

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    I think its cute and colorful. I always liked the song and she looks beautiful in it.

  • Na Na

    Please Alicia there’s nothing Hot or On Fire about this song, especially with the tempo of a funeral procession.