Celebrities Who Claim They Were Misrepresented — After Acting A Fool!

April 16, 2013  |  
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Can you believe everything you read in the tabloids? Of course not. But how do you deny things people see in black and white and color on the TV set — or on your Twitter page? That’s what these stars have done, claiming what most people see as bad behavior is really just a misrepresentation. But are they fakin’ the front to save face? Or do we have it twisted sometimes? You be the judge.

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Erica Mena

After “Love & Hip Hop” aired last season, Erica Mena was reportedly outraged at the footage we saw of her. She told TMZ:

“My whole image in my career is now affected by this. I wanted them to pull this clip because I don’t want to show this side of me.”

Maybe Erica and I saw two different shows. She tried to have the Kimbella fight scene pulled from the show. Maybe she forgot that this video of her whoopin’ on her baby daddy in the street was already circling the web. Let’s not even get on her antics now that she’s a real cast member.

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Kris Humphries

Kris wants everyone to know that they have the wrong idea about his role in his pending divorce from Kim Kardashian. Kim’s camp wants it to look like he’s dragging his feet to hurt Kim. But Kris says he’s busy living his life — it’s Kim that’s hot in the pants to get divorced now that she’s pregnant and wants to get married again.
A source from Kris’ camp says:
“He lets the legal team handle the rest of that stuff. He’s in the middle of an important season for his team, and all these reports of him trying to make her life h-ll or whatever are nonsense.”
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NeNe Leakes

You can always count on NeNe to set the record straight. She recently told Rolling Out that everyone on reality TV is misrepresented including herself:
“Just imagine doing a reality show. What would they capture about you? They’d capture you on your period, pissed off, angry with your man, happy, going shopping. But they’re only going to put in the things that are most interesting. I’m not an angry black woman; I’m actually a cool A$$ black woman.”
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Kelly Bensimon

Not only did Kelly Bensimon say her portrayal on the Real Housewives of New York City was false, she says that reality stars go out of their way to give fans the wrong impression.
This is what she had to say to her fans in an interview with E! Online:

“It’s an edited-for-television show. Each and everyone one of us works really, really hard to entertain you. For people to take it seriously, that really disturbs me.”

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Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth

Omarosa has gotten a media pass since she lost Michael Clarke Duncan, but before that she had a reputation of being one of the most hateful black women on reality TV. According to Omarosa, that was all false. She says that the media portrayed her that way because that’s how they see black women:
“Historically, African-American women have been portrayed in a negative light in reality television programming. As was the case with my portrayal on The Apprentice. I see the editing as humorous; it makes for a very dramatic presentation of the facts.”
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Snooki wants the fans of Jersey Shore to know that they’re not as dumb as we all think they are — MTV just made them out to be that way.
She said this to GQ:

“They just think that we’re stupid, that we have no education, and all we do is drink, have sex. I went to college.”

Snooki did actually go to college where she studied to be a veterinary tech… but didn’t graduate.
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Lil’ Wayne

Quincy Jones III made a documentary about Lil’ Wayne that revealed enough about the artist that got him re-arrested while on probation. But Wayne says that audiences and the police have the wrong idea. In fact, he’s suing Quincy over the “scandalous portrayal” of him and he’s refusing to let Quincy use any of his music on the flick.
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Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi says that she, like Jesus, was misunderstood during her reality show on Lifetime. She didn’t get into exactly what was and wasn’t true. But that didn’t stop her from getting on Twitter to share her dissatisfaction:
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Venus and Serena Williams

The documentary Venus and Serena claims to give the world insider access to the sisters’ fiercely private lives, but the sisters say that it’s full of BS. It portrays their father as a control freak who directed every aspect of their lives. And the sisters say that’s just not true.
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Marvin Gaye

Well, Marvin Gaye III. The son of the legendary soul singer went public to beg Lenny Kravitz not to appear in the biopic “Sexual Healing” which would focus on the dark times in Marvin’s life when he was battling drug addiction and depression and misrepresent his legacy.
Marvin Gaye III told TMZ:
“The producers and directors of this film are very wrong and shameful … [They’re] trying to do a film about a low period in his life. They don’t even know the whole story.

“I would hope [Lenny] doesn’t have any idea that we are against this film being done.”

Lenny hasn’t responded one way or another.

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Kelly Clarkson

Earlier this month, Kelly Clarkson called Clive Davis out after he released a memoir that called Kelly a “sh-tty writer” and a cry baby.

Kelly doesn’t want her fans to get it twisted and went to Twitter to let them know that her writing skills are on point — Clive is just a bully who’s memory is getting a little foggy in his old age.

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Fantasia Barrino

In January, Fantasia got in hot water after she put this on her Instagram account:

“It’s a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you… My Life!!!!”

But when her fans and bloggers jumped on her, she backtracked and said that everyone was misrepresenting her intentions:

“I, Fantasia Monique Barrino, don’t judge anyone because I don’t want to be judged. The gay community is one of my largest supporters. I support the gay community as they support me. Bloggers please stop misrepresenting the facts.”

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Manny Pacquiao

Sometimes the news media really does lie on folk. The famous boxer gave an interview to the National Conservative Examiner saying that he disagreed with Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage. But then news outlets took it to the next level and reported that Manny said that all gay men should “be put to death”.

Manny set the record “straight” by releasing this statement to Extra:

“What I said is a reporter asked me about gay marriage…. I am against gay marriage, but I’m not condemning gays. I have family — a cousin — who’s gay, and friends too. I’m just against gay marriage. I don’t even want to talk about the issue, but I was asked about it, so I gave my opinion.”

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Taylor Swift

Taylor doesn’t like to say much in defense of her image. But recently a friend stepped up to the plate in defense of her girl. She told Vanity Fair that Taylor doesn’t stalk men, they stalk her. Harry — said the friend — begged Taylor to go out with her and when she finally did, he broke her heart. Taylor’s friend also admonished her fans for being so willing to take the dude’s side of the story without getting Taylor’s.

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Marco Rubio

Florida State Senator Marco Rubio tried to impress people with his knowledge about rap music in an interview with GQ. But when word got out that he thought Afrika Bambataa was a member of Public Enemy, rap fans and politically active folks around the world said he was just frontin’ for votes.

But Marco wanted the world to know that he was down for real and it was GQ’s online editors who made the mistake. Marco really does know his hip hop and grew up listening to Afrika Bambataa and Grandmaster Flash.

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